LG Innotek Is Reportedly Revamping the Telephoto Zoom Cameras on Their Next-Gen Phones

LG Innotek Is Reportedly Revamping the Telephoto Zoom Cameras on Their Next-Gen Phones

At the international CES 2023 event, LG Innotek made a major announcement regarding their next-gen phones and what to expect from them. They revealed that they had made new optical telephoto advancements, and customers can expect to see them in action when they release their next-gen phones. According to the LG Innotek press release, tech lovers will learn exactly how their company is revolutionizing the smartphone industry. 

The company states that its new telephoto module will be capable of achieving 4x to 9x optical zoom. The press release goes on to state that there are two types of zoom: optical and digital. Of the two, LG Innotek uses optical zoom due to the module moving the lens directly to zoom. This helps create an image that has an overall high-quality image.

This advancement was possible due to the company’s zoom actuator, a component used for its accuracy, durability, speed, and ability to use less power. LG Innotek has also managed to minimize the module’s thickness, meaning there is no camera bump, as is common among many smartphones on the market

The module also takes advantage of the OIS or the Optical Image Stabilizer, which reduces the blur that appears on videos and images due to shaking. This means that the images will be a lot more defined than before. According to LG Innotek, this is an important additional feature, as pictures and videos tend to be shaky when closer to the target. Using the optical image stabilizer, these subtle movements will be almost unnoticeable. 

LG Innotek has also been known to work closely alongside Qualcomm and noted that this relationship would allow them to improve their software. An improved software will allow them to make full use of optical zoom. Therefore, when the phone is released with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile platform, it will have an enhanced auto-focus, auto-exposure, lens shading correction, and auto-white balance.

Although Sony has introduced a periscope optical lens with its Xperia 1 IV, it seems as if LG is looking to take the lead in this race and is attempting to improve its optical zoom without compromising image quality. 

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