The Silent Hill 2

The Silent Hill 2: Updates and System Requirements

After some accidental leaks, Konami has finally confirmed that the survival horror game Silent Hill 2 will be returning as a timed PlayStation exclusive. Furthermore, they also confirmed that a host of other Silent Hill projects are also in the works. The new game also has a Steam page, where a set of system requirements are posted. 

The recommended specs to play the game are steep. They call for a GeForce RTX 2080 or AMD Radeon 6800XT, which enables you to play on medium-quality settings at 60fps. If you want to play at a higher quality, you will have to play at just 30fps in either 4K or Full HD technology. 

These demands are incredibly high, considering that you still have to make do with playing at 30fps even after you turn on DLSS. Bloober is known for making attractive games, and the animation of the world and the characters in the trailer look clean and smooth. However, many internal settings will have to be altered to have an enjoyable experience.

The original Silent Hill game often used fog as a way to cover up the limited draw distance. However, now the volumetric fog is considered a demanding feature. The game has not yet been released, so the reason for such high requirements has not yet been unveiled. 

Konami also mentioned the other projects in development. No Code and Observation are reportedly teaming up to develop Silent Hill Towerfall. However, information on this project is scarce. No Code is known to make deep psychological horror games, so this new game would not be very different. 

Konami also mentioned merch items for the Silent Hill franchise, including shirts, statues, etc. There were also talks of a third project. According to them, it will be a whole new experience. This game titled Silent Hill Ascension is a live real-time interactive series that allows you to change the outcomes and be a part of the Silent Hill Canon.

There was a final game announcement at the end titled Silent Hill f. This game is developed by Neobards Entertainment. 

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