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Resident Evil VR May Be Playable on a PC

Sony announced back in June that Resident Evil would be getting a PSVR2 release. This release would include 4K, 3D audio, eye tracking, and other cool features that come with a modern VR version of a game. Although Resident of Evil is available on PC, it does not get the same treatment as it does on Playstation. It also seemed unlikely that the creators were willing to bring such features to PC.

However, it has been recently revealed by the Reddit user LittheBeep that the Village VR version of Resident Evil may be making its way to PC. The data miner found that the game’s executable had references to PSVR, followed by OpenVR, OcculusTouch, and Oculus Remote. There was also a string ‘autoLaunchSteamVROnButtonPress.’

The data miner also found that Capcom had updated Resident Evil Village’s Steam store tags on October 28th. The store tags now mention ‘VR’ as well. Although store tags can be added by Steam users, publishers can also access them and remove or add tags if needed. These tags are an excellent way of marketing as they allow the game to appear in different searches and the ‘more like this section.’ Tags increase a game’s reach as they often appear in themed sales, recommended-for-you boxes, and more.

Although this is an exciting prospect, it may not actually happen. Previously Capcom also added the VR tag to Resident Evil back in June, and fans are still waiting to see if that tag would become a reality. Looking at the history on SteamDB shows that this is not the first time that the VR tag was added to Resident Evil Village. 

The tag was first added in May of 2021 and subsequently removed. It was then added again alongside other tags that were not relevant at all. Therefore, until there is an official announcement regarding the VR version for PC, players will have to make do with mods. These mods allow them to add VR support to Resident Evil Village. This mod was developed by Praydog and works for other games in the series, including Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 3, and Resident Evil 2.

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