Finished Netflix's Live-Action One Piece Show? Here's How to Keep the Journey Going

Finished Netflix’s Live-Action One Piece Show? Here’s How to Keep the Journey Going

For Manga fans who have recently finished the Netflix live-action adaptation of the One Piece. It must have left you wanting more, which is why we have a solution for you! There are so many more manga shows that have been presented that you can view if you like shows like One Piece. 

But the question is, where must you begin from? Try giving the One Piece book a chance. Yes, that’s right. Why not try getting into the series and starting from the beginning of the book or comic? There might be some quirks since the book came out in Japanese and was later translated into English. But the story is precisely the same. Keep scrolling as we help you discover how to keep the One Piece journey going! 

Begin One Piece Reading Journey

The most common way to begin the One Piece reading process is to go through all the volumes that have been published. Here’s a list of all the volumes you can purchase and read:

  1. Romance Dawn
  2. Buggy the Clown
  3. Don’t Get Fooled Again
  4. The Black Cat Pirates
  5. For Whom the Bell Tolls 
  6. The Oath
  7. The Crap Geezer
  8. I Won’t Die
  9. Tears
  10. Ok, Let’s Stand Up
  11. The Meanest  Man in the East
  12. The Legend Begins 
  13. It’s All Right 
  14. Instinct
  15. Straight Ahead
  16. Carrying On His Hill
  17. Hiriluk’s Cherry Blossoms 
  18. Ace Arrives
  19. Rebellion
  20. Showdown At Aluburna
  21. Utopia
  22. Hope
  23. Vivi’s Adventure
  24. People’s Dream
  25. The 100 Million Berry Man
  26. Adventure on Kami’s Island 
  27. Overture
  28. Wyper the Berserker
  29. Oratio
  30. Capriccio
  31. We’ll Be Here
  32. Love Song 
  33. Davy Back Fight 
  34. The City Water, Water Seven
  35. Captain
  36. The Ninth Justice 
  37. Tom 
  38. Rocketman!!
  39. Scramble 
  40. Gear
  41. Declaration of War
  42. Pirates vs. CP9
  43. Legend of a Hero
  44. Let’s Go Back
  45. You Have My Sympathies
  46. Adventure on a Ghost Island 
  47. Cloudy, Partly Bony 
  48. Adventure of Oars
  49. Nightmare Luffy
  50. Arriving Again
  51. The 11 Supernovas
  52. Roger and Rayleigh
  53. Natural Born King 
  54. Unstoppable 
  55. A Ray of Hope 
  56. Thank You
  57. Summit Battle 
  58. The Name of This Era is Whitebeard
  59. The Death of Portgaz
  60. My Brother
  61. Romance Dawn 
  62. Adventure on Fish-Man Island 
  63. Otohime and Tiger
  64. 100,000 vs. 10
  65. To Zero 
  66. The Road Towards the Sun
  67. Cool Fight 
  68. Pirate Alliance 
  69. S.A.D
  70. Doflamingo Appears
  71. Coliseum of Scoundrels 
  72. Dressrosa’s Forgotten 
  73. Operation Dressrosa S.O.P
  74. Ever At Your Side
  75. Repaying the Debt 
  76. Just Keep Going 
  77. Smile 
  78. Champion of Evil
  79. Lucy
  80. Opening Speech
  81. Let’s Go See the Cat Viper
  82. The World is Restless
  83. Emperor of the Sea
  84. Luffy vs Sanji
  85. Liar
  86. Emperor Assassination Plan
  87. Bittersweet
  88. Lion
  89. Bad End Musical
  90. Sacred Marijoa
  91. Adventure in the Land of Samurai
  92. Introducing Komurasaki the Oiran
  93. The Star of Ebisu
  94. A Soldier’s Dream
  95. Oden’s Adventure
  96. I  Am Oden, and I Was Born to Boil
  97. My Bible 
  98.  Vassals of Glory
  99. Straw Hat Luffy
  100. Color of the Supreme King 
  101.  The Stars Take the Stage
  102. The Pivotal Clash
  103. Warrior of Liberation
  104. Shogun of Wanu
  105. Luffy’s Dream
  106. A Genius’s Dream
  107.  The Hero of Legend 

We have mentioned all the available volumes you can read to understand the story of One Piece better.  You can either purchase it online or get a digital subscription from the Shonen Jump, where you have to pay around $3/month. This way, you can read 100 chapters of any Manga series daily. 

Netflix Adapting One Piece Manga

Netflix Adapting One Piece Manga

The One Piece Book has a lot of volumes, with Season 1 covering just 90 chapters of the One Piece Manga. Eiichiro comprises 1090 chapters, to be exact, and the story is still ongoing. To cover the entire story, Netflix must cover around 1000 manga chapters. Since they covered about 90 chapters in a season, 11-12 more seasons will be needed to cover the storyline. The One Piece is entering the final arc, but we still aren’t sure how many more chapters will be required for Oda to put an end to the story. 

If it has around 1400-1500 chapters, then Netflix would need 14-15 seasons to cover the story. By the end of the show, the cast of One Piece would be 15 years older than they are now. 


  1. Is One Piece live-action getting season 2?

The season 2 is on the way! One Piece fans who follow up the live-action are aware of how the series was a massive hit and were indeed expecting another series. 

  1. Did One Piece live-action succeed?

The One Piece live-action has become a massive success and finally lifted the manga series’ curses. The series involved proper arcs and made the storyline even better than it would have been in a movie

  1. Will Netflix adapt all of One Piece?

There haven’t been any comments related to Netflix adapting all the chapters from One Piece. But it might be a possibility that the material from the story will be compressed as it was done in Game of Thrones. 

Bottom Line

Reading is always a good idea, especially for fans who want to know the story of One Piece. The Manga series has about 107 volumes, so you have a lot to do to keep the journey going as a fan until season 2. Find out what’s happening and what each character plays out. We have provided you with a list of all the volumes for reading One Piece Manga

Get the books or a subscription to begin your One Piece Manga journey!

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