iOS 16

iOS 16 Is Available To Download

iOS 16 puts Apple’s idea of resetting our relationship with our phones in motion. It makes necessary changes to our phones so that we don’t have to be using our phones for them to be helpful. 

This new iOS update is available for iPhones 8 and newer and is set to be released on September 12, after which it will be available for download. There are many changes that Apple has made, but one of the significant changes is that of the lock screen. It is now more than just a clock and notifications. Apple has reconceived it as a second home screen with lock screen widgets. 

This redesign is one of the biggest that the lock screen has received in a while and reduces the need to pick up your phone every few minutes. However, these widgets are still noninteractive, something that Apple can work on in upcoming updates.  

With the new lock screen, you can also change Focus modes, which you can customize with different widgets, backgrounds, and more. The level of customization offered in this aspect is quite unlike Apple, as they usually offer limited personalization options.

Another feature of iOS 16 is the ability to grab subjects from images you can paste elsewhere. Apple has the privilege of having an excellent camera, and it makes full use of it through features like these. The ability to copy a subject and paste it works much better than most expected because it masks and separates the image from the background.

There are many other changes that Apple has bought to iOS 16, which include haptic feedback on the keyboard, which makes a pleasant buzz every time you hit a key. Apple has also added features to iMessage, where you can mark a message as unread, which is excellent for people who forget to text back.

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