Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery Review

Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery Review

Recovering accidentally lost data can be a tough job, mainly if the data contains essential documents or pictures from the past. But in times like today, everything is easy, especially if you access Aspeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery software. You can lose data quite quickly; it can get deleted, or because of factory reset, and even when you forget your iPhone password. 

But in such circumstances, do not panic; just read our review to learn about data recovery and then follow up so you can retrieve your lost data. 

Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery

Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery

Users of iOS have always been confused about data recovery. It was initially believed that data could never be recovered after being deleted. But in reality, this was simply a myth. With access to a reliable software application, you may restore accidentally erased data, and Apeaksoft data recovery software aims to give you the highest assistance possible.

You can use Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery to recover any deleted or lost from iOS devices directly or from iTunes, iCloud backup files.

Any important data like messages, contacts, notes, call history, photos, videos, WhatsApp and other app data is supported.

More over, it has high compatibility with all iOS devices and iOS versions, including the latest iOS 16 and iPhone 14 series. iOS users can rely on this iPhone data recovery tool to get back any accidentally deleted data with ease.


Apeaksoft provides the following features to all data recovery users:

  1. It supports all iPhone versions, from iPhone 6 to iPhone 14. 
  2. It offers assistance in recovering all the data that has been lost. 
  3. You can use it to retrieve deleted music, photos, contacts, documents, messages, contacts, sounds, call history, memos, notes, and more. 

Pricing Plans 

Apeaksoft has two plans, the first one is the free version, and the other one is the paid version. 

  1. The Free Download option on the website allows users to download software with limited features. 
  1. The Paid Version allows users to recover deleted or lost data from their iOS devices and even their iCloud and iTunes backup. Users can recover lost notes, videos, messages, contacts, files, WhatsApp, call history, and more. You can also preview the deleted and existing files before recovering them, so you know if you’re recovering the right file. The best part is that it supports all versions, and with so many things that it offers, users just have to pay a price of $54.95. Sounds very promising!

How Safe is Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery Software?

How Safe is Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery Software?

It is understandable to question if the platform is secure and legitimate to utilize in today’s world of scams and cyberattacks. Users who want to recover their data do not want to go through the trouble of their passwords and important details getting out.  So those who wish to download the Apeaksoft data recovery software shouldn’t worry about this. 

This software has no suspicious activity and is secure and virus-free. To recover the erased data, it doesn’t utilize any illegal methods, and the device in which it is installed is not harmed. In conclusion, the Apeaksoft data recovery software is 100% legal and secure.

How to Use Apeaksoft to Recover Data on your iPhone?

Use Apeaksoft to retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone using the following methods:

  • Using Mac or Windows 
  • Using iTunes Backup
  • Using iCloud Backup

Recover Data on your iPhone Using Mac or Windows:

Recover Data on your iPhone Using Mac or Windows
  1. Start by downloading the free version on your Mac or Windows computer. You can upgrade later if you are satisfied and content with the services. 
  2. Launch the software and connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable. 
  3. Then choose the “Recover from iOS device” option displayed by default. 
  4. Then hit the Scan button to start the scan and to detect the data on your iPhone and the deleted files. 
  5. Choose the category you plan to recover and then access all the erased data under the list. The best way to find the lost items is to turn on the “Only display the deleted items” button to see the deleted files only. 
  6. Preview each item on the right pane in the software in delete. 
  7. Now tick on all the files you plan to recover and then tap the button. 
  8. Then set up the output folder and recover the files directly on your iPhone. 

You can recover ten text items and ten media contents for iPhone 4/3GS, iPod touch 4, and iPad 1. Other iOS users, including the iPhone 14/13/12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7, however, can recover some file types, particularly media contents like Camera Roll, Picture Library, Voice notes, and Photo Stream.  

Recover Deleted Data on iPhone from iTunes Backup:

Recover Deleted Data on iPhone from iTunes Backup
  1. When you launch the Apeaksoft data recovery software, choose the ‘Recover from iTunes back up the file” mode. But before doing this, ensure your iTunes is in sync with your computer, or you will fail to retrieve the deleted files. 
  2. Select the latest iTunes backup and then click on the “Start scan” button to choose where your deleted items belong. You can select “Media,” “Messages,” “Contacts,” and all the other menus to get a preview. 
  3. Now turn on “Only Display the deleted items “ to see all the red files. 
  4. Then tick all the files you want, and when you’re done, click on the “Recover” button in the corner of the screen. 
  5. Choose the destination where you plan to save the photos and files on your computer and then enter. 

Recover Deleted Data from iCloud Backup:

Recover Deleted Data from iCloud Backup
  1. Click on the “Recover from iCloud Backup file” mode in the data recovery. Now sign in using your Apple credentials. 
  2. All your iCloud backup files will be displayed on your iCloud account with the backup date. 
  3. Now choose the download back up button and click “next” to move to the data recovery process. 
  4. Choose the file you want to recover from the files that will appear. If you are confused, then click on the “Only display the deleted items button” so you can just get a preview of all the deleted files. 
  5. Now tick the files and then recover them on your iPhone as well as your computer. Avoid plugging in your iPhone to your computer during recovery because it will interrupt retrieval. 

Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery Pros and Cons 

Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery Pros and Cons

After reading the review, the pros and cons help decide whether the software is the hype. Don’t let your gut impact your choice, and find out how helpful the Apeaksoft iPhone data recovery software can be. 


  1. The Apeaksoft data recovery software provides users with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you have used it and do not want to use it further, you can get your money back. 
  2. It allows users to have a free trial to recover their devices. 
  3. The user interface is simple and easy to work with.
  4. It supports all versions of iOS, so if you have the oldest iOS or the newest, you can still recover and retrieve your data. 


  1. The trial version of the Apeaksoft data recovery software offers limited features. 
  2. The process of recovery can be time-consuming. 

Bottom Line

Our phones have essential information, or priceless memories stored safely, which may be lost for multiple reasons. You may experience inconvenience, stress, and trouble if you lose important data. But, you can always stay stress-free if you have access to the amazing data recovery software Apeaksoft that can assist you in regaining lost data.

Apeaksoft dominates the market by dislodging rival applications identical to the recovery software. Thus, smartphone users must have this great software, as it is worth the money!

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