16 Best Imginn Alternative

26 Best Imginn Alternatives

Imginn is a free service that allows you to download and save your Instagram stories. Thanks to this new feature, you may save Instagram content like highlights, stories, images, and videos. Additionally, you may use the already folder-based structure on your computer or phone to arrange your data—the quickest way to download your Instagram Stories’ best clips, images, and videos.

Instagram videos may be shared in various ways, both with friends and the public at large. Instagram’s picture and video organization features will sometimes be up to snuff. In that case, let’s find out what this imginn down below is all about.

What is Imginn?

A common misconception is that Imginn is a mobile app available on the Google Play store. But there is good news since there is something you are wrong about. It’s a website, not an app, and all your information is private. Since this is the case, there is no need to find space on a mobile device or computer to install the app. To get here, all you have to do is go to Imginn. But worry not, because imginn Instagram is here to let you see Instagram without registering.

imginn allows you to see Instagram stories without revealing your identity. Following the stories and posts of influential people on Instagram requires creating a profile for yourself. However, the story host can see who has seen their profile and how many times. You may secretly monitor your favorite profile and read their stories without knowing.

People like using imginn since it allows them to watch Instagram stories without revealing their identity.

Don’t fret if none of those applications are helpful to you. Just adjust your strategy to accommodate your goals. If you want to keep your event details in the shuffle, keep them in a separate calendar.

Imginn: A Mini Guide 

Imginn: A Mini Guide

The majority of you consider this app to be difficult to use. It’s a simple concept. Now is the moment to flaunt your downloaded articles and make yourself appear hip among your peers. Weird, right? The reason is: Imginn is a secret service that operates incognito and has a small user base. Follow along as we show you how to use imginn in the ten steps:

  1. The official imginn website is as follows.
  • Imginn.com
  • Imginn.org
  • Imginn
  1. Next, the relevant websites will begin to appear in the search engine results.
  2. Select the link now to go to the website.
  3. Upon loading, the website will go right to the search field, with a few random ads underneath.
  4. You may immediately begin using imginn’s services without signing up.
  5. Next, use the search field to look for the name of the person who owns the Instagram account. Such as @abcxyz
  6. There is a long list of accounts from which you must choose the one you want.
  7. By selecting the profile, you’ll be sent to a page where you may choose from various posts, articles, and tagged images or videos.
  8. Below each article is a new “download” button that allows you to save the image or video.
  9. The most remarkable aspect is that the Instagram account owner won’t be able to see your name if you visit their story.

Does Imginn cost anything to use?

Imginn provides you with no-cost access to all of Instagram’s content. It’s a free service that allows you to download Instagram stories. Listed below are the highest points of interest at the site.

  • Creating a new account to use the site is not against the rules.
  • There will be zero fees incurred.
  • The imginn Instagram viewer has full functionality and is completely free to use. This also includes saving IGTV videos, photos, and stories to your device.

Limitations of Imginn

You shouldn’t rely on it to monitor anything sensitive. It cannot access personal profiles or stories. Photos, videos, and posts from private accounts are not supported. You can’t interact with postings.

Due to its compatibility with third-party sites, we cannot guarantee your internet security. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that using this website will keep you secure when browsing the internet. A third-party developer built this website, and it relies entirely on Instagram’s public API to function. Since it leverages Instagram’s public API, we must determine whether it’s secure.

There will always be those who disagree with the brand’s Page. People who attempt to game the system by creating fake profiles or providing false information will be banned. You must be at least 18 years old and a resident of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, or Spain to use imginn. Additionally, you will need corporate pages on your profile and accept the imginn terms of service. You may still see these Pages even if you don’t have an account. 

26 Excellent Alternatives to Imginn

Here’s a rundown of several alternatives to Imginn.com for downloading Instagram videos and images. These services allow you to obtain Instagram highlights from other accounts without revealing your identity. You may get some of these services for free, while others will cost you.

1. Smihub

Another option is Smihub, a website renowned for its extensive functionality. It’s a platform like Imginn, where you can see strangers’ Instagram stories without revealing your identity. Your Instagram account makes it easy to download videos and photos. It’s a website loaded with several functions. The site is costless, and you may choose from several options, some of which are free and others that are not. As a result, users will be able to attract a larger audience to their Instagram page.

2. Instagram Scraper

Another website that serves a similar purpose to Imginn: is Instagram Scraper. It’s a Python application with a command line interface for downloading and scraping Instagram users’ videos and images. Instagram Scraper is safe to use for legitimate purposes. You won’t have to connect with the social network to conveniently facilitate the user’s ability to retrieve the post’s history using the platform. Users can download the videos, and content and hashtag searches are possible.

3. Instagram Scraper API

Following on the heels of Imginn is Instagram Scraper API. It’s one of the most excellent apps for making users’ lives more accessible, and it can collect data in real time from users’ favorite public Instagram accounts. In particular, the app crawls the web and records the public Instagram Data in a database. You can learn a lot about anyone’s public profile and do a lot of research on the site. If a website or script has JSON support, the user may use it.

4. QoobStories

If you’re looking for an alternative to Imginn, QoobStories is excellent. The user may choose which videos from their account to download. Without revealing their identity, users may browse through Instagram stories and instantly save any relevant media they see. The newest material will be downloaded and checked for freshness automatically by the downloader. The photographs and movies may be safeguarded by backing them up. The account will be backed up in case you delete it, or anything happens to it. Instagram also removes all advertisements, making it ad-free.

5. Storiesig

There is also Storiesig, which may be used as an alternative to Imginn. This anonymous Instagram story reader lets you watch, download, and even save Instagram stories to your device. It’s compatible with every gadget on the market.

This is a popular Imginn replacement since it offers users many benefits. First, no one will ever know you have seen it if you watch Instagram Stories. Further, the user’s privacy will be protected.

6. Gramhir.com

Gramhir allows Instagram users and others unfamiliar with the platform to browse and evaluate one another’s profiles. It’s useful for viewing and analyzing public Instagram accounts. Using it, you can quickly get all the data relevant to the desired profile. The website is equally secure as Imginn. Also, the user can quickly and simply examine their profile and see information like the kind of postings they have liked.

7. SnapInstaApp

Regarding facilitating downloading Reels, photographs, IGTV, and videos from Instagram, SnapInsta is another platform comparable to Imginn. It’s a reliable Instagram downloader that provides excellent media. Any Instagram photo or video link will work on the platform.

Videos may be downloaded directly and quickly from this alternative to Imginn. Users won’t even need an Instagram account to use the app.

8. StoryDownloader.net


At long last, there’s a website much like Imginn called Storydownloader.net. This Imginn alternative, however, allows you to quickly and conveniently access your Instagram highlights and stories online without having to download or save anything. It’s as simple as finding the Instagram account whose story you want to download and clicking on their name. After that, you can copy the username and enter it in your browser.

Following that, you’ll be able to easily see the user’s posts and stories and even download them. In addition, no one will ever know that you have seen their stories since it is all anonymous. You should not worry about anything while using this website since it is adaptable, quick, easy, and secure.

9. Glassgram 

Glassgram is another option that you may use as an alternative to Imginn. The convenience of the user-friendly website makes this application stand out. Certain notable features are available on the website that users may not find on other mediums. The app’s users, for instance, would be able to pinpoint the exact location of the Instagram user they want to contact.

If this is your first time using it, don’t worry; you’ll have rapid access to all the functions.

10. Websta for Instagram

Websta for Instagram comes up next when searching Imginn’s list of websites. It’s a social media tool for keeping tabs on what your friends are up to on Instagram, whether it’s photos, videos, or stories.

It’s one of the most popular options out there right now. Since it’s device-agnostic, you can use it with whatever you choose. For several users, this is the ideal online site.

11. Saveinsta

On one of Imginn’s list of alternatives, we have SaveInsta.com. Using this site, you may get your Instagram photos and videos without installing any additional software or apps by using this site.

To see the post, you must copy the URL from Instagram and paste it into your computer browser. Yes, that’s it!

If you’re looking for an alternative to Imginn, this is it. Users may access it from their mobile device, tablet, or computer. Instagram links will automatically be downloaded and converted to mp4 and JPG formats on the platform. In addition to videos, this downloader can also download Instagram Stories, Reels, and IGTV.

12. Picuki

For those looking for an alternative to Imginn, Picuki is an excellent option. Instagram allows users to see and update content without creating an account. In addition, the website is compatible with any device, making content download a breeze.

It allows you to download Instagram stories, like them, and browse them without revealing your true identity. You may continue stalking your ex without anybody finding out who has been seeing your stories.

13. Saveig.com

If you’re looking for an alternative to Imginn, the next best option is saveig.com. It’s one of the finest and most comprehensive Instagram downloaders, letting you easily save Instagram images, videos, and highlights to your computer or mobile device.

It’s the ideal one-stop shop for videos from various sources and formats, including 3GP, M4A, and MP4. However, the site does not host Instagram content, such as videos, photographs, IGTV, and reels.

14. FastSave

Fastsave – Repost picture videos is a widely used app for finding Instagram user names. This app allows you to save videos and photographs in a flash and watch them later without an internet connection. You can also share exclusive photos or videos with just a few clicks. FastSave allows people from around the world to quickly find the Instagram accounts of their choice and download any videos or photographs they want for free.

You may download the files you want quickly and easily, and you can rest sure that your data is safe. The streamlined interface makes it easy to store and organize several video and picture reels professionally. You may hide your downloaded photos and videos or watch them in slideshows.

With just a few taps, you can easily share, delete, watch, or repost content within the app. In a nutshell, Fastsave – Photo, Video & TV Video Repost is a slick and intuitive app that provides a plethora of valuable functions for Instagram users.

15. Biblogram

If you’re looking for an alternative to Imginn, Biblogram is an excellent option. Views of public profiles online will fill a user-friendly page optimized for speed, has no distracting advertisements or downloading graphics, and generates RSS feeds. To make use of it, registration is not required.

However, if you choose to use this app, you will not be able to leave comments, read the profile, or follow the user without their knowledge. Not only that, but any content removed from the site is permanently lost.

16. Instalkr

If a user is stalked, the person doing so might be unfollowed or blocked. If you have the Instalkr app, you can look at anyone’s profile. If an account stops you, you can quickly identify which one it is and identify bogus followers. It’s a great alternative to Imginn for keeping tabs on your followers and identifying inactive accounts to unfollow.

You may also sign up for a subscription to the app within it. If you upgrade to the paid version, you’ll have access to many more features and improvements. But if you are okay with not paying, you may still use it and enjoy the services. You must input their username to follow someone without revealing your identity.

17. Inflact 

Since it is one of the most recommended Instagram viewing applications on Google Play, Inflact deserves a spot on our list of Imginn alternatives. This program is not only easy to use but also straightforward and lightweight.

It has a straightforward user interface and is simple to navigate. You may read your feed on Inflact, as well as like and comment on other users’ posts, view stories, look up other users, hashtags, and much more.

You are able to download an endless quantity of media from public Instagram profiles with the Inflact app, which, like Imginn, is completely free to use.

In the same vein, it is possible to view Instagram posts without signing up for an account; hence, you are able to access the posts of users who blocked you on Instagram.

You are also able to view highlights as well as stories without leaving any trace using the app. If you want to check someone else’s story but don’t want them to know that you did so, this feature may come in handy for you. You can view their post without them being aware that you did so.

Even if it is possible to use the application without signing up, there is still the option to sign up Inflact. This is helpful if you want to monitor the posts made by a particular account and keep track of them at the same time.

Additionally, instead of downloading photographs directly to the gallery on your phone, Inflact allows you to keep them within the program. You will not be required to navigate through the pictures stored in your phone’s gallery in order to gain access to these images at any moment.

This is a fantastic function that assists you in maintaining a tidy and uncluttered gallery on your mobile device.

18. StoriesDown

StoriesDown is yet another free and straightforward software application comparable to Imginn. You can view any content published on Instagram by going to this website.

When it comes to using StoriesDown, much like Imginn, there isn’t a requirement for signing up for an account. Simply go to the site and input the Instagram username of the profile you wish to access into the search.

The platform will compile all of the public posts made by the account in question and present them in a grid-like layout. After that, you can go through the postings and save those that catch your eye. Through the use of StoriesDown, you may locate and save a post that has been published on Instagram in a matter of only seconds.

You have the option to store posts on the device you are using and then access them even when you are not connected to the internet. The mobile application has a tab that you can use to delete your account. This is a wonderful tool that protects your privacy and puts your mind at ease. Consequently, if you do not like to be monitored by the application, you can easily remove your account from it.

There are no additional fees or costs that are not disclosed. You don’t need to pay anything in order to make use of the system on an unlimited basis.

In addition to that, the website is quite simple to navigate. You will have it figured out in a matter of minutes, even if you are not very knowledgeable about technology. There are some advertisements on StoriesDown. However, they are not invasive in any way and are simple to ignore.

19. InstaXYZ

Downloading photographs and videos from Instagram is as easy as clicking a few buttons with the help of InstaXYZ, a quick, uncomplicated, and user-friendly Instagram downloader. It is entirely free to use on the internet, much like Imginn, and it does not have those obnoxious advertisements that appear randomly.

You will be presented with a selection of several of the most popular users as soon as you land on the site, and you will be able to begin downloading content created by those people right away.

You will also be shown the tags that were the most popular during that particular time period; therefore, if you are searching for something to help you with your marketing efforts, this could be an excellent place to begin exploring solutions.

Additionally, using hashtags makes it simple to keep up with the latest trends and to research what content is trending on the web. In terms of features and capabilities, InstaXYZ is somewhat comparable to Imginn. To begin downloading pictures and videos, you have the option of entering either a URL or a username.

20. IGLookup

You are able to see photographs and videos on Instagram as a guest through the use of IGLookup, which eliminates the need for you to log in to your account. The website has an uncluttered user experience and is very simple to use. It was conceived by and crafted by a team of industry professionals that included graphic designers, web developers, and writers.

Using the app, you may download stuff from Instagram, view photographs and videos, and watch videos on Instagram. However, one feature that sets it apart from Imginn is the ability to see private Instagram accounts without first having to make a request to the account’s owner. This is a significant advantage.

Since you are looking at someone else’s private images without their authorization, you might be asking if this behavior even violates any laws. However, following the privacy policy of the website, “There is no trouble since any law isn’t prohibited; moreover, it’s completely safe and secure.”

You are not required to download any software in order to use this website. To utilize it, all you have to do is enter the username of the account you wish to access into the search field.

22. InstaDP

It only takes a few clicks for users of Instagram to be able to download photographs and videos using the free all-in-one utility known as InstaDP. It is quick, it is simple to use, and it does not involve any registration on your part.

This program is web-based, like Imginn, and it allows users to access Instagram profiles and stories. However, that is not the only thing it can accomplish. You may also view and save reels with InstaDP, ensuring you are never behind the times.

It allows you to view the post of a brand in its entirety, and then you can press the download icon to save it to your device in either video or picture format.

Using InstaDP, you can compile a number of stories from other Instagram users by linking to their posts. This site has the appearance of a Pinterest board, but the focus is content from Instagram.

23. Dumpor


Dumpor is a free application that, similar to Imginn, enables users to watch Instagram stories and posts. However, in contrast to Imginn, Dumpor is open-source and gives users the ability to monitor anyone incognito. Instagram allows users to search for any public account and access all its reels and images, even if they don’t follow the account.

You can search using labels, hashtags, or usernames, and then Dumpor will display all of the public postings relevant to your search once it has found any that do. There is also the option to search by area, people, or interest categories.

To start using Dumpor, navigate to the website’s homepage and locate the search box. Once there, type the username of the public account you wish to access into the field provided.

Dumpor will display all of the public posts made by the account in question. Any of the posts can be viewed, downloaded, or shared as long as they are public. You can also see reels on Dumpor, and you can even download them to watch later.

Because the other users of Dumpor will not be able to tell that you have viewed their information, it is a perfect solution to hide your online activity while still being able to keep up with what other users are doing.

24. InStalker

Android users of InStalker have access to a fantastic alternative to Imginn in the shape of this application. ITAmazons is responsible for developing the app, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Users who access it are granted the option to see Instagram profiles without first needing to sign up for an account with Instagram. It also provides a fantastic range of functions, such as the ability to view images and videos, as well as the capability even to download them, as well as the power to check who someone is following and even who follows them.

Users of InStalker are not required to sign in with their Instagram credentials, which is one of the many reasons this application is so popular. Sharing a user’s login credentials exposes them to potential security dangers, but thanks to this feature, users can avoid those risks.

Because it is a mobile app, users are able to use it anytime they want and wherever they are, as long as they have their mobile device handy. To utilize InStalker, you can now do it from a mobile device as well as a desktop computer.

It also ensures that you can store videos and photographs on the phone or tablet for use at a later time. If you don’t want to share them with your friends or family but don’t have the opportunity to do so now, this can be an excellent solution.

People who want to browse Instagram material on their mobile devices but don’t want to have to sign in to Instagram can use an app called InStalker instead, which is a terrific option.

25. Pixwox

Pixwox is an online picture editor extremely comparable to Imginn. You can see Instagram content without the creator being aware of it, thanks to its extensive collection of features and capabilities, which allows you to do so. The application does not call for creating an account and using it costs nothing.

When you land on Pixwox for the first time, you will be presented with a handful of popular accounts as well as hashtags that you may utilize to search for content. Use the search bar if you are looking for something in particular.

In addition, Pixwox provides a download button, which enables users to save content on Instagram to their local computers. You have the option of watching reels and stories in full-screen mode, as well as downloading them to your personal computer.

26. StorySaver

Suppose you’re looking for an app that allows you to save stories on Instagram along with other social media platforms. In that case, StorySaver is an excellent substitute to Imginn that you should consider using.

With the help of StorySaver, you are able to download stories, repost them, and even highlight them if you so desire. The Pixwox application can be downloaded on mobile devices running either Android or iOS.

One of the things that sets this software apart from Imginn is that it will instruct you on how to follow and stalk other users on Instagram without being discovered.

It provides you with fundamental guidelines to follow and assists you in optimizing your use of the application so that you can get the most out of the time you spend on it. StorySaver is also accessible on mobile devices using the Android and Apple operating systems.


  1. Does one need an Instagram account specifically for Imginn?

The finest element is what sets this app apart from the competition. The finest feature is what sets this app apart from the competition. It is optional that the user already has an account with the photo-sharing site. Individuals without an Ig account may still search for content by user names or hashtags and download it at no cost.

  1. Can I use Imginn to download Instagram stories from a private account?

Imginn has several restrictions that you should be aware of. It’s important to note that if a user has their account set to “private,” you won’t be able to access it. To prevent strangers from seeing their accounts, users often set their settings to “private.” Since they restrict access to their material to a select group of dedicated followers, the only material available on this website is that users voluntarily make public.

  1. Do notifications regarding downloads reach the IG profile owner?

One prominent selling feature of this service is that it allows users to access another’s profile and download content without alerting them.

  1. Can I use Imginn on my phone?

Imginn is a website that facilitates downloading Instagram content such as stories and photos. However, the most often requested question is, “Can you use this service through mobile?”

The most significant part is that you won’t have to pay anything to check out the site from your desktop computer or mobile device. You may access the imginn with the mobile web browser of your choice.

  1. How about Android and iPhone users?

Few websites cater to both operating systems (iOS and Android). Here, however, imginn users on Android and iOS devices have access to these features:

  • It allows users to read and download any story from any other user without revealing their identity.
  • All forms of online content are now accessible for immediate download on mobile devices.

Finishing up!

And that’s it! If you want to watch or download Instagram posts, stories, IGTV, and reels without revealing your identity, here are some of the finest alternatives to Imginn. Moreover, there are no risks since these sites are free and secure.

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