Bogo - Meta Shuts Down Fan Favorite VR Game

Bogo – Meta Shuts Down Fan Favorite VR Game

Unfortunately, as of March 15, the beloved virtual reality pet app Bogo will no longer be available. All Bogo owners have received official notice via email from the Meta Quest team that the game will no longer be supported on Friday, March 15, 2024, at 11:59 PM PT on all Meta platforms.

When Bogo was first released in 2019 as a free Oculus app, it provided players with a quick and enjoyable VR experience. The game lets users take care of and interact with a cute virtual pet that looks like an extraterrestrial. It included games like fetch, feeding and brushing the pet, and playing a number of fun mini-games. Even while Bogo wasn’t an extremely complicated VR game, it did give its dedicated players several hours of fun.

Since the game doesn’t require an internet connection, players’ feelings of loss and uncertainty have been sparked by the announcement of Bogo’s inaccessibility. Regarding the game’s cancellation, the Meta Quest team has not provided any additional information. There is a lot of speculation, though, that future operating system upgrades might prevent the game from working with Meta VR headsets. CuriousChimp, a Reddit user who claims to be a member of the development team, seems to have verified this idea.

Bogo’s imminent extinction is a component of Meta’s larger plan to stop supporting several VR games. Dead & Buried, a popular game from Meta, and its follow-up, Dead and Buried 2, will also be discontinued on March 15. In contrast to the other free games, Dead and Buried 2 was a $20 purchase, and refunds for those purchases are unlikely. As a result, many Meta Quest players are now second-guessing their choice to purchase games on the Meta platform because they are concerned about possible future discontinuations and the resulting financial concerns.

There’s a little window of time for individuals looking for a nostalgic experience to still connect with their virtual pet as Bogo fans prepare for the platform’s termination on March 15. Although Bogo’s time is limited, players may still explore and have fun with a wide range of other excellent free virtual reality games that are now on the market.

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