The Pacific Cast Guide - What Each Character Looks Like In Real Life

The Pacific Cast Guide – What Each Character Looks Like In Real Life

After a decade of the release of the Band of Brothers, the creators returned with another series known as the Pacific. Similar to the BOB, the Pacific focuses on the U.S Marines  who are fighting the Japanese forces on the battlefields taking place on multiple islands in the Pacific Ocean. 

The Pacific showcases graphic violence on the battlefield, and highlights the hope and humanity leaving them as they face their enemies in battle. These soldiers refuse to give up and can only be pushed down with continuous slaughtering. 

We have curated a complete guide of the characters of the Pacific Series and what their real life counterparts are like. 

How Does the Pacific Series Cast Look in Real Life? Find Out Now!

How Does the Pacific Series Cast Look in Real Life? Find Out Now!

Here’s the cast of the Pacific series and how they look like in real life, learn more about their character and  where else can you see them: 

Eugene Sledge as Joseph Mazzello

The Old Breed, a book by Eugene Sledge, was one of the leading resources that assisted in compiling the storyline. He has been withheld by a heart murmur, hence the trouble with joining the Marines initially. Later, he was shipped in 1943 to the Pacific Theater and was part of the 1st division in the mortar unit. Joseph Mazzello is also famous for his roles in The Social Network, Jurassic Park, and Bohemian Rhapsody. 

Robert Leckie as James Badge Dale

Bringing to you James Badge Dale, playing the role of Robert Leckie, was used as a critical resource for the series. He’s part of the 1st Marine Division as a machine bombardier. He survived some of the most arduous campaigns in Cape Gloucester and Gaudal Canal. But eventually ended up getting wounded in the Battle of Peleliu and was sent home with the Purple Heart award. Dale is famous for his roles in World War Z, The Departed, and The Grey. 

John Basilone as Jon Seda

Basilone was hired as part of the war bond tours after he was rewarded the Medal of Honor. He earned it after withholding numerous Japanese soldiers in the Battle for the Henderson Field at the Guadalcanal campaign. He was known as Captain America in real life and later became a celebrity who was featured in a variety of posters and comic books. He also assisted in raising about $1.4 million in war bonds. Later onwards, he planned to return to the service but before the end of the war, he was killed during the invasion of Iwo Jima. Seda has also played a lot of other roles such as in Bad Boys II, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. 

Marrielle Snafu Shelton as Rami Malek

Snafu serves as a mortarman in the 1st Marine Division where he met Sledge. Eugene was a replacements who became part in 1943 of the K company. Sledge and Snafu fought side by side in the Okinawa and Peleliu battles. Rami Malek is also famous for his roles in the movies Night at the Museum, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Mr Robot. 

Lena Riggi as Annie Parisse

Famous for her roles in National Treasure, Friends From College, and The Following, Riggi met Sergeant John Basoline while he was training the newly hired recruits for the Camp Pedleton. She was serving here as the field cook with Women’s Reserve in Marine Corps. Basoline and Riggi got married in 1944 July, but seven months later John died in the battle Iwo Jima. Later onwards, in 1949, she baptized a Naval Destroyer ship, called the USS Basilone. 

Romus Valton Burgin as Martin McCann

Burgin, was a mortarman in K Company, who ended up building a close friendships with Sidney Phillips and Eugene Leckie during the war times. He was also rewarded with the Bronze Star for his role in the Battle of Okinawa. R.V.Burgin published different memoir about the services in World War II, named as Islands of the Damned: A Marine at War in the Pacific. He also played multiple roles in The Informer, ‘71, and Titanic: Blood and Steel. 

Lew Chuckler Juergens as Josh Helman

Chuckler was amongst the very few characters that was part of Eugene Sledger and Bob Leckie’s story. Lew Juergens fought in multiple battles that took place in the Cape Gloucester and Guadalcanal before he got injured in the mortar shelling that took place at Peleliu. Eventually, he recovered from his injuries and discharged in two weeks after the V-J Day. He’s played roles in other films including Jack Reacher, Mad Max: Fury Road, and  in X-men movies. 

Lewis Chesty Puller as William Sadler 

Chesty is one of the most rewarded Mariner in the history of U.S and is the only person who has received 5 Navy Crosses. He partook in some of the scariest battles that were a bloodbath in the Pacific Theatrer. He was part of the Battle for Henderson Field abd Battle of Peleliu. Lewis lived by the motto which was ‘lead by example.’ He was someone who avoided the luxuries of life and focused more towards leading a simple life, eating food rationally like his men did. He’s famous for his roles in the Roswell High, Marvel, and the Shawshank Redemption. 

Bill Leyden as Brendan Fletcher

Bill Leyden was a rifleman who had a chance to battle with Eugene Sledger in the K company. He was injured twice in World War II, first by a shrapnel during the process of capturing Bloody Nose Ridge on Peleliu, and then in the end of the war in the Battle of Okinawa. He’s also known for his roles in the Arrow, Freddy vs. Jason, and The Revenant. 

Bottom Line

Now you know the specifics of each character and how they look like in real life. They have represented some of the highly regarded fighters of the Pacific and have done an outstanding job. Learning about their real life and how they look like might come as a shock because they do differ from the men they were representing in the series.

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