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Here’s Why Everyone Is Commenting “Ratio” on TikTok Videos

TikTok is pretty interesting, and time sure does fly when one uses the application. But while scrolling, you may notice several dances, come across unique challenges, and find out about different products. Gradually you get the hang of the terminology used on TikTok as well. There was a time so many people got confused about fyp and didn’t know what it meant. It isn’t apparent at the start, but things get started getting normal as time passed.

Recently, we have noticed people commenting quite a few times with “Ratio me,” “You are ratioed,” and “Ratio me 1:1”. You may be confused about what it means, so here is our take.

What does Ratio mean on TikTok?

What does Ratio mean on TikTok?

If your comments on TikTok have been ‘ratioed,’ it typically implies that it has received more responses than likes. This means that more people disagree with your statement than those who agree.

So, if someone’s comment has gotten a lot of attention but not a lot of likes, it’s reasonable to believe they had a terrible opinion on something and have been “ratioed” as a consequence. If a reply to your comment has more likes than your initial comment, or if a TikTok has more comments than likes, you’ll get ratioed.

Another Gen Z-dominated social networking platform, Twitter, coined the phrase ‘ratioed.’ If you Tweet something unpopular, you may receive more Quote Tweets from people who disagree with and mock you than you receive likes. It’s reasonable to presume that you’ve been ratioed if this happens to you.

Where did the term “Ratios” come from?

For those wondering why people write Ratio instead of just writing that they disagree? You should know one thing as the world is becoming digitalized, every platform has its language and trends. Now typing out a disagreement or just writing you have been ratioed is much easier. With TikTok ratios, the term is referable to a dislike, but since Tiktok does not have that as Youtube does, people use the term instead. It acts as a stand-in for users to select. The number of likes basically measures TikTok ratios; if someone wants their likes to increase, they comment Ratio me 1:1. This is just their of saying that they are looking for a like.  

What does it mean to Ratio someone?

When someone says something unethical or hateful, they are ratioed because this way, you are notifying them that whatever they have commented isn’t appreciated. This is just a way to remind people to focus on spreading positivity rather than terrible opinions that may bother others. 

Is being ratioed on TikTok a bad thing?

Not really! So to make things more confusing, there is more than one way the word Ratio is used on Tiktok. Some comment when they are looking to get more likes they comment “Ratio me 1:1,” so if someone does write this, it isn’t a bad thing. But if you have said something wrong, then you are “ratioed” for that, then you might want to tone down and keep everything on the digital platform very neutral. It’s just a fun video viewing application where things should be light-hearted and fun rather than mean or hateful. 

What Does Ratio Requests Mean?

What about ratio requests on TikTok? Let me explain; if someone writes “Ratio me 1:1” on a TikTok video, it means they are attempting to earn the same amount of likes on the person’s comment that the video has. So, if the video gets 100 likes, they want 100 likes as well.

If someone puts “Ratio me 1:1:1” in the next step, it suggests that they’d like their comment, as well as the next two answers, to have the same number of likes. Finally, if someone says “Ratio me1:1:1:1”, it alludes to that person’s comment, the three following answers, and so on.

What Indicators Point to Rationing?

You may quickly discover the first ratio on your TikTok by examining the right side of the screen. You need to compare the speech bubble with the heart (likes) symbols (comments).

Each number is going to be shown beneath the symbols. A ratio exists if the proportion of comments to likes is more significant.

To find the other type of ratio, press the Comments icon and scan for a comment that has received more likes than the original. You can view how many likes the comment has received to the right of the text.

The number of likes for comments, as well as TikTok’s Likes and Comments, matter.


What is a good comment to view ration on Tiktok?

The sweet spot for the Tiktok ratio that individuals or brands should go for is a like for every ten views. This conveniently triggers the algorithm, and more people can see your video. As the engagement grows, the video is more likely to get higher views. 

What is the Ratio of TikTok?

For users on Tiktok, you can use the 1:1 and 9:16 ratios. 

What does it mean when someone comments “Ratioed”?

A post considered ratioed is likely to have more comments and not likes regarded as an unpopular opinion. 

In a Nutshell

So next time you see someone expressing an opinion that isn’t needed or falls in the hateful category, you can just Ratio them on Tiktok. For those who may get confused, you can just keep in mind both the meanings and see the context. If it is “ratio me 1:1,” it is just someone looking for likes. But if it is terrible, you might as well keep in mind that they come in the “ratioed” category. Now you know what getting ratioed means. 

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