Fischl Build Guide For Genshin Impact

Fischl Build Guide For Genshin Impact

Fischl is an electro-bow sub-DPS famous for her compatible off-the-field potential in Electro DPS. It also has the ability to initiate lots of energy which can later battery the bursts of the other electro team members. 

Fischl is a character that can be inserted into any team with tremendous success because she needs very little time on the field to be so effective. She only advances past B-Tier in our top Genshin Impact Characters list partially because none of the top meta teams think she would be a good choice.

However, the teams she plays for—and there is so much fun and have an exciting playstyle that might be a refreshing change of pace for disenfranchised players who are sick of always chasing the mainstream. Fischl is a capable substitute that can be utilized to fill some places for players who don’t have exposure to all the characters they have to run meta teams. For instance, Fischl can be used by Eula mains who lack Raiden Shogun to initiate Superconduct reactions.

Of course, Fischl’s efficacy depends on your ability to create and use her effectively. But this can all be done if you know how to work correctly; dive into our guide to find the best weapons. Artifacts, and how to make the most of Fischl!

The Leading Genshin Impact Fischl Build 

The Leading Genshin Impact Fischl Build


The Best weapon is Skyward Harp; alternatively, you can also use The Stringless and Viridescet Hunt. Pick the Skyward Harp or Viridescent; both boost CRIT DMG and CRIT Rate, respectively, if Fischl is your primary DPS. The Stringless is a better option if you primarily want to utilize Fischl for her Electro skills because it emphasizes the Elemental Mastery attributes you’ll need to enhance your Electro talents.

Priority of Talent: Normal Attack/Bolts of Downfall

The secondary talent priority is Nightrider, also known as the fundamental skill. If you plan to use Fischl as a primary DPS, then focus on leveling her Normal Attack. In other ways, just concentrate on her Elemental Skill; here are some of the talents to begin with. 

  1. Normal Attack: it can perform up to 5 continuous shots with a bow. 
  2. Plunging Attack: It fires an array of arrows in the air before falling and hitting the ground. It deals with AoE DMG with impact. 
  3. Charged Attack: Players can perform an accurate aimed shot with additional DMG. While aiming your shot, the dark lightning spirits heed the call and indwell the enchanted arrowhead. When completely indwelt, the Rachsuchtig Blitz deals with the intense Electro DMG. 
  4. Elemental Burst: The invokes Oz in Midnight Phantasmagoria to extend his twin wings of twilight and protect Fischl. It has the following characteristics while the ability is active: Fischl transforms into Oz, drastically speeding up her Movement; lightning strikes nearby opponents, causing Electro DMG to anyone who comes in contact with her. You can only attack an opponent once. When the effects of this ability expire, Oz will stay in the field of combat and engage his Prinzessin’s adversaries. This will reset the time that Oz will be present if he is already in the area.
  5. Elemental skill: In the nightrider mode, Oz is entitled. The night raven, created from darkness and lightning, soars overhead and deals Electro DMG in a narrow AoE. Oz will continue to use his Freikugel to attack adjacent opponents for the duration. Hold to change where Oz will be called to. Press again during the length of the power to call him back to Fischl’s side.

Passive Talents 

  1. The minute Fischll hits Oz with a charged aimed shot, Oz quickly brings down the Thundering Retribution, dealing entirely with AoE Electro DMG, which is the equivalent to the arrow’s DMG, which is 152.7%. 
  2. Suppose your character easily gets triggered by the Electro related elemental reaction when Oz is on the field. In that case, the opponent shall be stricken with the Thundering Retribution—at the same time, dealing with the Electro DMG, which is again equivalent to 80% of the ATK by Fischl. 
  3. The minute they are dispatched on a journey in Mondstadt, all the time consumed is reduced by 25%. 


The best Artifact that Fischl can use is the Pale Flame, and its alternatives include the Thundering Fury. Whichever skills you intend to use the most will determine which of Fischl’s artifacts is best. Pale Flame is an excellent set that will increase her ATK if you want to use her Normal Attack the most. On the other hand, the Thundering Fury set offers a strong Electro DMG bonus. It is beneficial if you intend to create some problems with elemental reactions if you plan to use her Electro skills the most.

Fischl excels in both of these skill sets; thus, I’d suggest combining these two skill sets and utilizing a 2-piece Pale Flame with a 2-piece Thundering Fury. Whatever you decide to do with Fischl’s Artifacts, these numbers and substations are what we’d suggest: 

  • Sands of Elon: ATK%
  • Sub stats: CRIT Rate/DMG, ATK%, Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery
  • Goblet of Eonothem: Physical DMG and Electro DMG
  • Circlet of Logos: CRIT Rate/DMG

Team Building Tips for Fischl Build Genshin Impact 

The 3 team examples we’ve shown merely represent a small portion of how you can use a character as adaptable as Fischl. Following are some basic teambuilding recommendations for using Fischl to help spark creativity.

  1. Do not use her with the Mellee Pyro DPS Characters:

One of the three sample team lineups we’ve provided relies on combining Electro and Pyro to trigger the Overload reaction repeatedly. However, note that Yoimiya and Yanfei are both ranged characters and the two Pyro DPS units we’ve deployed. As a melee Pyro DPS like Diluc or Hu Tao, overload should be the last thing you want to repeat because it will push adversaries away from you and force you to waste too much time and stamina running after them.

  1. Beidou is her best friend in the game:

If it wasn’t already obvious, Fischl and Beidou make a fantastic team. In general, Beidou can put many 5* DPS units to waste with her Burst’s raw Electro DMG output, but she struggles to amass the energy necessary to cast her Burst while  Fischl corrects it.  Any team that chooses either of them can utilize them both together.

What Makes Fischl Worth it?

What Makes Fischl Worth it?

Fischl can now be constructed in the best possible way, but the initial question of whether to build her still stands. The situation of your account solely determines the response to this query. Due to her unparalleled adaptability, Fischl is one of the most valuable units you may acquire at a young age. She can serve as a main DPS as well as a sub-DPS, and she fits in perfectly with all of the following team archetypes:

  • Electro-Charged (Taser) Teams
  • Ranged Overload Team
  • Physical DMG Superconduct Teams
  • Mono Electro Teams
  • Triple Geo Teams

She only needs to work better with Freeze teams and teams that have melee Pyro DPS units.  Her utility, however, decreased as more new Electro units—Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko, to name a couple—were allowed access that could deliver persistent off-field Electro DMG. Therefore, if you have Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko, you probably have enough of these more vital units to handle all of Fischl’s use cases.

However, if you only have this one 4* unit, you may imitate a lot of what Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko do without having each of them. Therefore, in our opinion, Fischl is well worth it, and she would simply be a waste of money for those who already own 5* Electro characters who have power-crept her.

In Short 

Now make power strikes and build Fischl like never before! With our essential guide, you will find out the weaponry Fischl works best with and some more powerful alternatives. Make sure to look through all the talent you need to give priority to because these attacks will play a role in making your Genshin Impact even more potent than it already is. We believe the Fischl is worth it and makes the players have an enjoyable time as long as the strike is made in the right way.

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