Silent Hill Director Reveals Multiple Studios Are Working on Creating Games Based on the Film

Christopher Gans, the director of the 2006 Silent Hill movie, was interviewed, revealing that the franchise will make a comeback with a new film. Although he was not involved in the 2012 Silent Hill Revelations, he may be included in the large Silent Hill push by Konami.

Gans also revealed that several teams are working on developing an extensive line of games that will bring the franchise to its original glory. He states the motivation behind this revival may have been the remakes of Resident Evil, which were exceptional games.

Previously, there have been several leaks, including art from Bloober Team’s pitch for a Silent Hill 2 remake. When asked if Bloober Team was involved, Gans nodded, confirming their involvement. The studio’s CEO did not deny the rumor when the art leaked and stated that they could not comment because they appreciated their relationship with their partner. The leaked art was also hit with a copyright strike by Konami. 

An indie publisher, Annapurna Interactive, has also reportedly been in talks with Konami. Fans speculate that alongside indie publishers, members of Team Silent may also be involved. Team Silent, including Akira Yamaoka and Mashiro Ito, has previously worked on original games. So fans hope they may also be included in the new Silent Hill project.

When asked about his return to the Silent Hill franchise, Gans detailed the direction he wanted to take the new movie in. He explained that Silent Hill owed as much to the creatures that lived there as what it projects onto the town. Therefore, he aims for it to be a lot more psychological and psychoanalytical. 

Through this approach, he hopes to explain to the viewers that Silent Hill is not only a strange labyrinth that changes its form. It is also a projection of tortured and tormented souls. He also claims that the movie will give a paradoxical feeling between violence and mad love.

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