Grand Theft Auto Expected to be Announced Soon

Grand Theft Auto 6 Expected to be Announced Soon

Rockstar Games has acknowledged in the past that GTA 6 is being worked on, but they have not revealed many details about the title. A recent security incident at the organization involved the unexpected use of the Amazon Fire Stick, which resulted in the internet leakage of an in-development build. The organization and its development team suffered serious repercussions as a result of this breach.

As per a Bloomberg report, there are several unidentified individuals within Rockstar Games who believe that an official announcement on Grand Theft Auto 6 could happen this week. A trailer for the game is expected in December to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary. The sources, whose identities are withheld owing to non-disclosure agreements, assert that they are aware of the plans but did not reveal any. 

While one should proceed with caution when dealing with such rumors, this news is notable for a number of reasons. Bloomberg emphasizes the presence of several people who are acquainted with the plans, suggesting some level of confirmation. Furthermore, the planned December trailer launch is consistent with the history of noteworthy game trailers and debuts at The Game Awards. This claim aligns with a recent estimate concerning the game’s expected reveal schedule provided by another insider.

For quite some time, GTA fans have been demanding details about the upcoming game, and this excitement has evolved into a kind of meme. Even though GTA Online is still profitable for Rockstar Games, a lot of players are growing bored with it considering that GTA 5 has been out for ten years. Although Red Dead Online might have kept players interested for some time, the lack of new material has caused a significant drop in the number of players.

Conversely, some think that delaying the official launch date of the game until it is closer to release would be a smarter move on the part of Rockstar. The senior Skyrim designer admitted that the Elder Scrolls 6 early announcement was a mistake and recommended that a more prudent course of action could be to reveal the game only six months before it launches. In order to maximize excitement and profits, Rockstar is probably painstakingly arranging every part of this game’s presentation, especially because a sequel to one of the biggest games and franchises is in the works. 

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