Fortnite to Bring Unvalted Items While Revisiting the OG Season

Fortnite to Bring Unvalted Items While Revisiting the OG Season

A source has revealed that the Kinetic Blade and the Quad Launcher are two of the eleven items scheduled to be unvaulted in Week 3 of Fortnite’s OG Season. The current season of Battle Royale, which started on November 3, is noticeably shorter than previous seasons, lasting only one month as Epic Games takes gamers on a trip down memory lane. Week after week, objects from the first season return, giving players a taste of nostalgia for that chapter. Old-school adjustments have also been made to the Fortnite map.

Overwhelmingly positive feedback has been received during OG Season, as Fortnite has broken its record for active gamers. A preview that was leaked now gives an idea of what to expect from the next week of Fortnite.

The Kinetic Blade along with nine other items, will be unlocked during Week 3 of the OG Season, according to Fortnite leaker Wenso. Planes, Pirate Cannons, Minigun, Flint-Knock Pistol, Suppressed Sniper Rifle, Balloons, Poison Dart Trap, Itemised Glider Redeploy, and Buried Treasure are all on the list.

Interestingly, along with the Suppressed Sniper Rifle, balloons, and the itemized glider redeploy, planes debuted in Season 7. Although it debuted in Season 2, the Minigun also made an appearance in Season 7. The Flint-Knock Pistol, the Poison Dart Trap, the Pirate Cannon, and the Buried Treasure were introduced in Season 8.

Wenso has proposed that Sneaky Snowmen might be unvaulted in Fortnite, pointing to the presence of pertinent files that carry their effects. A tweet from the official Fortnite account seems to support these reports, even though the information is still theoretical and refers to “polar loot.” Players shared their excitement over the new knowledge on social media. Concurrently, other individuals drew attention to the Kinetic Blade, a device that has been known to present difficulties and headaches for Fortnite gamers.

In the next weeks, Seasons 9 and X of Fortnite will be revisited as part of the OG Season, giving players plenty of time to go through the OG Battle Pass. Although the exact date of the OG Season’s conclusion is unknown, there is speculation that it will wrap up in early December. Thus, in the next weeks, in addition to enjoying the throwback material, users can look forward to delving into everything Fortnite’s Chapter 5 has to offer.

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