Google Releases New Security Updates

Google Releases New Security Updates

Security patches are a method that companies use to keep your smartphone up-to-date and protected. It is also where they address concerns that the users may have about their devices and data security. In the latest Android Security Bulletin, Google has finally released fixes for the Pixel devices. 

The exploits and security concerns that the pixel devices were plagued with affected Android as a whole. There were issues with the operating system, kernel patches, and driver updates. Although they may not have been affecting particular devices, the overall operating system will be improved for many by addressing these issues. The company has detailed the things that will be enhanced through this update.

One of the major improvements comes to factory images for Pixel devices that are still available and supported. These changes have been released to various phone companies for their devices, but it is up to those companies to send out the update to their users. Due to this, owners of phones from companies such as Motorola and Samsung will have to wait for the update. Usually, Google sends out a deadline to the OEMs so that the exploits aren’t publicized.

To prevent any major issue from occurring, Google has safety checks in place that prevent any problems from security exploits. To further protect yourself from any safety concerns, it is essential that you take precautions when downloading apps. It has been reported that devices that run on Android 10 may also receive security updates in the form of Google Play System updates. This is thanks to Project Mainline. 

The highlights of the January 2023 security bulletin address the high-severity issues in the Android Framework that will be addressed through the new security update. It also detailed how several subsystems, including the MediaProvider components, were updated in January 2023 through Project Mainline. 

For Pixel-specific updates, the security bulletin states that the company has made many major and minor changes. These include added support for spatial audio with specific devices, fixed camera zoom issues, and fixed Bluetooth issues to allow for better connectivity. Additionally, the problem that the display faced, where it was unable to wake or appear off, has also been fixed. Google has also addressed the concern with fingerprint recognition and has made improvements in fingerprint recognition and response. This update will help improve the security of the Pixels significantly.

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