The LG Wing Sees a New Life as a Handheld Gaming Console

The LG Wing Sees a New Life as a Handheld Gaming Console

The LG Wing, upon release, was an out-of-place smartphone, but recently, a Chinese developer has given it a new life and has turned it into a handheld gaming device. The LG Wing was a dual-screen phone with a primary screen measuring 6.8 inches and could be turned horizontally. Therefore, the phone would form a T-shape, revealing a much smaller 3.9-inch display underneath. 

The design was overall impractical and not too popular. However, Laozhang had the brilliant idea of turning the phone into a handheld design. To do so, it had to be ripped apart. The Chinese developer had taken apart the phone and had left the smaller 3.9-inch display as is. This smaller display formed the screen of the gaming device

Then the developer created a metal shell and fitted all of the components of the handheld console inside it. These parts included the 3.9-inch 1240x1080p pixel gOLED display and analog sticks and buttons on its side. The phone also came with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G, 8GB RAM, and had two variants, one with 128GB of storage and one with 256GB of storage.

Laozhang also used the triple-lens camera array for the device on the back. Furthermore, he discussed his creation on the Retro Gaming Handhelds discord server, where he revealed that he had made only 50 units, which took him two months to complete. He also shared that these were the only units he would be producing. 

The price that the developer had set for the device was 2,100 Yuan, which roughly equals $309.69. According to the developer, the price is high because of the number of resources and time required to do this project.

The LG Wing was LG’s major release last year. However, the experimental design of the phone did not gain them any favor in the market, and they struggled to sell it. The design was neither a flip nor a fold, and many did not understand how it worked. However, Laozhang gave a few of the devices a new life with his ingenious DIY project. 

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