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NTC Hosting Review

Having a promising hosting service is a top priority for websites as these are crucial to online businesses’ survival; otherwise, sites will not be accessible on the web. NTC Hosting falls in the top web hosting service providers that are operating for the past 6 years providing cost-effective web hosting services.

NTC Hosting has data centers located in 5 regions, which makes it a neat web hosting service with excellent server accessibility. Data centers include:

  • USA Data Center
  • UK Data Center
  • Australian Data Center
  • Bulgarian Data Center
  • Finnish Data Center

With high uptime, the reach of the service is widespread, making it an excellent choice for clients. But to get a complete feel of the service, we tested it to ensure an unbiased review covering all aspects.

Before we dig in and see what it offers, these are the pros and cons that will give you a summary of NTC hosting.


  • 30-day free trial
  • Free domain in all packages
  • Five diversified server locations
  • One-click application installers


  • Incompetent and unavailable customer support
  • Lagging and crashing hosting service

NTCHosting Pricing Plan – Only the Value Plan is Worth Considering

No matter how active the service is, if it’s not priced right, then it will not attract the masses who are genuine purchasers. The pricing plans offer a good range of features ranging from website management to website creation, guaranteed uptime with SSD boosted servers.

However, looking at the market rates, the high-end plans seem to be expensive, and only the value plan shines bright because it covers the budget plan with unlimited domains making it an enticing offer.

In case you are skeptical, you can do a test run with a 30-day free trial inclusive of a 30-day money-back guarantee, which so far did not include any hidden clauses or conditions which are commendable.

Packages and NTC Hosting Services

NTChosting can be said to be competitive, as the shared hosting plan is ideal. But stating “unlimited” resources on paper looks extraordinary, yet there is no such thing unlimited being offered by the company. Now and then, the threshold is crossed, that’s when the service throttles and is not very uncommon.

The only benefit the server gives is through the state-driven drives that do not hinder low storage; otherwise, the service has some loopholes.

The VPS Hosting Plan can be vouched for as it has a Virtual Private Server OpenVZ platform. It is a great addition when clients do not know how the resources will be used or be needed by your business. This brings in the VPS plans that are not customizable but enough to control excessive spending on unused funds.

NTC Hosting’s website hosting packages all share the same web hosting control panel known as the Hepsia Control Panel. Obtaining C panel hosting is necessary for the website’s hosting reviews. The c panel is a control panel that is used to facilitate website evaluation and server management. It is also included in their hosting bundle. C panel is basically a third-party program. It enables you to launch websites as well as create domains, email accounts, and site reviews.

NTChosting Customer Support/Service – Viable?

The service claims to provide Customer and technical support readily available 24/7 through the telephone, IM, and email. But being available on different channels is not something to root for; instead of being relentlessly available is pivotal.

The support could be better because even though it has 24/7 support, the accessibility is only through a few channels. Where live chat support is close to not available, and in case you are relying on it, then you will be disappointed.

We all know email support is a long process that takes for an official email answer. The entire standard operating procedure (SOP) of customer support is exhausting and time taking.

Excellent NTC Hosting Uptime Performance


NTC guarantees 99.9% service uptime, which is 100% authentic. Its servers are off the charts, and we have tested uptime. In case you do face Downtime, then the technical support can fix it instantly, but that happens rarely. Uptime is uninterrupted and does not fluctuate.

High Security Across Entire Service


Unlike other competing hosting services, NTChosting comes built-in with ModSecurity anti-hack firewall, which is spread across all hosting accounts. We did a little digging in its viability and found it is an extensive security firewall not easily penetrated by outside hackers.

All the servers, besides come with an anti-virus software forming another defensive shield for the hosting service. Real-time online backups are not available. We are hoping to see that option as for backups; it is the real backup option. Backups that take the time or are configured for once every hour or day is not a reliable facility.

It has up to four backups daily, which is not sufficient but better than most of the services. Also, you have the option to send a backup copy to your dropbox folder as well that can be recovered.

Quick Control over Web pages and Accounts

The handiest feature is the Control Panel, where it all happens. Instead of going through manual settings, NTC offers a Control Panel where you can gauge and maneuver through every feature and facility available.

The panel gives easy access to tools and utilities, allowing you to have autonomous control over all your web pages and account functions. With single clicks, you can analyze site statistics, email accounts, and web pages that can be tweaked or altered as well.

We did not hope to see such a feature, but the only drawback is it’s likely that some of the features won’t work. That is a disappointment and could be frustrating when you would want something, and you won’t get access to it.

NTC And Its Competitors

The hosting industry has become highly competitive through the previous years. Whenever you choose a hosting service, it is important to know what features and pricing plan your hosting services offer.

The top three hosting competitors of NTC are Bluehost, Hostgator, and Siteground. Although NTC offers a reliable hosting service; however, if you do a feature vs. price comparison, Hostgator and Bluehost offer an overall better service with a wider range of features and more affordable prices.

Especially features like seamless DNS setup, 1-click WordPress installation, free SEO consultation, free website migration service, free SEO consultation, and more. Therefore, we recommend you to do your research before investing in any of NTC plans. 

Note: Also check our detailed SiteGround vs Bluehost Comparison and HostGator Vs Bluehost Comparison for an in-depth review of these hosting service providers

Does Reviewsed Recommend NTC Hosting?


Unfortunately, we DON’T recommend NTC hosting due to its lackluster performance and offerings. The service barely offers the basic features that we believe are necessary to earn our recommendation. There are a lot of areas where NTC Hosting service needs improvements. The multiple shortcomings of NTC hosting make it unsuitable for small and medium-scale businesses that depend on a reliable hosting service. 

The customer support service is almost non-existent because they are not available at the time of need. Customer support via email is prone to crashing, a serious concern that needs to be corrected.

Although our experience with the service may not have been satisfactory, there is always a chance that other users may have a completely different experience. In that case, we believe that multiple factors are at play, especially usage.

Nonetheless, if you decide to give NTC Hosting a go, we suggest that you first try the NTC Hosting 30-day free trial to get a feel of the service and test it. If you encounter similar issues as we have stated, you can get a full refund within the trial period.

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