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Modern Warfare 2’s First Weekend – A Few Glitches But Overall Good

After a week of the campaign’s early access, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released over the weekend. According to online discourse, some players experienced bugs and the game crashing but are content with the game overall.

The game is Infinity Wars’ latest game in the Call of Duty franchise and is a reboot of the 2009’s eponymous title. It is also a direct sequel to 2019 rebooted Modern Warfare. This new shooter game invites you to hunt down high-profile military ops to prevent a global catastrophe.

One of the most significant issues that gamers are facing is crashes. On the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit, it is one of the most talked about topics. Players are swapping how their game crashed and how they got it to work again. Most players who voted the game a thumbs down on Steam cited the crashing issue. 

There were also a few technical hiccups that should have been addressed before releasing the game to the public. Their reason for the crashing seems to be the feature that allows tuning your attachments. One of the attractions of this game is that you can customize your weapon and have it behave exactly how you want it to. However, there have been some side effects.

Infinity Ward announced on Twitter that they are disabling attachments under further notice. They stated that users with 5 or more attachments tuned are experiencing crashes and bugs. Therefore, if you want to avoid crashing your game, you need to unequip and then reequip to use your loadout. 

Other than these issues, Modern Warfare 2 has had the biggest launch of all time on the PlayStation Store. Some players did have problems with the game and complained about the new Santa Sena Border Crossing map. They claimed that it had way too many exploding cars, which took away the fun of the game.

Xbox and PC users also discovered some issues and found that they could not disable cross-play. This meant that the controller players had to play alongside those who used a mouse and keyboard. PlayStation users did not face the same issue and could disable cross-play.

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