All 11 Titan Types In Attack On Titan Explained

All 11 Titan Types In Attack On Titan Explained

If you’re into Anime series, then you know the hype behind AOT. The series is packed with an exciting story, outstanding animation, and some of the best fights that will leave your jaw hanging. Not just this, but the Attack on Titan anime has a cult following of its own, making it even more popular in the world of anime

But if you’re someone who’s new to the series and has landed here out of curiosity and to find out about the Titans, then you are in for a treat. We have listed the names and the powers of the 11 Titans. Dive in to find out their heights, all about their inheritor, and their capabilities!

The List of 11 Titans and Their Attacks 

Here’s a list of the known 11 titans and an in-depth explanation of each titan’s capacity and attacking power. 

1. Pure Titans

Pure Titans

Pure Titans are mindless, humanoid beings in the world of Attack on Titan that are driven by a burning hunger for human flesh. These Titans range in height from 2 to 15 meters, and because of their enormous size, powerful build, and overwhelming numbers, they pose a danger to humanity.

But a few Abnormal Titans stick out among the ranks of Pure Titans. These extraordinary creatures exhibit unusual habits and a high level of intellect. Abnormal, in contrast to their irrational counterparts, use a strategic approach, concentrating on populated regions and picking the best targets. They become even more dangerous as a result of their clever and strategic moves, escalating the risk that they pose to mankind.

2. Nine Titans

Nine Titans

The Nine Titans in the Attack on Titan universe have extraordinary power that has been passed down through the Eldians for almost two millennia. Each of these Titans possesses their own set of skills and traits, and they also have the power to change into their Titan forms at any time.

A Titan’s power grants access to advanced Titan abilities, such as focused regeneration for rapid recovery. The scale of the Nine Titans, as they take on their Titan forms, varies tremendously, from the swift 4- and 5-meter Cart Titan to the impressive 60-meter Colossal Titan.

Despite being the same size as the other Titans, it’s important not to forget that people who inherit several Titan powers may only use one of them at a time.

Now let’s explore the intricate details of each of the Nine Titans, learning about their special powers, inheritors, and unique traits:

3. War Hammer Titan

War Hammer Titan
  • Height: 15 meters
  • Inheritor: Eren Yeager
  • Power: Structural Hardening

The War Hammer Titan, now held by Eren Yeager, stands out as one of the Nine’s most intellectual Titans. This remarkable Titan possesses a unique and powerful ability: the ability to build and manipulate buildings out of solidified Titan flesh. The destructive capacity of its attacks is increased because of this power, which allows it to transform the very essence of its body into many kinds of weapons, including dreadful spikes, serrated swords, and other deadly forms.

4. Cart Titan

Cart Titan
  • Height: 4 meters
  • Inheritor: Pieck
  • Power: High endurance

The Cart Titan stands out from the other Nine Titans due to its distinctive four-legged structure, which grants it unmatched speed and endurance. This amazing Titan thrives at long missions, displaying incredible endurance and the ability to persistently cover great distances. The ability to work continuously for long periods without requiring frequent pauses is its priceless contribution to warfare.

The outstanding skill of the Cart Titan to keep its Titan form while donning military equipment distinguishes it from other Titans and adds to its already excellent range of abilities. In contrast to others among the Nine Titans, the Cart Titan has relatively weaker defenses and slower regeneration abilities, making it more susceptible.

5. Jaw Titan

Jaw Titan
  • Height: 5 meters
  • Inheritor: Falco Grice
  • Power: Powerful Jaw and Claws

The Jaw Titan, one of the Nine’s smaller yet incredibly quick Titans, is known for its unrivaled speed and agility. This Titan is identified by its frightening and very strong jaws and claws, which are capable of easily tearing through almost anything in its way. The Jaw Titan’s immense power shocked spectators as it smashed Eren Yeager’s solidified Titan armor and pierced the War Hammer Titan’s unbreakable crystal shell.

6. Female Titan

Female Titan
  • Height: 14m
  • Inheritor: Annie Leonhart 
  • Power: Hardening of Titans and Attraction

Let’s study the fascinating Female Titan, one of the first Nine Female Titans we met in the Attack on Titan universe. This amazing titan showcases a variety of skills, such as speed and an unusual scream meant to attract surrounding abnormal Titans. The Female Titan has the extraordinary ability to manufacture crystalline armor in particular areas of its body, strengthening its resistance, and enhancing its defense against enemies.

Annie Leonhart of the Eldian Warrior Order presently holds the Female Titan, which represents extraordinary speed and immense stamina. Its capacity to retain a feminine form or to change to the traits of its owner is still an interesting mystery. This fascinating titan invites us to investigate its appealing nature and solve the puzzles surrounding its existence.

7. Founding Titan

Founding Titan
  • Height: 13m 
  • Inheritor: Eren Yeager 
  • Power: Manipulation and creation of Titans

The Founding Titan, also known as the Progenitor Titan as well as the Coordinate, has the extraordinary capacity to mold and rule over other Titans by influencing the thoughts and physical forms of Ymir’s followers. He was previously only available to members of the royal family, but Eren now carries this powerful Titan. The Founding Titan’s incredible power allows it to telepathically communicate, change memories, and create and control new Titans. Eren accidentally used the power of the Founding Titan to save Mikasa, which led to his accidental possession of three of the Nine Titans.

8. Beast Titan

Beast Titan
  • Height: 17m
  • Inheritor: Zeke Yeager 
  • Power: Transformation into Titans 

The Beast Titan, next in height to the Colossal Titan among the Nine Titans, is true to its name; it resembles a powerful beast. Zeke Yeager, who is Eren’s half-brother, is a brilliant Eldian warrior motivated by a long-standing plot to destroy Paradis, the owner of this titan. The Beast Titan can control other Titans at will and can turn those who have consumed his spinal fluid into senseless Titans with a single commanding scream. He is a force to be reckoned with due to his supremacy in terms of both physical and strategic influence.

9. Armored Titan

Armored Titan
  • Height: 14m
  • Inheritor: Reiner Braun 
  • Power: His skin is like Armor 

The impressive armor-plated skin covering every part of its body not only make him stand out amongst others but it made the Armoured Titan, one of the powerful Nine Titans. Hardened, shield-like plates that decorated this titan’s body worked as both a defensive barrier against attackers and an aggressive weapon against anything in its path. Despite that, the Titan’s speed was restricted by the armor, preventing it from moving with all of its speediness. It was unclear whether the armor was to blame for this restriction or how it affected the Titan’s movement.

10. Attack Titan

Attack Titan
  • Height: 15m 
  • Inheritor: Eren Yeager 
  • Power: Inherits the memories of the upcoming time 

The Attack Titan, the predecessor of the Titans in the series, bravely sided with humanity and destroyed other Titans to defend Mikasa, Armin, and the villagers. Unexpectedly, this Titan emerged as none other than Eren Yeager, who had automatically changed after being consumed by an odd Titan. The Attack Titan, one of the Nine Titans was gifted with the rare capacity of accessing the memories of its past and future inheritors and has a long history of serving as a champion of freedom. It had a 15-meter height, a huge body with no flesh on its jaws, and only one special ability: the power to travel through time.

11. Colossal Titan

Colossal Titan
  • Height: 60m 
  • Inheritor: Former Holder- Berthold Hoover and Current Holder- Armin Arlert 
  • Power: Transforming Explosives 

As the first titan to appear in the series, the magnificent Colossal Titan made a stunning introduction, enthralling viewers with its unbridled terror and dazzling action. It wreaked havoc on Shiganshina, the place where Eren, Mikasa, and Armin had grown up. As it changed from a human to a titan, the Colossal Titan released a destructive energy explosion, strong wind gusts, and a mushroom cloud of debris. At the Battle of Shiganshina District, its enormous size allowed it to single-handedly destroy Wall Maria’s outer gate with a powerful kick, taking several Survey Corps soldiers with it.

9 Titans and Their Symbolization

When we go out on a journey through the worlds of symbolism and power, we come across the legendary 9 Titans. They act as powerful symbols, resonating with great power and thrilling storylines. What sets them apart is their range of qualities, and this is exactly where their true nature lies. 

Observe the original Titan, a shining example of power and dominance. With incredible might, this titan rules over the titans around him and controls their fates, he is the designer of new Titans.

Observe the colossal Titan, a monster that leaves a path of destruction in his wake. The apocalyptic power he holds allows it to destroy cities with a single step. 

Enter the Armoured Titan, a tenacious fortress in the face of danger, wrapped in indestructible armor plating. He protects himself with his impenetrable shield, repelling attacks that put to test his strength.

A captivating type of combat skill appears as we stare at the Female Titan. Her beauty and 

precision transforms into a ball of destruction, a display of control that surprises multiple opponents. 

Experience the Beast Titan, an expert communicator with wild, untamed animals. This incredible titan has an amazing ability to communicate with and control animals, creating an even connection between the forces of nature and its power. 

That’s not all, though. We carry on with our exploration, finding the mysterious Cart, Warhammer, Jaw, and Attack Titans. Each of these titans has a vault of amazing skills and unique characteristics hidden away in their name.

Together, these Nine Titans form an arrangement of incredible power, an unstoppable force that can rewrite history and change the course of the planet in ways that you cannot fathom. 

Bottom Line

And there you have it! 

We’ve dug deeply into the intriguing world of Attack on Titan and carefully studied each of the eleven Titan types. These Titans have won the hearts of people worldwide, from the reckless yet dangerous Pure Titans to the powerful Nine Titans with their special abilities. We are taken aback by their power and talents. Each Titan contributes something unique to the battlefield, whether it is the strength of the Titan or the tactical skill of the War Hammer Titan. 

Therefore, if you find yourself captivated by the epic story of Attack on Titan, keep an eye out for these Titans and the amazing battles that occur because of their involvement. 

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