Destiny 2’s New Season Revealed

Official confirmation has come from Bungie that Destiny 2’s upcoming Season 23 will be dubbed the “Season of the Wish.” This information was made public after an odd teaser appeared in the most recent Destiny 2 weekly reset update.

The ongoing Destiny 2 riddles are one feature that keeps receiving great comments from players, even in light of recent splits among the Destiny 2 community. A new set of challenges that wrap up the Imbaru Engine puzzle, a component of Savathun’s Throne World’s Season of the Witch, were added to Destiny 2 in the most recent weekly update.

After solving the riddle, a cinematic reveals that Savathun’s wings contain the mysterious 15th wish, completing the Dreaming City’s Wall of Wishes. During the Forsaken expansion, the Wall of Wishes was included, enabling players to make wishes that would help them in the Keep of Voices raid. The final wish in the raid was mysterious despite having 15 others, with the words “this one you shall cherish” confusing players.

The Imbaru Engine puzzle’s reward cinematic has reignited interest in the 15th desire, and Bungie soon acknowledged its importance with the release of the most recent game update. On X (previously Twitter), the developer applauded the players who figured out the intricate rune puzzle and disclosed that Destiny 2 Season 23 will be called the Season of the Wish. Alongside Riven, the raid boss from The Last Wish, three Guardians can be seen emerging from a portal in the promotional artwork that goes with it.

The latest information indicates that Bungie plans to explore Forsaken’s storyline soon, even though some of the more complex fan theories on the 15th wish in Destiny 2 may not prove to be true. Based on the most recent promotional artwork, some players are guessing on social media about how the 15th Wish would have turned Riven into an ally. As previously revealed by Bungie, the Season of the Wish in Destiny 2 will run for a quarter, from November 28 to February 27.

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