New OnePlus Nord N300 5G

The New OnePlus Nord N300 5G – Lower Price Due to Tradeoffs

OnePlus wanted to enter the North American budget market and used the Nord lineup to do so and make a name for themselves. To keep the line going, they have recently released a brand new phone called the Nord N300 5G. This phone is affordable, but OnePlus had to make certain choices to keep the price low.

The new phone will be the first OnePlus phone to use a MediaTek chipset and operate in the United States. MediaTek chips are usually not used among flagship phones, but slowly, they are making their way into budget Android phones. The OnePlus Nord N300 5G uses a MediaTek Dimensity 810, which was released in 2021 as a missile-of-road 5G chipset.

To keep the price of this phone low, OnePlus has had to make specific changes in the design and the internals. They have replaced the hole-punch display with a V-shaped notch, making the phone’s design look much more budget than its predecessors. The shape is very reminiscent of the OnePlus 6T.

The display resolution of the phone has also been downgraded. The OnePlus Nord N200 5G has an FDH+ display resolution, but the OnePlus Nord N300 5G only has an HD+ display with a 90Hz refresh rate.

The rear of the phone has also seen some changes. It has a dual camera setup, with a 48MP primary sensor and a 2MP depth camera. Therefore, it has one less camera as compared to its predecessors, but the primary sensor has more than 3x the resolution. 

OnePlus has also upgraded the charging specifications of their phones. Their 5000mAh battery has the option of 33W wired charging. Although it is not as fast as the company’s flagship, it is faster than other company phones, such as Samsung and Google. 

The phone also features 64GB of storage which can be expanded. There is also 4GB of RAM, which is on par with other budget phones. The Nord N3000 will retail for $228 across the North American market.

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