MTcapitals Review – Powerful Trading Tools for Active Traders

MTcapitals Review – Powerful Trading Tools for Active Traders

Our Take

MTcapitals is one of the best trading platforms for advanced traders. The brokerage offers powerful trading tools and an extensive selection of assets for both institutional and retail traders. However, its $0 account minimums, free stock and options trading, and client-focused educational materials are unique offerings to attract casual traders. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Advanced trading platforms 
  • A more comprehensive selection of tradeable assets 
  • $0 commissions stock and options trading 
  • Client-focused education 


  • MTcapitals can be overwhelming to beginners 
  • Trading platforms not accessible in some regions 

Where MTcapitals Shines 

Professional trading experience 

MTcapitals is an excellent choice for active traders and seasoned investors who demand professional trading experience. The platform offers powerful trading tools with high-level customizability that allows you to personalize the experience to your needs and investment goals. 

Multiple trading platforms 

Although MTcapitals has been considered a professional-level broker, its three trading platforms also bring out a broader appeal to casual investors. The desktop platform is the most advanced, with custom charts, screeners, calculators, and research tools. The web and mobile versions’ streamlining suits less-active traders. 

A more comprehensive selection of tradeable products 

Apart from the standard assets such as stocks, commodities, forex, options, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs, MTcapitals also offers a robust selection of cryptocurrencies, futures, and CFDs. The broker boasts various fixed-income products for all types of investors. 

Where MTcapitals Falls Short

Where MTcapitals Falls Short

Sophisticated trading tools 

MTcapitals has streamlined its web and mobile versions for casual traders, but beginners can still find the trading tools quite overwhelming. 

Limited geographical coverage 

Although MTcapitals now boasts clients from several countries and territories, the services are not accessible in some regions.  

Who is MTcapitals Best For?

Who is MTcapitals Best For?

MTcapitals primarily focuses on professional traders and active investors. However, it also has a broader appeal to casual traders seeking to invest in stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies

MTcapitals At A Glance 

Account Minimum$0
Fees for Stocks and Options Trading $0
Account FeesNo domestic wire transfer feesZero inactivity fees No account transfers or closure fees Exchange fees for international trades
No-transaction fee mutual funds Wider selection of no-transaction fee mutual funds.
Tradeable securitiesStocks Options ETFsForexCryptocurrencies CommoditiesBondsMutual Funds Futures CFDs
Available cryptocurrencies MTcapitals offers more than 10 major cryptocurrencies, accessible to all traders. 
Trading Platforms Advanced desktop platform, with customizable tools and amenities for professional traders.Web-based version also offers powerful tools but, with limited features and capabilities. 
Mobile App Offers similar features as the web version 
Research and Education Free educational videos, articles and recorded webinars for professionals and casual traders. 
Customer Support Phone, email, live chat available during official working hours, five days a week. 

Trading Experience 

Trading Experience

MTcapitals is best known for its professional trading experience, powered by an advanced desktop version. The platform offers sophisticated and customizable tools that allow traders to test, monitor, and automate their trading strategies more effectively. Users can access custom charts, screeners, calculators, and advanced analysis and research tools. 

MTcapitals web and mobile versions are also built with similar tools and features, but customizability is limited. However, the platforms feature a proprietary order routing software that ensures superior trade execution. The broker has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. 

All the trading platforms allow traders access to the same product offerings and market centers. Besides, the research and educational resources are also available to all MTcapitals clients on the desktop, web, and mobile platforms. 


MTcapitals has a zero-commissions policy for online stock and options trading. It has also eliminated account minimums, inactivity fees, domestic wire transfer fees, and account closure fees. However, other trades and transactions on MTcapitals attract different commissions and spreads. So, check the complete pricing schedule before placing any orders.  

Is MTcapitals Right for You? 

MTcapitals is a gold standard for seasoned investors and active traders who demand advanced trading tools and access to a robust selection of tradeable securities. It also boasts superior trade execution and low-cost online investing options. MTcapitals is ideal for professionals, but casual traders can also take advantage of its lower costs and educational resources.

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