Raya And The Last Dragon - What The Voice Actors Look Like In Real Life

Raya And The Last Dragon – What The Voice Actors Look Like In Real Life

The new animated film debuted on Friday, March 5, and Disney fans can’t get enough of the heartwarming and exciting tale Raya The Last Dragon, which is still making waves in the industry. The fact that Raya is the first Southeast Asian princess of the Mouse House makes this movie an excellent introduction to a different culture not often depicted on screen. 

While Raya’s personality may be novel and original, the voice actors who bring this cast to life on screen certainly aren’t. In their most recent animated epic, Disney frequently employs some of the best stars in the business to voice the characters; this movie is no exception. It’s time to discover how these performers actually look and whether they even match their roles!

Find Out All About the Last Dragon Cast

1. Raya, Played by Kelly Marie Tran

Raya, Played by Kelly Marie Tran

After bringing her tough, perceptive, and modern Disney princess to life, Kelly Marie Tran has unquestionably won over the hearts of her fans. Although fans may also recognize Tran from a special supporting role in the Star Wars universe, Raya is her first significant major role.

She portrays Rose Tico, who has a significant role in the new trilogy that begins with The Last Jedi. If fans could not identify the source of her voice, it was probably from another extremely successful Disney franchise.

2. Chief Benja, Played by Daniel Dae Kim

Chief Benja, Played by Daniel Dae Kim

Chief Benja is in charge of the Heart land, yet he longs to reunify all the territories under Kumandra. He plays the role of Raya’s father in the movie the Last Dragon. 

Daniel Dae Kim, an actor, is most well-known for his lead role on ABC’s “Lost.” More recently, he appeared in the Netflix original movies She-Ra and the Princesses of Power and Always Be My Maybe.

3. Tuk Tuk, Played by Alan Tudyk 

Tuk Tuk, Played by Alan Tudyk

Alan Tudyk provided the voice for Tuk Tuk, the bug/armadillo/pug hybrid accompanying Raya as her pet and companion, despite the fact that he doesn’t have any lines as a part of the Raya cast. Raya and the Last Dragon’s Tuk Tuk made noises but didn’t talk, offering Tudyk a part that anyone could have played.

4. Sisu, Played by Awkwafina 

Sisu, Played by Awkwafina

Sisu is renowned for saving the people 500 years before the movie’s events when she produced a mystical diamond to drive off the Druun, a plague-like force that transforms anyone it touches into stone. 

Awkwafina costarred in “Ocean’s Eight” and had a cameo in the smash hit film “Crazy Rich Asians.” She received a Golden Globe for her lead role in 2019’s “The Goodbye.”

5. Dang Hu, Played by Lucille Soong

Dang Hu, Played by Lucille Soong

Lucille Soong is an 83-year-old Asian American actor who’s been acting since 1959. While she had some minor appearances in movies like The Joy Luck Club and the adaption of Freaky Friday, she got her highest recognition when she acted as Granny Jenny Huang in Fresh Off the Boat.

Soong assumed the character of Dang Hu in the Raya cast hardly a year after Fresh Off the Boat came to an end. Hu served as the chieftess of Talon, a floating city that prospered because the Druun couldn’t reach it due to the water.

6. Wahn, Played by Francois Chau

Wahn, Played by Francois Chau

An American actor from Cambodia named François Chau became most well-known for his roles in two science fiction TV programs. He played Dr. Pierre Chang in the television series Lost, one of those researching the mysterious island. He played Jules-Pierre Mao, founder of Mao-Kwikowski Mercantile, in The Expanse.

In Raya and the Last Dragon, Chau played the character of Wahn. While a small character in the movie, he played a significant role as a fighter in Fang’s army.

7. Virana, Played by Sandra Oh

Virana, Played by Sandra Oh

Virana is a ruthless and intelligent leader of Fang, a nation of assassins that adore cats.  “Grey’s Anatomy” fans love actress Sandra Oh for playing Cristina Yang and, more recently, for her Emmy-nominated performance in “Killing Eve.”

8. General Atitaya, Played by Dichen Lachman

General Atitaya, Played by Dichen Lachman

Dichen Lachman has recurring roles in Animal Kingdom, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Altered Carbon, so he is undoubtedly a well-known figure in the television industry. Fortunately for fans, she transitioned to the film industry to voice General Atitaya.

General Atitāya is a Commander of the Fang’s army, and she is a likable and exciting figure. If fans didn’t know her by her voice, they may jump over to the small screen and watch all her fascinating and critically-acclaimed episodes.

9. Tong, Played by Benedict Wong 

Tong, Played by Benedict Wong

Benedict Wong has over 80 acting credits on his CV. He has starred in several big-budget blockbusters, including a significant role as Wong in Doctor Strange, The Martian, and a Black Mirror episode.

Fans will instantly recognize this well-known appearance, and they will also like his endearing and endearing voice as Tong, a big giant of a guy with an even bigger heart, in Raya and the Last Dragon.

10. Little Noi, Played by Thalia Tran

Little Noi, Played by Thalia Tran

Little Noi is a small toddler that’s absolutely cute, but her character is astonishingly sophisticated and fairly crafty and deceitful. She is voiced by Thalia Tran, who is really 15 years old and is just making her start in the profession.

Tran appeared in the movie Little, and she has also played a few times on television. She frequently appeared, for instance, as Charlotte on the Council of Dads. Viewers certainly didn’t anticipate this little child to be voiced by a slightly older actress.

11. Princess Namaari, Played by Gemma Chan 

Princess Namaari, Played by Gemma Chan

Raya and Namaari are almost the same age. The two met initially as little girls once all the lands came together for a beautiful rendezvous. Namaari is an antagonist and is shown as a cunning character in the series. 

Gemma Chan also appeared in Crazy Rich Asians and 2019’s Captain Marvel, and she will make an appearance in the upcoming Eternals Marvel movie. It seems Chan has many exciting projects going on for her!

12. Boun, Played by Isaac Wang

Boun, Played by Isaac Wang

This young actor stunned the Disney audience with his voice for Boun, and Raya is only his fourth acting credit. Despite a tiny cameo in a television series, the next largest project Izaac Wang is recognized for is the 2019 picture, Good Boys.

Although Wang is only 13 years old, it is apparent that he has a promising acting career ahead of him. Because of Boun’s strong personality, Disney Animation hasn’t had a stronger sidekick in a while.

13. Spine Chief, Played by Ross Butler 

Spine Chief, Played by Ross Butler

The Spine Chief is mentioned briefly when Chief Benja unites all the many territoriesActor Ross Butler is recognized for his teen-focused TV ventures, including Teen Wolf, Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why, and most recently, the latest “To All the Guys I’ve Loved Before” movie.

Bottom Line

Now you know all the faces behind each character, from Raya to Spine Chief, we have listed the details of all the celebrities doing the voiceovers in the movie. Each of them is pretty well known, and by reading their movies or names, you probably have seen them playing in any of your favorite series and films. 

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