Qualcomm Launches Its New Insider Program

Qualcomm Launches Its New Insider Program – Get Your Hands on All the Latest Snapdragon Devices

Qualcomm has announced that they have launched a new Snapdragon Insiders Access Program that is aimed at bringing together the tech-loving community using its products. The new access program is only available for the Snapdragon Insider members and not to the general public. Through this program, they will be able to gain priority access to all the Snapdragon-powered device launches and even exclusive access to events. 

The Insider members can sign up for the program; since there is no deadline, creators can join at any time. If you are chosen by Qualcomm, the company will add your name to a roster of creators they can reach out to when a new device is launched. They will employ you to share the device with your community or to attend an event if you are willing. Snapdragon Insider members have to fulfill a few requirements before they can apply.

The company requires the members to be at least 18 years old and reside in the US. Qualcomm is looking to attract a diverse range of tech content creators by using a traditionally underrepresented cohort of creators. This will allow them to not only attract a wider audience but also support such creators too. The company has also set multiple different areas of content creation when applying. 

Qualcomm encourages all the creators to select an area of potential interest. This will most likely help the company choose creators who will be interested in the product and will market it well. Qualcomm has also announced that there is no limit on how many members can join the Snapdragon Insider Access Program, so for now, anyone interested and who meets the requirements can join. 

The company has also explained that the creators can provide feedback on their experience with a device or an event, as it will allow the consumers to know whether it is worth their money. Qualcomm has also touched upon whether or not the creators can keep the device once they receive it by saying that the rules will be explained once the creator receives the device. The final decision will be made depending on the device in question.

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