GTA 6 Leaks

GTA 6 Leaks: New Footage Shocks Fans

Online rumors and leaks regarding the new GTA 6 are becoming more frequent. These new gameplay leaks provide details regarding the next installment that fans are eagerly waiting for.  A substantial chunk of the game will take place in Vice City, as shown through views of locations like the nightclub and the upgraded police AI during a car chase.

Fans have shown interest in the GTA VI world map, which is rumored to be constantly expanding with numerous new zones outside of Vice City. These sources indicate that Grand Theft Auto VI may follow a similar strategy to previous games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which has many visitable towns connected by bridges to other islands.

The leaked video, which RockstarGTAVl posted on Twitter, showed the main character perusing a car’s inside. Then, deftly, the camera displayed a structure in the distance bearing the name of Vice City, thus establishing its presence. However, it’s still unclear if it’s the only city.

One noteworthy leak showed the player getting involved in a police chase, highlighting the updated police AI. The AI is said to have significantly improved since Grand Theft Auto V, making them more cunning, agile, and formidable rivals.

Despite not clearly confirming the enhanced police AI, the footage was intriguing as a pursuing police car mysteriously went off the road. Yet it offered an intriguing sneak peek of possible chase dynamics in the upcoming game.

A brief video clip also showed the player’s character stumbling through a busy nightclub while listening in on conversations with NPCs that were probably from the main plot.

The visuals in the final version are anticipated to be better than this early build’s Grand Theft Auto V-like graphics. Notably, the NPCs demonstrated dynamic behavior; some wandered the club while engaging in conversation, possibly implying a higher level of engagement and realism inside the vast open universe. If implemented as anticipated, this feature might significantly improve the gameplay and make exploring more engaging.

Once Rockstar decides to reveal the specifics, while the exact timing is still up in the air, the full picture will become clear. The parent company of Rockstar, Take-Two Interactive, has made a 2025 release announcement. We may therefore anticipate getting our first official look anytime in 2024, possibly even next year.

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