Alcatel A30 Review

Alcatel A30 Review 2020

Reasons to Buy

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Attractive Design.
  • Android 7.0.

Reasons Not To Buy

  • Limited Storage.
  • Laggy performance.
  • Poor camera result.
  • Pixelated screen quality.
  • Heating issues.
  • Connectivity issue.
  • Permanent Authentication Problem (no in every phone)

Price: $62.52


Times are changing, so as our demands, especially when it comes to smartphones. In the old days, when android phones were merely a luxury, and most of us could afford it- people were ready to compromise on performance quality and design.

In today’s time, we have a lot of competition. Several brands are not only exceeding customer demands by offering outstanding performance, but also luxurious design under a small price tag.

So, every phone goes through a fine-tooth comb to ensure that customers are getting their money’s worth or not.
Alcatel also came out with a budget android phone. Although Alcatel is known for bringing out decent quality budget android devices, we do not understand what went wrong with developing the A30.

Even though there are a few points that might convince you to give A30, but we noticed more cons than pros with this budget Alcatel device.


  • Display size

5.0 inches

  • Resolution

720 x 1280 pixels

  • Pixel density


  • Screen-to-body ratio

69.24 %

  • Features

Scratch-resistant glass (Dragontrail), Ambient light sensor, Proximity sensor

  • Main camera

8 megapixels (Single camera)

  • Video recording

1280×720 (HD)

  • Features

Autofocus, LED, Time-lapse video, Video calling, Video sharing

  • Front Camera

5 megapixels

  • System chip

Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 8909

  • Processor

Quad-core, 1100 MHz, ARM Cortex-A7, 32-bit, 28 nm

  • GPU

Adreno 304

  • RAM

2 GB

  • Storage

16 GB (Internal), up to 32 GB (Expandable)

  • OS

Android (7.0 Nougat)

  • Capacity

2460 mAh, 15.00 Hours Talk Time, 10.4 days (250 hours) Stand-by Time

  • Data

LTE 800, 1900 MHz

  • SIM type

Nano SIM


Bluetooth (4.1), WiFi, USB 2.0, VoIP, Tethering, Computer sync, OTA sync


Accelerometer, Haptic feedback, Voice dialing, Voice commands, Voice recording.


Wireless screen share, FM Radio, Earpiece, Loudspeaker, 3.5mm Audio Jack.


Alcatel A30 design

We can assure you that you will be highly impressed with Alcatel at first glance. The premium-looking design with carbon fiber design back cover, metal frame, and a speaker grille at the front that adds a unique element to this phone – will convince you that it is not a budget phone.

However, your perspective might change when you look a little closer to find out that both the frame and the frame is made with plastic.

The front speaker might look good, but it takes up a lot of the screen space and makes the phone look bulkier. The on-screen navigation buttons further narrow down the screen space. So, if you are someone who prefers a higher screen-to-body ratio than the disappointing 69.24 % of Alcatel A30, then prepared to be disappointed.

If you don’t care about the body that seems carbon fiber and metal, but it is actually colored plastic, then the overall appearance is quite impressive.

Hardware and Software

We expected the phone to perform well because, at the end of the day, looks do not matter. Unfortunately, with Alcatel A30, the internals is not even impressive.

You cannot expect much with an outdated Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 and 28nm CPU combination with only 2GB RAM and 16GB of internal storage that makes only 7GB available storage.

If you are expecting a better expandable storage option, then Alcatel does not fail to disappoint us again with a meager 32GB external storage. The disappointing hardware result in laggy performance and never-ending storage issues.

Alcatel A30 has impressed us with Android 7.0 Nougat. All the functions run properly, but the phone is not upgradable to Android 8.0. This might disappoint a few users, but budget phones usually aren’t upgradable, so we will give this one to Alcatel A30.

Display Quality And Battery Life

alcatel a30 display

We shouldn’t be expecting a Full HD display on a budget, but several other budget phones offer brighter colors and sharper screen quality, but if you compare Alcatel A30 with other Alcatel phones, then you’ll be impressed with the colors and sharp enough screen display.

However, the 720p resolution goes in Alcatel A30 favor because of the limited 2460mAh battery life. If we talk about the battery life, once again Alcatel A30 disappoints us because the battery drains too fast due to the power-hungry 5inch display and CPU.

Battery Life

What surprised us, even more, is the non-removable battery, so you cannot opt for a new battery yourself if the one that comes with the phone fails to perform in the longer-run.


alcatel a30 camera

The camera has a huge expectation vs. reality gap. You might get impressed with an 8MP rear camera with an LED flash and 5MP front camera, but it all comes down to the performance, where Alcatel A30 disappoints us again.

The images turn out to be flush, flat, pixelated with a lot of noise. The video quality isn’t impressive either, and the videos are blurry and shaky. So, if you are someone that likes to use the camera quite a lot, then buying Alcatel A30 would not be a smart idea.

Users’ Reviews

Although we ensure that our reviews are unbiased and wholly based on our personal experience, however, with Alcatel A30, we decided to go a step further, and we decide to find what other users have to say about their user experience.

We found mixed reviews, leaning more towards bad reviews. On the one hand, many users complained about the poor performance of this android device; on the other hand, some users praised the phone for its amazingly low price and outstanding design.

Do We Recommend Alcatel A30?

noIf you want a one-word answer, then NO! We want to save your money and spend it more wisely; there are a ton of other phones than will offer money value for money.

Although it is the age when phones are highly rated only if they are do not perform exceptionally, but they also do not fall back on the design aspect.

However, Alcatel A30 did not only disappoint us with its poor performance and software issues, but this phone does not even earn any brownie points for its design. Even though Alcatel A30 looks premium, but when you go in-depth, the entire case is made with plastic with no glass protection.

There are no specific reasons why we would want to recommend this phone to you. Until and unless you find this phone for half its price or you do not have many choices available. 

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