Google Wifi Review

Google Wifi Review

For all those finally planning to grab the Google Wifi system, 3 pack then the review we have here for you will help you make a choice. From design and specifications to features, applications, and price. Keep reading to find out all about the google wifi system!

Google is said to have an extremely simple wifi device; not only is the device easy to use, but you face zero trouble in setting it up. This is what most people are looking out for when searching for a wifi router. Let’s delve into the details and find out more about the google wifi system!

Google Wifi: Design and Specifications

Design and Specifications

We can all expect Google to come up with one of the sleekest yet simple wifi systems! The router is white, it’s simple, and it matches the vibe if you are someone who wants a clean yet effective wifi router

It is designed to make the user experience simple and better; if you keep reading, then you will find out that even the setup is as simple as it gets. All of this is Google smart play for all those people who have less experience with setting up wifi devices and do not want to get stuck. Google has thought of all of you!

It even has an LED light on top displaying the wifi and if it’s working or not. Check this out to know more about Google’s Wifi Router!

Google Wifi: Features


In comparison with the multiple rivals out there, the Google Wifi system isn’t as formidable as its rivals out there. But that doesn’t mean it’s not got a lot to offer. Let’s find out the key features of google wifi. 

Google has a streaming unit of dual-bands, which easily provides 1,200 bits every second, and has a 5GHz band, which is excellent. It even has a built-in cavity of Gigabit Ethernet ports that is pretty exceptional compared to the previous single ports. The adapter can be powered with ease using the USB type-C power dock, and it even has a LED which you can turn on and off according to your liking. 

Google has a policy of providing an excellent user experience and enables automatic installation, so you don’t have to worry at all. Google helps you stay ahead even in the wifi system! Did you know that with the sensing radio that google automatically has built-in which scans the environment, finds out various congested channels, and avoids them while staying on the strong ones? This ensures that you get the best and uninterrupted service!

Google wifi system has also incorporated with it a machine learning cloud, to improvise user experience over time. By collecting data from various channels, google wifi sends a notification to the server that eventually helps take over and again switches between various channels that have a continuous flow. The device has a proactive system that switches channels multiple times throughout the day too. 

That seems pretty competent and efficient, isn’t it? Well, what more can we expect from Google! It has multiple tricks up the sleeve to make your experience pretty good, such as the client steering. Connecting the devices to the strongest available signal. Then comes the band steering, which also switches and steers the devices of clients from various networks between 2.4 GHz to the range of 5GHz. All of this depends on the visible strength of the signals!

This may seem odd to you as all of us are usually familiar with the act of closing and opening the device for better signals, but with Google Wifi System, you can expect competency and excellence. Google thought of all of it ahead of time! During the move also it’s pretty effective as it connects to the nearest node making the signal and service excellent. Google focuses on establishing stronger connections for a better user experience. 

Google Wifi: Application


Another important factor in setting up Google’s wifi system is the Google Wifi application!

Unlike the commonly found wifi routers, you cannot get access to the Google Wifi system through a browser or search engine. Instead, you need to use the Google Wifi Application. The application is easy to work with and provides you access to multiple features, and advancements that you can play around with to understand the process. 

For all those people worried that the application may complicate the process, here’s a little surprise for you. No, it doesn’t! Instead, it will also help you set up and get better access to the device and understand it well too. 

You can do the following using the application:

  • Get parental control over your wifi to make sure your family is viewing what’s best and right for their age. 
  • You can schedule sage on multiple devices your Google Wifi is connected to, this will help monitor your child’s screen time too if you are outside or at work. You can schedule hours for all your kids on multiple devices too, how cool!
  • Set up the application and easily monitor your networking using the list of tools available on the app. Conduct speed tests, check out the connections on the device, and even mesh with multiple nodes. 
  • Set up various guest networks, so people cannot see your private viewings and history. This makes the app powerful and pretty much has control of your device anywhere anytime!

How cool!

Google Wifi: Price


For all those thinking if the price is worth the device Google is offering, then here’s what you need to know! With the features and ease of access the google wifi system provides, it seems like Google is not asking for a lot. 

The first Google wifi device cost about $259, which was 204 pounds, and AUS$399. The first generation Google wifi system included one main wifi modem and a pair of further wifi points. The Google wifi system, 3 pack points, could cover approximately 418 sq. meters in a single location, which is pretty good!

The recent invention, also known as the new generation Google Wifi system, eliminates $60 off of the price of the Google 3 pack. You can finally grab the google wifi device in the USA for $199 and 189 Pounds in the UK. In Australia, the device is available for AUS$499. 

Whereas if you are looking to get a single wifi unit, then you can easily get it for lower rates! For people living in the US, it’s available for you at an excellent rate of $99 and for all those living in the UK, get it for 89 pounds! Aussies, you can also grab the device for AUS$199, similar to the last generation price, but this is a steal with all the specs of the new generation device. 

How to Set Up Google Wifi? These 5 Steps are a Lifesaver!

When you get a brand new google wifi device, usually the first thing you want to do is set it up. The only problem is if you have never set up a wifi device before, how do you know what to do? 

Go over the steps that we have stated below to set up your google device with ease

  1. Make sure that your home is wired with a DSL or fiber network connection, and then plug the provided ethernet cable from the Wifi point to your modem/router.
  2.  Use a mobile device for internet access and download the Google WiFi app from App Store or Play Store, depending on your smartphone’s operating system, and follow instructions inside.
  3.  Connect to a wireless network within range of your existing router by pressing the WPS button on both devices for 2-3 seconds until it connects. 
  4.  If you have an Android phone, open an app called “Google WiFi” and follow the instructions on the application. For all those people who have an IOS device, there are separate instructions that you can follow for uninterrupted service.
  5.  After the device is set and it starts working, you can finally enjoy the google wifi max speed for uninterrupted binge-watching sessions and use.

Is the Nest Wifi Worth the Investment in 2023?

The Nest wifi was a fantastic mesh wifi system when it first came out. However, wifi five is starting to show its age. Is the Nest wifi still a good buy in 2023? If you’re on a tight budget. There are certainly newer and more current options available, but the Nest wifi continues to be a solid contender if you are OK with wifi 5. This is relevant for people who have slower internet connections. Even better, the Nest wifi is available for as low as $125 new from stores such as Amazon. That’s far less than the $300 asking price and significantly less than the Nest wifi Pro.

The most obvious suggestion is to purchase the Nest wifi Pro. It has various same features as the earlier Nest wifi but lacks Google Assistant functionality. There are even more ethernet plugs because the points contain them.

Google Wifi System: Final Verdict

Google has an excellent and powerful mesh wifi system with google wifi max speed which takes the user experience up a notch. It’s not just the device but using the application; you can get ahead and get better control of the device with all the advanced features it has to offer. 

Some may say that the only thing that stands out is the price, but now with time Google has made it pretty excellent and come up with various deals for us all! But the concerning price range has got a lot of people to switch from the devices to something cheaper but with better performance. So we can’t say much about this. 

But if you are someone who is struggling with a poor wifi signal and is tired of opening and closing the device to get an uninterrupted service, then you can make the switch to Google! Spend the bucks on a good, sleek, powerful, and faster internet device to enjoy a smooth and seamless service. 

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