UFreeGames Review

Are you looking for a platform with kid-friendly games for adults to learn and enjoy? UFreegames are the website you should visit when you want your kid to spend their time doing something fruitful. But the question is it reliable and trustworthy? Find out all about it by staying tuned till the end. We have listed their positive and negative highlights, analysis, and more. 

About UFreeGames 

UFree Games is a free platform for all the little ones seeking a website with games in different categories. The website promises to deliver fresh content, especially for young kids looking for games designed for them. The website encourages education-based games centered around babies and feminism, making the playing experience enjoyable and fruitful. The games match the different tastes of various players and cater to a range of all age groups.

The creators and the people behind it plan to expand the games for kids, teens, and soon-to-be moms, so they have more games to enjoy. The platform is relatively safe and easy for kids as all of the content is picked vigilantly by our team of experts who know what is kid-friendly and what isn’t. 

Games & Categories 

The website has games in different categories, including the following games:

  • Dress up
  • Cleaning 
  • Spa
  • Fashion
  • Cooking 
  • Babysitting 
  • Baby bathing 
  • Baby care
  • Shopping 
  • Restaurant
  • Makeup
  • Makeover 
  • Nail art
  • Animal
  • Decorating games 
  • Coloring games 

Technical and Webshop Analysis 

This website is widely known and is quite popular on Tranco, which is a good sign. The website has a quite a few visitors and is linked to many other, deeming it resourceful and relevant. 

The platform’s name has been claimed for over a year; which again is a good sign. Most websites usually register their domain name for a year and then renew it for a year, and those who register their game for a more extended period plan to continue for much longer. Websites and platforms that are scams usually get sold the minute the fraud becomes common knowledge. 

UFree Games was set up a few years ago, which is again a positive sign. The longevity of the website speaks in favor of its authenticity; however, there is no guarantee of the website in terms of its age. 

Technically speaking, an SSL certificate was found. This is a means of encryption between computers and their websites. But sometimes scammers install a free certificate to ensure the process is seamless and smooth. Make sure you avoid entering personal data. 

Positive and Negative Highlights 

We have gathered some positive and negative highlights regarding the website to provide you with genuine know-how:

Positive Highlights 

  • The website has received positive reviews uptil now
  • It is deemed popular by Tranco
  • The domain name has been registered for over a year
  • The website is safe according to the DNSFilter
  • According to Flashstart, it does not have malware and does not contain any phishing. 
  • Trend Micro also trusts it.

Negative Highlights

  • The owner of the website is using WHOIS to hide their identity
  • It has been reported as a scam on Scamadviser. 

Final Verdict

Generally, if you see the website, you won’t be able to find anything that would lead you to think it is a scam. It has games of different categories that you and your kid can enjoy during their screen time. We advise you to avoid adding personal information to prevent scamming emails and messages and play along. 

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