One-Punch Man - Why There Are Three Different Versions Of The Comic

One-Punch Man – Why There Are Three Different Versions Of The Comic

The One-Punch Man manga series has three different manga series, and like many other animes, it is based on manga. However, it was handled in a very non-conventional manga way, which makes it stand out from other anime series.  The exceptional original artwork of the One-Punch Man was the most significant selling point of this manga series, and this series quickly rose to fame after the first One-Punch Man manga came out in 2012; it was written by one and illustrated by Yusuke Marata.

The stellar illustrations, especially of the fighting sequence, were why this anime made a big name. However, the one thing you may need to be aware of the One-Punch Man by Marata is that it was a remake of a webcomic of the same name written and illustrated by ONE. Not only that, but the manga itself has been revised multiple times before the new volume is published. 

One of the most unusual things about this manga is that it has three different versions, and each version of the One-Punch Man series has a history and explanation behind it that is worth knowing. So, to learn more about the structure and differences in the process of each version of the One-Punch Man manga series, read the breakdown given below.

The Three Different Versions of the One-Punch Man Manga Series

The most prominent difference between the one-punch man webcomic and manga is the refined artwork. The webcomic artwork comes across as doodles, which gives it an unrefined look overall, whereas the manga illustrations have improved over time. Although, the webcomic continues to attract an audience on the basis of its scale of fights scene and comedy. 

Yusuke Marata was among the people who became a fan of the One-Punch Man webcomic; instead, he liked it so much that he collaborated with ONE for a remake of it as a manga, which is now commonly known amongst the fans of the comic. The manga, to a great extent, shares the story with the webcomic, but there are certain plotlines in which it deviates from the original one, such as the Monster Association Arc that took place in season 2 of One-punch Man, and this was built upon to flesh out the characters and add more detail to them add more to the world of this comic. 

The third version of the manga remains the oddest of them all, as is an alternate version of what has already been written for the manga. So essentially, it is a revisit to the old chapter and rework of the story by changing what happened or by adding extra pages to it. One of the best examples of the rework is the extension of the fight between the Phoenix Man and the Child Emperor. This change is often inspired by improving the quality of an initially lacking fight or adding more to the manga world or webcomic by making a fight line-up. 

Which Version of One-Punch Manga is the best?

Which Version of One-Punch Manga is the best?

Content-wise, all versions of One-punch manga follow the same story, so there isn’t much difference in the basic story. One could prefer the manga over the webcomic is that it diverges from the original worldbuilding and story and is accompanied by the stellar artwork of Murata, which makes it worth reading. However, on the other hand, the webcomic may not have the best artwork and illustrations, but it does boast a better story than the manga. 

While the manga does add more to the story and worldbuilding by adding more to the webcomics story, it does happen often that the story drags out, and the further rewrites further force the story’s progression to be drawn out. 

Another weak factor in the manga in comparison with the webcomic is the handling of a few characters. It often does not include the subtleties present in webcomic to make its content and themes more forthright, but this is not an effective strategy and instead works against it. So, to put it simply, the webcomic has a better, less complicated, and fast-paced story where the characters are handled well, which is why it would be prioritized over the manga. 

One-Punch Manga Series Comparision with Anime

Like most anime, the differences between the manga and the One-punch Man anime can be ignored. There aren’t many differences between the manga and the anime, as the anime is based on Yusuke Murato’s illustrations. However, sometimes, the anime does have separate original scenes and extended versions of fights.


We hope that you now have a better collective understanding of the three different versions of the One-Punch Man comic, the differences between them, how the original webcomic version came out, and how and why the manga of One-Punch Man came about. You now have all the answers to your questions about Punch Man, so you now know which version of the manga is the best and the explanation behind it. 

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