Epicgames.com/Activate: Complete Guide

You must first activate the Epic games on consoles like the PS4, PS4, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch if you wish to play them. Epic games require activation; you cannot simply download and install them and start playing on a console. So if you want to play the game on all your consoles and devices, then go over all the information we have provided here and learn how to activate Epic Games on Nintendo Switch, Ps4/PS5, and Xbox. Our detailed article will be the perfect guide in Epic Games activation!

About Epic Games

Epic Games is a globally known video game developer based in North Carolina, USA. It was originally founded by Tim Sweeney but was later named Potomac Computer Systems in 1991. 

The company developed the Unreal Engine, which is a commercial game engine that powers some of the most popular game series that, include Blade Game, Gears of War, and Fortnite. To play the game on different devices, you must activate your account using https://www.epicgames.com/activate. We have a detailed guide here that will tell you about activating Epic Games on other devices. 

Epic Games Activate: Xbox Edition


If you wish to activate Epic Games on your Xbox console, then we recommend you follow the steps we have stated below:

  1. Launch the Epic Games on your Xbox devices when you want to play it. 
  2. Select the Start button, and you will be led to the account linking page. 
  3. Now select the Link an account option displayed here, and then you will be provided with an activation code. 
  4. On your PC browser, open https://www.epicgames.com/activate. Make sure you are logged in to your Epic Games account first. 
  5. You will be asked to enter the activation code which is displayed on your screens. 
  6. Enter the code and then click on the Connect option; this is how the activation process will take place. 
  7. You will also be notified with a message on your screen on the Xbox console that you are not free to play the game. 

Epicgames.com/activate: PS4 and PS5 Edition


For all those who have a Sony PS5 and PS4 and wish to activate Epic Games, you can follow the steps we have stated below. 

  1. Start by opening your PC, and then visit the Epic Games website. Then you will have to log in to your account if you are not already logged in. 
  2. Now open your PS4 and PS5, and launch your games on Epic Games. Then select the Link to an account option. Now you will get the epic games to activate Code. Use the 8-digit activation code on your TV screen. Make sure to remember that this is only valid for 10 minutes. 
  3. After you have logged into your Epic Games, account on your PC, head to the website’s activation page. 
  4. Now enter the Code on your console’s screen, and click on the Connect button to ensure Epic Games is activated. 
  5. Once Epic Games is activated, you will get a confirmation message on your screen. 
  6. Now you can play your games without any delay. 

Activating Epic Games On Nintendo Switch Edition

Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working

Those who have a Nintendo Switch and wish to activate their Epic Games can follow the steps we have stated below:

  1. Launch the gaming title on your Nintendo Switch.
  2. Now select the User Profile and then tap the Start button.
  3. Then after the steps mentioned above are completed, select the Link an Account, which will provide you with an activation code. 
  4. Now head to the Epic Games activation page; ensure you are logged into your account. If not, then do that first before following the former instructions. 
  5. Enter the Code which is displayed on your Nintendo Switch activation page and then select the Connect option to activate Epic Games on your console. 

Activate Epic Games on the Application

Now learn to activate your key through the Epic Games app. Follow the three steps below:

  1. Launch the application on your mobile devices. 
  2. Click on the account in the top right corner of your mobile screens. 
  3. Click on the Redeem Code option
  4. Now enter your key and click on the Redeem option to activate epic games on the application. 

Activate Epic Games using the Launcher

To activate the Epic Games launcher, make sure to install the Launcher on your PC and then follow the steps below:

  1. Launch your browser and then type Epic Games Launcher 
  2. You can download the Epic Games Launcher by choosing the first option 
  3. The Launcher can then be installed on your PC
  4. After opening the Epic Game Launcher, you will log in to your account. 
  5. Make sure to use one of the login accounts that is already activated to avoid any issues. 
  6. Start the Epic Games using the Code 
  7. Now open your mobile phone and then find the Epic Game activation code. 
  8. Now enter the Epic Gaming activation code in your Launcher and click Enter. 
  9. This will activate your Epic Games quite easily. 

How To Access 2FA On Epic Games Launcher?

Learn how to access the 2FA on the Epic Games Launcher by following the steps we have stated below:

  1. Start by accessing the browser on your PCs
  2. Now login to your account and then choose the tab with the Password and Security option. 
  3. Now click on the 2FA and then enable it. 
  4. You can now enable Epic Games using either e-mail, SMS, or even the authentic application. 


  1. How do I activate my Epic Games product key?

To activate your Epic Games product key, you will have to do the following:

  • Launch your Epic Games application 
  • Now click on your account in the top-right corner and then Redeem Code. 
  • When the page shows up, enter your product key and then again click on Redeem. 
  • This will activate your Epic Games product key. 
  1. What is my Epic Games code?

To find out your Epic Games code.

  • Select the gear icon on the top right corner of your gaming screen. This will open up different gaming options. 
  • Now click on the Account button, which will lead you to Account Settings.
  • Click on the Click Here option to reveal all your account details which will display your Account ID and Recovery Code. 
  1. How do I set up two-factor authentication on Epic Games?

To enable the 2-factor authentication on Epic Games, you will have to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Accounts page 
  • Now click on the Password and Security tab
  • Now under the 2FA heading, click on the 2FA option you wish to enable. 
  • Using a third-party authenticator app can be helpful in verifying. 
  • After you have verified, then enable the 2FA. 
  1. Can you activate Epic Games on steam?

So many games are exclusive to the Epic Games store, but you can add them to your Steam library. Adding Epic Games to your steam library requires the same process as other PC gaming platforms, such as Origin, GOG, Ubisoft Connect, and more. 

In Short

You must activate or link your Epic Games account to make the most of your games on Epic Games. It allows you to participate in competitions and leaderboards while saving your in-game progress. A valid redeem code must also be entered in order to add a game to the Launcher Library.

This article should assist you in activating your Epic Games account on every device and redeeming a product code obtained through an Epic Games game or app purchase.

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