Partnership Between Ubisoft and Netflix

A Partnership Between Ubisoft and Netflix Results in Three Exclusive Mobile Games

Netflix has not yet given up on its dreams of building a gaming division. In the recent Ubisoft Forward 2022 event, it was announced that the French video game company Ubisoft, and the giant streaming company, Netflix would be partnering to make three mobile games that will be extensions of popular Ubisoft titles. 

Of these three games, one will be a new Valiant Heart game. This game will be released in January 2023 and will follow a new story, which will be a sequel to Valiant Hearts: The Great War, which was an award-winning game. Furthermore, it will be directed by the original team of Valiant Hearts, so fans can expect to see the same excellent quality as the original game.

The second game resulting from this partnership is Mighty Quest, which will be based on a hack ‘n slash action game. This game is a standalone and also draws inspiration from roguelikes in terms of its visuals. Mighty Quest is second in line to be released and is expected to launch after Valiant Hearts in the latter part of 2023. 

The third game that Ubisoft and Netflix plan to launch is an Assassin Creed game, which is Ubisoft’s most popular title ever. However, the two companies have not revealed any details regarding this game. Since Netflix is working on a live-action TV show for Assassin’s Creed, there is a high possibility that the TV show may tie into the game. Previously, something very similar was done for the hit TV show Stranger Things. 

Mike Verdu, the President of Games, Netflix, stated that they were thrilled to work with Ubisoft, given their track record of creating memorable game worlds in which their fans can easily get lost. He also hoped the partnership would allow the streaming company’s subscribers exclusive access to the most exciting gaming franchise Ubisoft has created. 

Jean -Micheal Detoc, the Chief Mobile Officer at Ubisoft, also stated that they wished to create a great experience on all platforms and were glad to be partnering with Netflix.

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