Take-Two Might Be Releasing GTA 6 Within the Next Two Years

Take-Two Might Be Releasing GTA 6 Within the Next Two Years

Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to be released in the next 20 months, according to information from Take-Two Interactive. This revelation was made during the most recent earnings conference for the company, which was also when Take-Two addressed issues and defended its pricing policy for the Switch port of Red Dead Redemption

It is currently believed that the newest installment of the enduring series will debut during Take-Two’s fiscal year 2025, which ends in March 2025. This rumored Grand Theft Auto 6 release date is supported by a number of recent insider reports and further supported by Take-Two’s own financial forecasts, which constantly indicate that the firm expects a significant increase in sales for the current fiscal year.

The publisher reiterated this expectation during the earnings call on August 8, which covered the first quarter of Take-Two’s fiscal year 2024. According to CEO Strauss Zelnick, the business is strategically prepared for a “significant inflection point in fiscal 2025.” Zelnick furthered this idea by stating that Take-Two anticipates “record levels of operating performance” during the course of the twelve months ending in March 2025. Some analysts read this statement as a possible hint that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released at this specific time period.

However, it is important to note that although, this does not imply that the game’s release window is set in stone. Similar occurrences have happened in the past, for instance when analysts wrongly misunderstood a Take-Two projection from early 2022, mistaking it for a prediction that GTA 6 may come as early as March 2024. It’s highly unlikely that this prediction will come true given that the game hasn’t even been formally announced yet and the publisher’s propensity for protracted marketing efforts in the past.

Grand Theft Auto 6 might be planned to launch near the end of 2024 if we assume that the game is truly aiming for a release inside Take-Two’s fiscal year 2025. With the exception of GTA 4, the 3D installments of the game have historically been released around October, so this release date fits with that trend. It’s interesting to note that this matches information recently disclosed by a dependable Rockstar insider. This report claimed that the release of GTA 6 is planned for the 2024 holiday season. 

However, there is still a chance that a delay might occur caused by Rockstar’s struggles to retain developer talent as a result of its forced return-to-office policy, which was put in place in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic’s first effects.

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