What Is a WiFi Booster and How It Works

What Is a Wi-Fi Booster and How It Works

Poor connection or even mobile connection and reception is still a vital problem that impedes many simple processes in real life and business. Quite frequently, the main problems are low connection, poor quality, dropped calls, and patchy Internet. BT Internet signal boosters can be an amplifier for strengthening and improving connection quality and overall reliability.  

In the United Kingdom, BT mobile is one of the leading operators in the country and is a part of Mobile Network Operator. It provides strong services ranging from 2G to 5G. 

What is a BT wifi signal booster? 

If one’s WiFi connection is not stable enough or is quite poor then a tool such as a BT Internet WiFi booster will help in overcoming all the troubles. A BT booster is a device that resembles a WiFi router. The latter is responsible for transmitting a signal and the former catches it and amplifies it. In addition, the signal gets strong enough and the connection gets more stable when one uses a booster. Note that no effort is required for installation. 

Why is a signal booster needed?

Why is a signal booster needed?

Below you may find a list of factors that can help you identify your problem and make a final decision regarding the purchase of a signal booster

  • Low signal. If the nearest mobile mast is located quite further from you, there is solely one solution which is a purchase of a signal booster. 
  • Poor weather conditions. Usually, it is not the most frequent problem users think of but it may be quite widespread since water vapor can partially reflect radio waves by weakening the connection. 
  • The thickness of the walls. In some accommodations and premises, thick walls can be the reason for external signal isolation from wireless devices.  
  • Switching of a phone mast. Generally speaking, phone masts are linked with a shared network, and as a rule, wireless devices switch between reception signals depending on the distance. Therefore, it works this way, when one is at an equal distance from 2 masts then the connection will switch frequently, if not, then it may cause freezes and constant glitches. 

How to install a BT signal booster?

BT signal boosters are quite easy to install and the process takes around 10 to 20 minutes. It is necessary to read the instructions carefully:

  1. Plug in your booster/extender near your router. Make sure that you have a good signal while setting everything up.
  2. Wireless connection to the router. The procedure of connection to the router is fairly easy as it supports WSP, as most recent models do.
  3. Move booster/extender to optimum location. Plug the booster into a room between the router and the area where the extended coverage goes. The majority of signal boosters are to be installed on horizontal surfaces, such as floors or tables. 

Provided general aid

Provided general aid

Broadly speaking, the installation of a BT mobile booster requires expertise and experience which UCtel will provide to their customers. Surely, you can do it yourself, however, we recommend contacting special services if previous information is new to you. 

Having identified the problem and made a couple of tweakments there is no improvement then the most efficient solution would be to purchase a signal booster. Below you may find ways how UCtel approaches BT mobile signal problems. 

  • 3G booster for which we offer toolkits on installation for 3G mobile network improvement in the office of accommodation.
  • 4G booster is always used for commercial spaces which often opt for 4G mobile networks. This type of booster comes with an amplifier or a booster. 
  • 5G booster is purchased for commercial spaces or isolated premises.  

Types of WiFi boosters

Types of WiFi boosters

There are 2 main types of WiFi boosters: either wireless or wired boosters. How to choose the best type for one’s needs depends on the location of the router and where the user needs to boost the WiFi signal more. 

Wireless WiFi booster

A wireless WiFi booster connects the existing network wirelessly. The process of installment of such type of booster is similar ro connecting any wireless device, for instance, a smartphone or a tablet to a wireless router. The majority of WiFi boosters come with a set up button and by pressing it the booster will automatically connect it to the router. 

A wireless booster should be placed in a location where it can easily pick up the router’s signal. Avoid keeping it close to the thick walls and some other appliances that may potentially interfere, such as electronics, cordless phones or microwaves. 

Wired WiFi booster

The best choice for faster communication is a wired WiFi booster which works without any lags or disruptions. It works the following way, in order to extend the wireless network signal in offices or homes a wired WiFi booster is installed and connected to an existing cable to improve the situation. A wired WiFi booster prevents and halts any possible interference that can potentially cause any lags, interruptions, or dropouts. Moreover, the perfect connection is definite to work with thick walls or other electronic devices.  

A wired WiFi booster, also known as a powerline booster, is simple to use. All you need to do is to plug it into an electric outlet in an area where the Internet signal is low. 

All things considered, we at UCtel believe that installing BT mobile signal boosters will ensure our users secure coverage at any location. You can use extended WiFi coverage to improve connection issues across multiple devices and improve wireless signal throughout the whole house. If you have questions, contact UCtel for professional’s help who will cope with all necessary tasks and will resolve any issues. 

Consider investing in a mesh network setup if you have more than 10 devices on your network. 

The main focus of UCtel and its boosters is to help with signal issues so that a premise, home, or business wherever you want to get a better Internet connection we will put out the main focus on you with full commitment.

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