Social Champ Review

Social Champ Review

Agencies consider social media management their most-requested service because they excel in creating and deploying social media campaigns on behalf of their clients. In fact, you will find a creative agency behind all popular social media marketing campaigns that you see on your social networks.

A typical mid-level agency manages around 10 to 15 clients, with at least two campaigns every quarter for each client. Each campaign has approximately three to five posts per social network. You can do the maths yourself to determine the volume of effort required to manage this vast workload.

While these campaigns do have a creative component, the bulk of the work involved in taking a campaign live is managing the schedule of posting and then measuring the performance of the posts (and the overall campaign).

For many agencies, this is a set of mundane tasks that eat up the resources that could be potentially used for client acquisition or providing value-added services.

How Social Media Management Tools Help Agencies

For many agencies, tools are essential for maintaining their workflows and streamlining operations. Like other categories, Social media management tools also take away the hassle of manually posting to multiple social networks, track the performance of the posts, and make sure that the social media management operations of the agency function without a hitch.

That’s why a simple Google search would come up with a host of tools that offer various features for managing social media profiles and networks. However, the problem for agencies looking for a tool for social media management is the choice of a tool.

Enters Social Champ

Social Champ is a feature-rich social media management tool built for agencies and businesses looking for a simple solution to their social media management issues. The tool supports all popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Instagram. 

The main process support offered by Social Champ is a simple management of campaigns in the form of calendar management. In addition, the platform allows you to create a single post for all target platforms or customize each post. This opens up many opportunities for customizing content to fit the marketing campaign for each social network.

On a related note, Social Champ has integrated Crello, Wave Video, and Canva within the platform. As a result, you only have to link your account on these platforms and then use these platforms from right within the composer. This way, you can create excellent graphics without having to switch to these platforms. 

Workspaces For Simplified Management

Social Champ offers Workspaces, a dedicated feature that groups social media profiles and team users for simple management of the campaigns. 

A workspace brings all the target social profiles to a single location so that there is no issue of posting from a wrong profile. This eliminates a common set of problems that plague agency operations and social media management for businesses.

Similarly, for agencies in particular, and marketing teams of a business, workspaces solves another issue – assigning team members to a campaign. Workspace allows a small group of team members to work on a client’s campaign without worrying about permissions.

On a related note, Social Champ also comes with a library that catalogs and groups all media files uploaded to the platform. As a result, you can add any supported media files to any post simply by selecting it from the Library. 

Team Management

Every member of the marketing team has their specialties, and it is often the case that multiple team members work in various essential campaigns in varying capacities. Business owners and agency managers require assigning a team member to multiple workspaces in various roles.

Team Management

The Team Management feature allows precise control over how team members access various features from within the workspace. At the moment, Social Champ offers three roles: Writer, Editor, Admin.

All-in-One Social Media Calendar

Social Champ’s Calendar feature is perhaps the star of the show. 

When using the feature, you can either opt to take the post live immediately or schedule it for a later time. You can see all your posts in a single social media content calendar that allows you to track the progress of campaigns. 

All-in-One Social Media Calendar

The calendar feature is designed to act as a campaign planner as well. In this context, you can simply drag-and-drop posts to reschedule the take live.

Bulk Upload Made Easy

A careful analysis of the posts will show that most of the posts are seasonal with pretty much repetitive content. A good example is seasonal promotional campaigns where businesses need to update the graphics and the offer (a simple change that requires only a couple of hours of work).

This means that agencies and businesses can create content in advance and plan out campaigns. The challenge in this context is how all this content can be scheduled to go live in the coming months.

Bulk Upload Made Easy

This is where the Bulk Upload feature comes in. It is a very handy option that requires just a simple CSV file. Simply fill this file, and you are good to go. This option allows the agencies to “schedule-and-forget” content and dedicate resources and time to more creative use.


Analytics is perhaps the most essential feature for every business and agency when selecting a management tool. 

Success for social media campaigns is defined by the increase in the reach and engagement generated by the posts. If the posts are bringing in the numbers, the campaign has been deemed a success. 

This is where Analytics comes in.


Social Champ offers a comprehensive Analytics module that tracks the performance of all posts on social media profiles. The challenge here is to present this huge bulk of information in a way that the users can understand and evaluate.

The reports can be downloaded as PDF reports that can be customized to include a logo and title. This essentially means that agencies can use the Social Champ platform to collect the information and then present the reports to the clients.

For agencies and business marketing teams, Social Champ doubles as a great alternative to native reporting tools offered by social media networks. The reports offer only the essential information without cluttering the view with data points that allow detailed performance analysis without any undue burden.

Social Champ WordPress Plugin & Chrome Extension

Social Champ comes with a Chrome extension that fits right into the browsing habits of the marketing team. The extension offers a button solution for sharing an interesting content piece found while browsing straight to the social profiles without having to log into the Social Champs’s platform. 

This allows the team members to continue sharing interesting ideas as social media posts without breaking their workflow.


Social Champ is very reasonably priced, and the team behind the platform considers this a great competitive edge. Agencies and businesses often do not see social media management tools as a “must-have” part of their toolset. As a result, many are put off by the high prices of the monthly subscription of these tools.

Social Champ offers industry-standard features in a concise package that fits all budget limits. At the moment, the tool offers four comprehensive plans;

  • The professional plan offers 15 social accounts for $10 per month. 
  • The champ plan offers 25 social accounts for $26 per month. 
  • The business plan offers 50 social accounts for $99 per month. 
  • The agency plan offers 100 social accounts for $199 per month. 

WordPress has become the CMS of choice for building websites because of the extreme versatility of the platform, the ability to customize the look & feel through themes, and the easy option to extend the functionality of the platform through plugins.

The Social Champ WordPress plugin allows you to extract data from the published pages and posts of the WordPress website and come up with the post’s content, including the title. These posts can be directly shared to the social networks or sent to the Social Champ’s queue for later publication. You can imagine the ease for the businesses and agencies that manage WordPress websites. 

Wrapping Up

Social Champ is the right fit for all businesses because it offers all the right features that add value to the social media management requirements of the business. This means the tool takes care of all major hassles that any business faces while executing and tracking social media campaigns.

The main reason why businesses opt for Social Champ is the fact that it offers a comprehensive calendar that presents the timeline of the social posts. The bulk upload feature allows for long-term management of posts that saves a lot of time when planning and scheduling seasonal campings.

The simplicity of the platforms means that there is a minor learning curve and anyone who knows how to use a web browser is able to use Social Champ without worrying about things going wrong.

Sign up for the free trial, and take the platform for a test drive. If you like what you see, you can opt for a paid plan and continue having a great time managing your social media campaigns.

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