EOSDA LandViewer Review

Satellite technology is vital in modernizing and transforming many industries, including traditional activities such as agriculture. Artificial intelligence and satellite images of Earth enable improved management and forecasting decisions across industries. Modern tools for observing and obtaining information from the Earth’s surface are available to different categories of users and enable them to get information that is invisible to the naked eye from any corner of the Earth. Moreover, real-time satellite imaging enables the observation of the events in the selected area and takes measures immediately if it’s necessary.

What is Earth Observation and Why is it Important?

Earth observation technologies are nothing new, but their applications across industries are becoming more inventive. It is happening both due to increased investment in satellites, satellite data availability, and advances in AI and machine learning technologies. In addition, modern data processing methods enable extracting and benefiting from them outside the scientific community. Getting the most up-to-date satellite images opens up opportunities for precision farming, healthcare, urban planning, and emergency response advances.

Thanks to Earth Observation Data, it is possible to obtain information about its physical, chemical, and biological constituents. This data is collected by satellites, ground monitoring stations, drones, and aircraft. The EU Observation Program, NASA, and Copernicus are our planet’s primary observation data sources.

EOS Data Analytics

EOS Data Analytics

EOS Data Analytics, created in 2015 by Max Polyakov, provides users from various fields with access to reliable data analytics from satellites. The company has deep technical knowledge that it uses to develop software solutions for precision agriculture and forestry, as well as more than 20 other sectors. 

Through the White Label solution, EOSDA also enables other companies to expand the functionality of their products and earn additional profits. Thus, companies get the opportunity to sell the EOSDA Crop Monitoring satellite solution for precision farming and crop monitoring under their brand.

EOS Data Analytics can also share its many years of experience developing satellite products and customized business solutions through the EOSDA API. Thus, developers can access up-to-date satellite pictures of earth, historical data, weather forecasts, and other data relevant to the user’s area of ​​interest.

EOSDA solutions provide the ability to analyze large amounts of data, extracting valuable information for making effective decisions. In 2022, the company plans to launch the first satellite from the EOS SAT project, including a constellation of 7 optical satellites.

What is EOSDA LandViewer? 

EOSDA LandViewer is a digital GIS tool that helps users conveniently and quickly search for satellite imagery by area of ​​interest and apply processing tools. The platform gives access to 10 indices, including NDVI, which enables users to extract valuable information from satellite images. Users can create custom indexes by combining spectral bands. The information obtained helps make informed, effective business decisions. The platform features images from various sources in medium and high resolution.

Images are easy to find. Just highlight the area of ​​interest anywhere in the world. It is easy to work with the obtained images directly on the platform. They can also be downloaded in a convenient format. Users can detect changes and mark events in a selected area by comparing split-view images taken by several satellites on different days and times. Time-lapse animation is also available to visualize the results.

Description: Visualization of vegetation change detected after unfavorable weather conditions with EOSDA LandViewer.

EOS Data Analytics supports non-commercial research, collects satellite imagery, and then analyzes it to spread the word about worldwide artificial disasters. In particular, the history of the island of Tangier attracted the attention of the EOSDA. This American island is losing land and sinking as sea levels rise. Climate change also exacerbates coastal erosion, forcing people to leave their homes.

The technological capabilities of EOSDA LandViewer and the company’s experience in extracting valuable information from satellite data have made it possible to see the changes that have taken place on the island of Tangier over the past 24 years. The company’s specialists also discussed the causes of this problem and potential solutions. The information generated by EOS Data Analytics products can help communities and individual decision-makers address environmental issues and take steps to improve the sustainability of production and everyday life. 

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