How to Watch Paramount Plus on Xbox in the USA

How to Watch Paramount Plus on Xbox in the USA

Over the last few years, streaming services have gained a lot of popularity, with so many people choosing to cut out cable and switching to online platforms for their entertainment needs. Paramount Plus is also one of the streaming service platforms that allow users access to a vast library of movies, TV shows, and other means of fun.

If you are an Xbox owner in the USA and want to watch Paramount Plus on your console, you may wonder where to begin. In this mini guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to enjoy your favorite content on Paramount Plus on Xbox in the USA!

Paramount+ Streaming on Xbox

Paramount+ supports the following models and versions that allow the streaming of the application:

  1. Xbox Series S and X
  2. Xbox One

If you don’t have any of these devices, then unfortunately, you cannot stream Paramount+ on your Xbox console. But if you do, you can use the steps above to access the platform. 

How to Stream Paramount Plus on Your Xbox Console? In 5 Steps!

How to Stream Paramount Plus on Your Xbox Console? In 5 Steps!

You can stream Paramount+ on your console by following the easy steps we have stated below:

  1. Open your Paramount+ app on your Xbox and log in using your credentials. 
  2. Open the ‘On the Web’ option, and you will get a code that will help you later. 
  3. On your computer or mobile, go to and enter the activation code. Then select “Activate.”
  4. Your TV screen will refresh, and you can continue streaming on your Xbox devices. 

How to Sign Up for Paramount+ Through Your Xbox?

If you don’t have an account on Paramount+ and want to sign up so you don’t miss out on the extensive library of shows and movies, then you can do that by following the steps below:

  1. Start by downloading the Paramount Plus Xbox application through the Microsoft Store on your device. After downloading it, open the application and then select the Sign-up option. 
  2. An access code will be displayed on your screen; this code is essential.
  3. Now go to the on your PC or mobile phone’s web browser and then enter the code. 
  4. Now click on Activate so you can go further and choose the subscription plan according to what the application offers. Now click on ‘continue.’
  5. After creating a Paramount+ account, click on Continue again. 
  6. Enter all your information and click the Start Paramount Plus option. 
  7. This is when your Xbox device will refresh automatically, allowing you to stream conveniently on Xbox. 

How to Cast Paramount+ on your Xbox One in the USA?

How to Cast Paramount+ on your Xbox One in the USA?

There are times when the experience might not be very smooth, and your Paramount+ may face issues in connecting. You can then use the casting option from your smartphone; this allows you to get better subtitles and stream on a bigger screen. The casting method will enable you to get subtitles of your choice. Here’s how you can use your mobile to cast Paramount+ on Xbox. 

For Android Users:

  1. Start by ensuring your Wifi and Xbox are connected to the same network. 
  2. Now open the application on your phone and select a show or movie of your choice from the Paramount+ library
  3. Then go on and open the notification panel by swiping the screen from above and choosing the Cast icon. 
  4. From the devices displayed on your screen, select Xbox and then go back to your Paramount+ app. 
  5. Tap the Play button and have a smooth streaming experience on the big screen using your Xbox console.

For iOS Users:

  1. Start by checking if the Wifi on your iPhone and your Xbox is the same. 
  2. Now tap on the Paramount+ on your iPhone and select any entertainment means. 
  3. Drag the notification center from the right side of your screen, then tap on the Screen Mirroring option beside the screen orientation option. 
  4. Now you will get a display of all the devices available to your nearby. 
  5. Select your Xbox console and then tap on it. 
  6. Now you can return to your Paramount+ application and enjoy the chosen show or movie. 

Keep Paramount+ Updated for Uninterrupted Services

Unlock a smooth streaming experience with the Paramount+ app on your Xbox. We recommend you update your application for an improvised and uninterrupted streaming experience

  1. On your Xbox console, go to System and then click on the Settings option. 
  2. Click the Keep my games and Apps Up to Date option in the Updates and Downloads menu. 
  3. This will update the application and allow you a smooth streaming experience. 

How to Deal with Streaming Issues?

If there are any streaming issues on your console, the best way to deal with them is by restarting your device. You can do that by following the steps below:

  1. Press the Xbox button that will allow you to open the guide from any screen on your console. 
  2. You can then select settings and then Restart 
  3. Now choose ‘Yes’ and confirm so the console quickly resolves your streaming problems. 


  1. Can you access Paramount Plus on Xbox?

To access Paramount+ on your console, open your PC or smartphone and then, using Google or Safari, go to and then type the code that shows on the screen. After you have typed, click on Activate, and you can easily stream on your Xbox.

  1. Why can’t I find Paramount Plus app on Xbox?

The Paramount+ application is not readily available on Xbox; you will have to download using the Microsoft Store’s Entertainment option. The application can be seen on the Homepage, and you can then use it to stream your favorite shows and watch movies!

  1. How can I watch Paramount Plus in the US?

You can easily watch Paramount+ in the US; all you have to do is go to the website and log in using your credentials or set up an account if you don’t have one. You can download the application from their respective app stores on your iOS and Android devices. 

Bottom Line

You can now access an extensive selection of unique content, TV series, and films on your gaming console by following our simple guide. Following our instructions, you benefit from Paramount Plus Xbox’s access to exclusive content, ad-free streaming of the top shows, and unlimited screen time. So gather your favorite snacks and tune into your console!

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