FonePaw iOS WhatsApp Transfer

FonePaw iOS WhatsApp Transfer Review

Are you excited about switching to a new iPhone but is the mundane task of dealing with all the messages and other data from WhatsApp in your old phone dampening your enthusiasm?

Are you wondering if there is a quick, simple, and easy way of transferring WhatsApp data from one iPhone to another that doesn’t involve iCloud? Thankfully there is now an app that is specifically designed just for this purpose; the FonePaw iOS WhatsApp Transfer allows you to transfer WhatsApp messages, media, and attachments from iPhone to iPhone. It is a simple yet powerful software that doesn’t need iCloud. Its user-friendly interface and features are ideal for inexperienced users.

In today’s article, we review FonePaw iOS WhatsApp Transfer in detail to educate you about its features, strengths, and weaknesses.


  • Easily transfers WhatsApp messages and media between iPhones.
  • One-click transfers
  • Easy WhatsApp data backup and restore to an iPhone, iPad, or PC.
  • WhatsApp chat history export to a computer. 


  • No live chat option

Transferring, Backing Up And Restoring WhatsApp Data Made Easy


We love how FonePaw iOS WhatsApp Transfer makes the tedious process of transferring WhatsApp data straightforward and convenient. Not only was it able to share data, but it also made it easy to back up and restore chats history and media attachments.

What impressed us and continues to impress thousands of other users and us alike (according to the reviews we read) is that transferring WhatsApp data took only a few clicks and very little time.

The layout of the software and its features are simple enough for beginners to use. Besides transferring data between iPhones, we were also able to back up chats, attachments, and media to a PC and restore it back on an iPhone with a few simple steps and no hassle.

FonePaw’s capabilities exceeded most other WhatsApp data management software in terms of power, convenience and speed.

Standout Features

Seamlessly Transfer Between iPhones

The primary function of the FonePaw software is switching WhatsApp messages, contacts, pictures, videos, and other attachments from one iPhone or iPad to another, provided that both devices are iOS 14 or more.

To start the transfer of WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone or iPad process, you simply have to select a source iPhone/iPad and input the target device and then begin the transfer of WhatsApp chats and media with just one click.

It is important to note that transferring data from the source phone to a target phone would overwrite WhatsApp data in the target device. So if you are worried about losing any vital data, we suggest that you back it up on a PC and restore it once the transfer is complete.

Export WhatsApp History to PC

Export WhatsApp History to PC

Saving WhatsApp history to a PC is the best way to free up your iPhone’s storage space and securing your essential conversations. However, exporting WhatsApp History to PC is usually a hassle, especially when you are not equipped with the right tools to get the job done.

FonePaw iOS WhatsApp Transfer is the simplest and the most efficient tool to transfer WhatsApp History to PC. You can easily preview the conversations and select them before exporting them to your PC.

You also have the option to save the conversations in CSV or HTML format on both Windows and Mac computers. With FonePaw iOS WhatsApp Transfer’s help, you can safely and successfully transfer WhatsApp History to PC within a few minutes.


iOS Devices Plan25
No. of PC Licenses11

Prices are exclusive of Sales Tax

If you are unsure about FonePaw iOS WhatsApp Transfer Software’s benefits, you can try the FREE (limited features) version. The free version is easy and fast to download; you can download it from FonePaw’s website conveniently.

  • Secure Payment Options

FonePaw assures 100% secure payments with their state-of-the-art encryption technology. Your personal and payment details are always safe and secure with FonePaw.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

Although FonePaw offers a free version that can help you decide whether you should opt for the paid version. Nonetheless, if you are unhappy with the paid version, you can claim your money back within 30 days after purchase.

Customer Support

If you talk about excellent customer support, FonePaw also ticks that box! Although FonePaw does not offer live chat or phone call support, which is a bummer; however, they provide 24hr email support service. We tried their email service and received a helpful response within 3 hours.

You can also find easy, simple, and professional guidance about your issues and questions related to iOS WhatsApp Transfer Software in FonePaw’s knowledge base. However, we hope that FonePaw will offer a live chat option soon.

Final Verdict

FonePaw iOS WhatsApp transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone transfer Software is simple, efficient, and reliable! Although it has a few cons; however, its excellent WhatsApp data transfer capability makes it worth every penny spent.

The free version also lived up to our expectations and helped us transfer WhatsApp messages, pictures, videos, contacts, accessories, and more within a few seconds only.

To top it all, FonePaw iOS WhatsApp Transfer Software also allows you to backup and restore chats history and media attachments. The iOS WhatsApp Transfer software is easy to use and provides reliable transfer, backup, and restore options, so we would highly recommend it!

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