Vivo Ends Operations in Germany After Nokia’s Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Vivo Ends Operations in Germany After Nokia’s Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Vivo has had a patent dispute with various Chinese subsidiaries for months now, and all parties seem to be suffering. In a new development, Vivo has now been asked to recede from Germany and suspend all operations.

This news comes from the German publication WinFuture, which states that Vivo’s patent dispute has unfortunately ended with the Chinese OEM pulling out of Germany. Due to this, consumers in the country won’t be able to purchase new Vivo phones. 

Due to the Court’s decision to suspend all sales, Vivo has also had to shut down its German website. The Chinese brand’s website has been wiped clean of everything. Instead of listing their phones, the website has only two things. One is the press release from April that details the decision made by the District Court of Mannheim and a goodbye message.

According to the translation, the farewell message states that its products will no longer be available on the website moving forward. However, it reassures customers that those with a Vivo device can continue to use it normally. The company’s customer service will be on standby if any assistance is needed. Additionally, these phones will also continue to receive software updates. 

The District Court of Mannheim brought down the order for Vivo to suspend all marketing and sales of their products if it does not come to a reasonable agreement with the Finnish brand Nokia. The two companies discussed matters but eventually could not reach an agreement. However, Vivo felt that Nokia was not offering a mutual license based on FRAND terms, which stands for fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory. Therefore, Vivo had to step down from Germany. 

BBK subsidiaries have also grappled with a patent dispute with Nokia due to 5G technology since the summer of 2022. Oppo and OnePlus had a lot of trouble during that time since they, too, were forced to halt sales and marketing in the country.

Reports have also stated that Vivo may have to leave Poland, too, as a result of its patent dispute with Nokia. Interestingly, despite an ongoing legal battle in Poland, OPPO has shown no signs of backing down as it is getting ready to launch its new Reno 10 series. 

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