The New Amazon Fire Tab 7 Sports New Internals and a USB-C Port

The New Amazon Fire Tab 7 Sports New Internals and a USB-C Port

The new Amazon Fire 7 comes loaded with features, including a USB-C port, faster performance, and better battery life. For years, the Amazon Fire 7 tablet was a small and inexpensive device. Recently, Amazon has decided to revamp the tablet after three years. Now, this tablet will have features that the customers have been asking for since the tablet was released. However, with an upgraded tablet comes an upgraded price tag. The new tablet will retail at $4999 to $59.99. 

The Amazon Fire 7’s quad-core processor is said to be 30 percent faster than its predecessor. The RAM has also been upgraded to 2GB instead of the 1GB found in the previous version. This added RAM should make the tablet able to bear multi-tasking, such as opening multiple web pages. Furthermore, app switching will also be a lot smoother with this upgrade. 

The battery life has also received an upgraded, so the tab lasts much longer between charges. It is estimated that the user will be able to use it for 10 hours if they are browsing the internet or watching videos. Therefore, the battery will last around 40 perfect longer between charges. 

The most notable upgrade, however, is the new USB-C port. Previously, the Amazon tablets sported a micro-USB charging port, but with this recent upgrade, the new Fire 7 has a more modern charging port. 

These new tablets will also be available in a variety of colors, namely black, denim and rose. However, the green color from the previous model has been discontinued. 

The Amazon Fire 7 will also have a Kids edition, much like the previous generations. These tablets will come with a rugged case that will be either red, blue, or purple and Amazon’s Kid Plus subscription. This subscription includes access to educational shows and exclusive games designed specifically for games. The user can also upgrade to a 32GB model, allowing more space to save content. 

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