Overwatch 2 - Over a Quarter Million Players Banned

Overwatch 2 – Over a Quarter Million Players Banned

Activision Blizzard has taken action against over 250,000 accounts as part of the Defence Matrix Initiative and banned them for cheating in Overwatch 2. Players that engaged in disruptive talk, offensive usernames, or griefing that negatively affected multiplayer experiences were also banned. 

These controls applied to all game types, not only Overwatch 2 Competitive mode. To prevent these players from coming back, Activision Blizzard is also aggressively creating anti-cheat protection technologies. It should be noted that some of these bans were the product of the Defence Matrix task force’s efforts, while others were brought to their attention by the Overwatch 2 community.

The makers of Overwatch 2 are using machine learning-driven algorithms in addition to gamers themselves to spot cheats. These actions, it should be noted, include the expulsion of teammates of cheaters. This strategy suggests that the Defence Matrix Initiative may result in bans for players who gain an advantage from their teammates’ cheating. 

Additionally, Overwatch 2 has modified its text chat options, removing the unfiltered choice while maintaining mature and welcoming options. With this adjustment, we want to reduce the number of harmful messages in the game. These significant Overwatch 2 enhancements adhere to two core Activision Blizzard values: emphasizing justice and fostering a safe and welcoming social environment.

A few cheaters from Overwatch 2 may have managed to avoid these bans due to the fact that some players have been known to get around Activision Blizzard’s Ricochet anti-cheat system. Despite Activision Blizzard’s removal of cheaters from Overwatch 2 last year, this 2023 ban wave is the largest yet. Overwatch 2 may see slightly longer queue times due to having 250,000 fewer accounts to match against, although this is unlikely and the purge should result in more high-quality games overall.

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