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The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners’ Chapter 2 Release Date Revealed

The next installment in the VR game series, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, was highly anticipated by fans, who don’t have to wait any longer. The announcement came at the Meta Connect showcase that took place on October 11. There, it was revealed that the new game would be called Chapter 2: Retribution and would be released on December 1, 2022.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners games attempted to be immersive and place the players directly into the comic book series using VR. Saints and Sinners was initially released in 2020 and received positive responses from the public, who enjoyed the game thoroughly. It is one of those games that highlight how VR has the potential to change the gaming world. 

Although The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution has been confirmed to be released on PlayStation VR2, it is unlikely that this version will be released this year. Instead, the developers will likely focus on releasing it on Meta Quest 2 and the original PlayStation VR.

The game’s release date was revealed through a trailer that was less than a minute long, but it confirmed many theories fans had. The player is referred to as the tourist, and several new weapons have been introduced in the game. These weapons include an assault rifle, a grenade launcher, a chainsaw, and a close-combat pair of knuckle blades. 

At the end of the trailer, the narration informs the viewers that death follows the tourist wherever they go, making it an ominous ending to get fans excited about the release. The game was confirmed back in January, and the release is not far.

Although the game has been confirmed for PlayStation VR2, the system will be released in early 2023. Therefore, Chapter 2: Retribution is expected to be released around the same time. However, only those who have the PS5 will have to wait for the official release of the PlayStation VR2 to play the game. 

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