Sims 4 CAS Cheat | Full Edit Mode (October 2022) 100% Working

Sims 4 CAS Cheat | Full Edit Mode (October 2022) 100% Working

The Sims 4 is one of the largest in-game worlds with a vast game. The game has a massive history and started 20 years back. The Sims 4 is the latest installment, and along the lines of playing, you may want to get creative control. What you asked is exactly what the creators have delivered!

If you want to make your sim an adult with a different walking style, body type, age, traits, and even relationship status, many more factors, you can enjoy the added privileges. You get complete creative control over the different stories you wish to play. The exclusive edit mode allows you to build and create in other ways that you were unaware of as a previous sim user. Find out how to do it all, and stay tuned till the end of this article!

Sims 4 Full Edit Mode

Sims 4 Full Edit Mode

In this section, we will help you understand different codes that can help you get complete access to the Sims 4 full edit mode; in addition, you can modify all the entities in the in-game world. It doesn’t matter if you play the game on your PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or PC; the cheat is for all platforms. Let’sLet’s dive in and take a lot at the steps you need to follow to access the Sims 4 full edit mode on different devices.

Sims 4 Cheats PC

PC users, you are in for a treat because the Sims 4 CAS cheats will surely help uncover numerous features. The model was initially created for the PC version, and the application process is relatively easy. We have written a step-by-step guide here to apply the CAS cheats. 

  • Start by turning on the game and then Press the Ctril+Shift+C key on your keyboard to open the cheat command console on your display screen. 
  • Now, in the input field on your screen, you need to type testingcheats true and immediately enter another command cas.fulleditmode.
  • Then hit the Enter key on your keyboard so the changes occur immediately. 
  • After the cheat has been updated successfully, you need to click on a SIM while holding the Shift key on your keyboard so the edit can be completed entirely. 
  • When you click on your SIM, an option appears which says Edit in CAS; you just need to click on it to make the changes. 

Sims 4 Cheats PS5 and PS4

The Sims 4, Create a SIM mode, allows you to make changes to your characters and the objects located across you in the game. The feature is prevalent, and since a large audience plays the game on PS4 and PS5 consoles, having a list of cheats is essential. 

Follow the handful of steps we have listed below, and then you can successfully manage to make changes and activate the cheat mode:

  • Start by pressing the controller’s L1, R1, L2, and R2 keys together. This will then bring up the cheat console on your screen. 
  • As soon as the cheat console shows up, Press the X key, type testingcheats true in the Console, and then press the X key again. 
  • Make sure to type the cas.fulleditmode to activate the function on your PS4 or pS5 and then close the Console. 
  • At any time, when you wish to edit any sim, you just need to press the X and O keys on your controller simultaneously, and then the Modify in CAS option will appear. 

Sims 4 Cheats Xbox One

If you love the Xbox one game, we recommend making the most of the cheats. The process is relatively easy; the difference is just in the control scheme. 

  • To access the Sims 4 on your Xbox One devices, hold down the L1, L2, R1, and R2 cases to open the cheat console on your TV screens. 
  • After the cheat console is visible on your screen, type the testingcheats true and then hit the selection on your Xbox one joystick, allowing users to enable the cheat feature in your Sims game. 
  • Now open the cheat console again, type cas.fulleditmode, and then hit the selection button on your joystick again. 
  • To close the Console, press the combination buttons again.
  • After successfully enabling the Sims 4 edit mode, you can easily edit any of your Sims by pressing the A and B buttons on your Xbox controller simultaneously and then selecting the Modify in CAS option. 

How to Use Cheats in Sims 4?

How to Use Cheats in Sims 4?

After learning how to enable cheats in Sim 4, it’s now time to find how you can leverage these features to make your game better. Find out some of the actions that you can form to make the mode better. For users playing on their Console, replace the Shift and use the desired controls to interact with other sims. 

Press Shift and Click on an Object

It doesn’t matter if you have to fix a broken object or make a dirty item clean or vice versa; this Sim 4 CAS cheat allows you to make numerous customizations to any of the objects in the game. This allows you to change the default settings while holding onto the shift key on your keyboard. If you are someone who records gaming videos, this feature can benefit you. 

Press Shift and Click on the Ground

When gamers use the mic of both Shift+ click while facing towards the ground in Sim 4, this helps teleport effortlessly anywhere in the in-game world. This allows your player to travel and cover distances without any trouble moving their feet. Everything happens instantly, and as a sim, you can reach your desired location in a few seconds.    

Press Shift and Click on the SIM

The Sims 4, create a SIM feature that allows you to add your SIM as a member of any family. You can also disable the motive decay for your respective characters. You can also transfer the moods of your sims and choose between making them happy or sad. Apart from the inheritance information, you can just about change everything. The best part is you can revert by pressing Shift and clicking on the modified SIM.


1. What is the full edit CAS cheat Sims 4?

To activate the CAS Full Edit Cheat mode, you must type in cas.fullleditmode. To edit a sim, press the Shift key and click on the character. Then an Edit in CAS will immediately pop up, and you must select and change whatever you wish. 

2. How do I unlock all CAS sim options?

The minute the Cheat Console opens up, enter the testingcheats true. Now enter the cas.fulleditmode and press the Enter button on your PC. This will immediately enable the CAS cheat mode in Sims 4. 

3. How do I turn on full CAS edit mode?

To turn on the CAS full edit mode on your PC, Mac, and Console.”

  • PC: Ctril+Shift+C
  • Console: All Four Triggers
  • Mac: Command+Shift+C

4. Why do players use the Sim 4 cheats?

Different players use the cheats for SIM 4 for numerous reasons. Some players believe that these cheats allow quick progress, and others use the cheats to express their creativity levels. The game also becomes challenging and fun for some players. 

Bottom Line

Even though there is so much to do in Sims 4, if you do not have your SIM with unique features and suitable clothing, then the gaming experience may not be as fun. Use these Sims 4 CAS Cheats to make the most of your game; now, learn how to use these cheats on your PC, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5. Make edits to several entities inside the gamer’s world. Furthermore, the setup process is also very, so you should give it a shot!

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