Commander One Review

Commander One Review

Are you in search of a reliable and efficient file manager for your Mac? A quick search online will provide you with a plethora of options, each making promising offers. Although every Mac comes with a stock file manager it does not have many features that users need, for this reason, they want a better alternative.

A good example of the features lacking in Mac’s own file manager is granular control which many users need for a greater level of control over their files. To cater to the needs of such users software developers have made more powerful alternatives such as Commander One; one of the leading file managers for iDevices. Thanks to its dual-panel interface, you will be able to view the list of files and information about the file in different panels on one screen, making it easier for you to organize your files.

That’s not all! Commander One has a list of features that allow you to manage files more efficiently and easily. Today, we will be reviewing the software and its features in-depth. We have also included a helpful tutorial for those who are looking to invest in a great file manager for Mac.


  1. Easy and simple to use
  2. Granular control over transferring files
  3. An array of smart features
  4. Free version available
  5. You can choose an FTP Client as well


  • FTP client isn’t the best option for beginners


The thing that makes or breaks a software is the combination of features it offers. Without providing the features that users need, software will be useless. Thankfully, Commander One has been able to pack its software with a number of powerful features that Mac users are looking for in a file manager, plus a few more that they didn’t know they needed.

It must be noted that software should not be crowded with redundant features because that has a negative impact on the user experience. Great software only has reliable, relevant, and useful features.

Let’s have a look at what Commander One offers:

Dual Pane Mode

Dual Pane Mode

The dual-panel mode is a distinct feature of Command One that is one of the best that this software has to offer because it makes things easier.

Ideal for people who multitask and need to work with multiple files and folders with minimal hassle. The dual-panel mode keeps files, folders, and information about files organized and easy to find. It simplifies the layout while making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Easier Access To Hidden Files

If you have ever worked with hidden files on a Mac you will know how difficult it is to view and access them but Commander One has taken care of the aspect too.

It makes viewing hidden files much easier and accessing them is also simpler via the software. Some may argue that this feature is trivial but we believe that it does a great job of making file management more effortless.

Hotkey Support

Staying on the subject of effortless file management for Mac and iDevices, hotkey support in Commander One makes easy work of organizing files. It gives you the power to assign pretty much any action to hotkeys. This feature is especially valuable for hardcore users that rely on hotkeys for repetitive tasks.

File Previews

The file preview feature is designed to help you if you are working with multiple files, and folders at a time, which can be tricky. Keeping track of the files you are working with is much easier if you have previews. It lets you lessen the hassle of managing too many files at once.

Full Access To Root Directory

Commander One file manager for Mac gives advanced users full access to the root directory of the Mac. However, we must warn you that this feature is strictly for advanced users only because you can cause harm to your system if you don’t know what you are doing.

File Transfer For Android

What makes Commander One better than other software (like Cyberduck for Mac) is that you can use this software to transfer files from and to Android device. Although this feature is limited to sending and receiving files; however, this feature will surely come in handy at some point and you’ll thank Commander One for saving the day.

The file transfer procedure is fast and easy, so you wouldn’t need any tutorials to transfer your desired files to and from an Android device. Therefore, if you are looking for the best software to help you transfer files from and to your Android device, then Commander One is the best.

How to Install and Use Commander One

Although downloading, installing, and using Commander One is not difficult and you do not have to be tech savvy to make the best use of all of Commander One’s features. However the following tutorial will help you install and use Commander One like a pro from day one.

Step 1 – Go to Commander One’s official website, and press download to initiate the download procedure.

Step 2 – After the software is successfully downloaded, initiate the installation process.

Step 3 – After it installs, run the software and the software will confirm whether you wish to use the software as an FTP client for Mac or a Mac Finder. Select the feature that will work best for you.

Step 4 – If you will go with the FTP client, you will finder all the features listed in the tabs. If you will select the Mac Finder, then the process will be the same, but you will have simpler menus at your disposal.

Using Commander One as a Mac Finder is relatively easier; however, you have a learning curve if you will use the software as an S3 Client or an FTP Client. If you plan to use this software simply as a file manager, then you don’t have worry as Commander One is one of the easiest and simplest file transfer for software.



Commander One is a must-have powerful dual-pane file manager for Mac users as Mac Finder lacks several features by default that makes file transferring a tiresome experience. Commander One offers countless features that file managing and transfer simple, fast, and easy for everyone.

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