GoPro 7 Black Camera Review

GoPro 7 Black Camera Review

With the Hero 7 Black now being an entry-level model in GoPro’s new lineup, it offers an excellent value. Models like HyperSmooth stabilization and TimeWarp were introduced by it, which still stand up today, although they have only been refined by its successors. 

Video recordings in 4K resolution are enhanced by advanced digital image stabilization in GoPro Hero 7, as well as voice control and an easy-to-use screen that displays your current settings.

There is an excellent video in Go Pro 7 and still image quality, and the camera is waterproof without a case. It lacks the front-facing screen of the Hero 9 Black and isn’t compatible with GoPro’s new Mod accessories. It’s the best GoPro you can buy if all you need is a tough, reliable action camera with impressive image quality.

GoPro claims it offers gimbal-level stabilization without requiring any additional accessories. As the most feature-rich GoPro yet, the Black model offers live video and vertical video and photos. Since the starting price of the Hero 7 Black is similar to last year’s top-of-the-line model, it’s time to put these new features to the test to see if it’s truly a worthy successor.

Design and features

While it retains the same design and quality of construction as previous GoPro models, it now has a black chassis to match its name. There is a rubberized coating covering most of the front and side of the camera. The camera weighs about 116g. It is also waterproof and can be used at depths up to 10 meters.

Unlike its predecessor, the new model has the same button layout and ports, which means it is compatible with existing GoPro accessories like the Karma grip, Karma drone, etc. 

On the top and right sides of the camera, you’ll find a shutter button and a mode/power button. 

Neither button requires much effort to press, and both respond well to clicks. On the right side of the Hero 7, there is a rubberized flap that protects the USB Type-C and micro HDMI ports. Additionally, you will find a protective case on the bottom which covers both the removable battery and your microSD card, which will need to be purchased separately.

A 2-inch touchscreen is on the rear of the gopro 7, which can be used to frame your shot and change settings. A monochrome display on the front provides information such as the battery level, the microSD card capacity, and the current shooting mode. 

Design and features

GoPro hero7 black comes with three red LEDs around the body so you can tell when it’s recording. Additionally, it’s equipped with three microphones that suppress wind noise. GoPro voice commands make it easy to control.

There aren’t too many differences between the Hero 6 Black and the Hero 7 Black. A 12-megapixel wide-angle sensor is included with the device, which runs on GoPro’s GP1 chip. It is equipped with GPS, Bluetooth, and dual-band WiFi 802.11 b/g/n. 

When it is shooting 4K, it has a maximum video bitrate of 78Mb/s and supports the H.265 or HEVC video codec. In addition to shooting 4K at 60 frames per second and 1080p at 240 frames per second, the Hero 7 Black can also shoot 2.7K, 1440p, 960p, 720p, and several other resolutions framerates in between. 

Protune options are also still available for professionals who wish to adjust the exposure manually. GoPro hero 7 waterproof is another eye-catching feature of the camera. In addition to a plastic skeleton bracket that allows you to attach it to a wide variety of GoPro accessories, the Hero 7 Black ships with a USB Type-C cable and two adhesive mounts.

Performance And Battery Life

Hero7 stands out thanks to its new features. The first one is called HyperSmooth stabilization, and it is likely to be the most popular. All resolutions are supported with 60 frames per second.

Even though the frame is cropped slightly, you won’t notice it as the Hero 7 Black has a fairly wide field of view. The stabilization hides the jerks of your footfalls very well, giving the impression that the camera is actually on a gimbal when you run. 

When you exceed 60 frames per second, the stabilization changes to the standard, resulting in a less smooth video. It also has good image quality in good lighting, and the colors are rich and vibrant. In low light, images and videos are still a bit grainy, as they were with previous GoPro models, so little has changed there.

Shooting in Night mode, which uses a slower shutter speed, can help to some extent. As a natural consequence of using a go pro 7 black camera, some barrel distortion appears in photos and videos.


In a similar way to Hyperlapse videos, TimeWarp video enables you to shoot stabilized handheld timelapse footage. With either 1080p or 4K resolution, the timelapse speed can be varied between 2x and 30x.

Through the GoPro App, you can share vertical video and photos for the first time and share them directly to Instagram Stories. You know you’re shooting vertical footage because the viewfinder and monochrome display change orientation automatically.

GoPro has incorporated a nice addition here, especially since this format has become increasingly popular on social media. When using Facebook, you must log in to your Facebook account, add a video description, and choose the resolution (up to 720p); when using RTMP, you must provide a server URL.

If you’re continuously shooting for a long time, the Hero 7 Black gets quite hot. Even in an air-conditioned room, the camera got quite hot after around 20 minutes of recording.

Batteries last quite a long time. With Wi-Fi and GPS turned on, you can record for 45 minutes. By switching off the latter features and using a lower resolution, you’ll be able to get more than an hour out of a charge.

Removable batteries offer the advantage of being able to simply swap them out for fully charged ones. Using a power bank or USB power source with the Hero 7 Black will allow it to run continuously.


  • A rugged, waterproof body
  • A remarkable stabilization
  • Streams live videos and support vertical videos
  • Under good lighting, shoots high-quality videos
  • A user-friendly Camera


  • Performance in low light could be improved
  • A little pricey
  • Bugs in the software
  • Getting heated up in a short time 
  • Stabilization changes to standard on 60 frames per second

Timelapse, live streaming, and Audio

So, what about the other new features of the Hero 7 Black? TimeWarp is an interesting new timelapse shooting tool that is executed quite effectively, even though it’s not a totally new idea.

Standard timelapse videos function best when the camera is stationary, and every motion is happening around the device; otherwise, the footage can seem jerky. However, TimeWarp’s smoothness makes it an excellent choice for filming and sharing sped-up, first-person excursions such as bike rides. You may expect to see them in your Instagram feed eventually.

Those changes to the microphone have borne fruit too. I clipped a Hero 7 Black and Hero 6 Black to my guitar. You can clearly hear the difference – the bass is beefier, and the mids are much clearer. It’s now a solid option for vlogging or homemade YouTube videos, particularly when combined with the ‘linear’ field of view (which removes the traditional fisheye barrel distortion). However, this mode still isn’t available in 4K recording. The dual microphones also do a decent job of reducing wind noise on bike rides.

Suppose you’re recording anything more complex, such as a live performance, and want great sound. In that case, you’ll probably want to use an external directional mic, such as a Rode Videomicro, that connects to the USB-C port through a 3.5mm adaptor. However, the Hero 7 Black’s built-in audio quality is a significant improvement over the Hero 6 Black.

Finally, there is a new live-streaming capability. This has worked great on the few instances I’ve tested it on Facebook. You configure it through the GoPro app, where you can decide who to share the live stream with (public, friends, or ‘just me’) as well as the resolution (720p or 480p).

After naming your stream, you must therefore have access to a Wi-Fi network or just use your phone’s data connection in ‘personal hotspot’ mode. So far, we have only tested it on our office Wi-Fi, so if you’re in the wilds (a GoPro’s natural home), your network signal may not be strong enough to enable streaming. I’ll put this functionality to the test in such settings and edit this review whenever we are through.


There are many less expensive action cameras available, but GoPro continues to offer some of the finest value for money. The company does not take shortcuts and provides long-lasting items with numerous features and excellent customer service.

The Hero 7 Black delivers incredible video and image quality, as well as several extra capabilities, such as voice adjustments and shooting modes. It also has a large selection of aftermarket accessories that most other brands do not offer. If you require a camera that is more waterproof, the FDR-X3000 by Sony is a good bet.

GoPro Hero 7 Black Video Review

Final Words

Compared to the Hero 6 Black, the GoPro Hero 7 Black adds a variety of useful features. Nevertheless, the Hero 6 could have added these features through software updates since the two models share many components.

Our recommendation would be to stick with the Hero 6 Black because it does keep up with the newer model in terms of its core features, even without the improved stabilization and live streaming. The Hero 7 Black is GoPro’s best action camera yet, despite its price and low-light performance challenges.

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