Studio Behind Untitled Goose Reveals Their Newest Game

Big Walk, the newest outlandish production from House House, the well-known Australian independent studio best known for Untitled Goose Game, will be available for purchase in 2025. During the 2023 The Game Awards, attendees were given exciting sneak peeks at upcoming AAA and independent games in addition to receiving multiple accolades. Among the notable shocks were the debut of Moon Studios’ brand-new independent game, No Rest for the Wicked, and the release of a brand-new Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero video from Bandai Namco.

With the release of the peculiar game Push Me Pull You, which required two players to maneuver while physically connected in a sausage-like fashion, House House first became well-known in the gaming world. But Untitled Goose Game was the one that really shot the tiny Australian studio to stardom.

In this game, players get control of a clever goose that terrorises a small community. Due to its brief but highly successful promotion, the game became incredibly popular and was adapted for other platforms, such as the Nintendo Switch. Big Walk, the new project that House House is working on, is anticipated to contain the same bizarre humour that has come to characterise their work.

Big Walk, which debuted at the 2023 Game Awards, will be available for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store in 2025. The trailer’s use of ambient sounds like Kookaburras emphasizes the game’s positioning as an online cooperative multiplayer adventure that takes place on an island somewhere in Australia. In Big Walk, users assume the role of bipedal, avian-like characters and navigate the game in first person. As a result, they can move around the island with their co-op friends and solve puzzles together. House places a strong emphasis on cooperative problem-solving, which motivates players to work together to get over the game’s challenges.

According to Jake Strasser, a House House developer, Big Walk adopts a relaxed style that allows friends to enjoy moments together within the game’s realm and play at their own pace. The proximity voice chat feature, which enhances communication efficiency and enables players to interact organically while fully submerging themselves in the virtual environment, is one significant addition to the game.

Big Walk is House House’s biggest endeavor to date and a major turning point for publisher Panic. Panic and House House previously collaborated on the publication of Untitled Goose Game; the two companies are back together with Big Walk. 

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