Dyson V8 Review

Dyson V8 Review

The Dyson V8 is a cordless vacuum cleaner that has amazing cleaning power. It also has good battery life. However, the price of this vacuum makes many people ask whether or not the Dyson V8 is worth the investment.

Dyson’s wired variety is already quite popular, but with their new cordless variety, there is a lot of flexibility that allows you to take the vacuum anywhere in the house without worrying about the wire trailing behind you. The battery is also quite impressive.

To attract as many customers as possible, there are a large variety of vacuums available in the Dyson range. There are the Dyson 10s that have the best suction of them. These vacuums also have the best battery life. Comparatively cheaper options like the Dyson V8 are also available in the Dyson range.

If you compare Dyson v8 vs. v10, you will see that the v8 is not the best that Dyson has to offer. However, in terms of price, it is a good deal.

Let us take a closer look at the Dyson V8 and see whether or not it is worth its hefty price tag.

Cleaning Power and Performance

Compared to different kinds of vacuums, the Dyson V8 is twice as fast and can suck up to various dry materials across carpets and floors. 

The reason why this vacuum is able to do this is that the Dyson v8 motorhead origin is from the previous Dyson models but has been recalibrated. This recalibration allows the Dyson to have more suction power than ever. 

The suction power on this Dyson model can really give its competitors a run for their money because when it is on max, the power is on par which high-end vacuums. Additionally, it works on both carpets and hard floors. You can also use it on wood and tile. 

For that, you will need a Dyson v8 fluffy tool. You can also use the mini motorized tool for cleaning hard floors, but it will take time, and you will have to go over the area again and again. This repetitive motion will invariably eat into the battery life.

The edge cleaning capabilities of the V8 are quite impressive as it can handle 90-degree angles which allows you to get right into the corners and suck up all the dirt. This feature is also aided by the fact that the cleaning heads have their own axis on which they swivel. 

There are two-tier radial cyclones in the V8, that push air through 15 small conical chutes. This air helps produce a large amount of centrifugal force. This force is instrumental in sucking up small particles. When this feature is combined with the V8 motor that spins at 110,000rpm, the suction power will be more than any other competitor on the market.

Cleaning Carpets

When you consider cordless vacuums, you might just envision a vacuum that can handle short spot cleaning.

The V8 will make you reconsider everything you thought a cordless vacuum could do.

In our tests, we were shocked at the amount of fluff as well as dirt the V8 managed to extract from a carpet where we hadn’t even spilled dust on!

The direct-drive innovation is a major contributor to such a high degree of performance.

The technology directs power to your vacuum’s brush, allowing it to dig deeper into the fibers of your carpet for thorough cleaning performance.

The potent mix of nylon bristles across the brush bar and direct-drive technology quickly cleans most ordinary carpets in an Australian home.

The motor in the vacuum’s head generates sufficient rotation of the brush bar to loosen dust from even the thickest shaggy rags.

While V8 works nicely on more dense, high-pile carpets, you may need to repeat the process in order to gather the rest of the dirt and suction microscopic sand particles.

Hard Floor Cleaning

This is a particular situation where selecting the correct V8 version is critical. The Absolute version has a soft roller with the ideal motion for hard flooring. The Animal version lacks this component and is more suited for carpeted houses. This vacuum’s direct-drive cleaning mechanism performs above average on hard floors.

However, it might be inconvenient when it encounters huge particles on hard floors since it can push them along rather than sucking them up. Because the vacuum head’s nylon bristles are shorter than the soft carbon bristles, they will not scrape your floor.

We also discovered that using the maximum power option makes vacuuming up pet hair from hard flooring considerably easier. Cleaning stains is not recommended because the vacuum does not have a mopping attachment.

Cleaning Crevices and Staircases 

With the capability to be transformed into a portable device, the V8 is an excellent choice for cleaning tight corners and steep stairs.

The mini-turbo tool will deliver power straight to the handheld device, providing the suction required to complete the task. However, the bristles used with the mini-turbo tool should be held away from hard floors.

Different from the direct-drive cleaner head, its nylon bristles are not as short as the carbon bristles, which means the nylon bristles could severely harm your hard flooring.

If you have wooden stairs, use the direct-drive cleaner head that can be attached even in handheld mode. Another disadvantage of the mini-tool is that it becomes tangled easily when pulling up pet hair. The V8 is effective in superficial fractures but not deep fissures where the material is stuck downward.



The design of the Dyson V8 is extremely aesthetic, and the colors chosen are quite appealing as well. It looks quite similar to the older models, such as the V6 ones. Additionally, there is a transparent dustbin in the V8 that can hold up to 0.54L of trash, and this makes up most of the handheld unit. 

The 15 small cyclones featured in the V8 are arranged in a two-tier flower formation. The handle with which you maneuver this vacuum is broad and comfortable to hold. The switch is placed within reach of your forefinger and is shaped like a trigger. 

The shape and type of switch make it extremely convenient to use, and no extra maneuvering or stretching is required to reach it. This placement is ideal because one must always have one finger on the power trigger. 

Above the power trigger, there is a HEPA filter. This filter has air vents on the side. This part has a sleek-looking blue/purple encasing that adds to the look of the vacuum. Underneath the filter and air vents, there is a toggle switch that allows you to change the suction power of the V8. On this vacuum, you can either choose the standard setting or the max setting. These two settings are the only modes available on the V8. 

There is a red tab on the handheld unit of the V8 that you need to pull if you want to empty the dustbin. When you pull on the tab, it forces the cyclone section to rise. This action, in turn, causes the base flap to open at the same time. When these two happen simultaneously, all the debris collected falls out. 

The Dyson V8 comes with a lot of accessories that can clip on and off the main handheld device. One of these accessories is the soft roller. This accessory is made to glide over floors. Therefore, even larger debris can be caught by the machine without being scattered. 

The Bin

The bin featured in the Dyson V8 is quite small when you compare it to those available on the market. However, it still has enough room so that it can store dirt and debris from your entire house. 

There will be no need to empty the bin halfway through your cleaning. However, if there is a particularly dirtier place with bigger debris, you may need to empty it out once in the middle. 

Accessing the bin is pretty simple, and every Dyson owner should know how to clean Dyson v8. All you have to do is move it over a trashcan and pull the lever at the top. 

This lifts up the cyclones and also opens up the bottom door. When these two motions occur simultaneously, the dust is dumped out. Next, you need to push the cyclones down as that helps scrape the dust off of them. 

Different Accessories

Different Accessories

The Dyson V8 comes in two versions, and there are accessories included with both of them. These accessories make using the Dyson even more enjoyable, and the cleaning process is also a lot more efficient. 

The two versions of the Dyson V8 are the V8 absolute and the V8 animal. When comparing the Dyson v8 motorhead vs. animal, we see that the animal is a starting model. Included with this model, you will find a large motorized brush head, a combination tool, a crevice, and a small motorized head. 

All these help in cleaning not just the floors but also the stairs. The absolute V8 is geared more towards large open spaces, which is the reason why it comes with a fluffy head. This accessory is perfect if you want to clean hard floors. 

These accessories can be attached directly to the Dyson V8, or you can also connect it via the wand. This wand is light enough to lift up the crevice tool. Therefore, you can clean the ceiling and all its corners with ease.

Quiet Operation

Vacuums are known to be extremely loud, so much so that people complain that they cannot do anything when the vacuum is on. However, the Dyson V8 gets rid of that annoying high-pitch sound that is characteristic of vacuums. 

The sound that a normal motor of a vacuum makes is absorbed back into the motor, and there are only vibrations. The streamlined airways help reduce the turbulence surrounding the motor. 

Additionally, the control boars help this vacuum work quieter than most of its competitors. This feature is a major plus for Dyson as most people will be very happy to spend extra if it means that there is less noise when cleaning.

Convenience Features

Convenience Features

Other than the key features listed above, there are a few other features available on the V8. These features are not necessarily the most important, but they really add to the user experience of the Dyson V8 and make vacuuming almost enjoyable. 

Firstly, the Dyson V8 is an extremely light cleaning device. It weighs less than 6 pounds which is an absolute treat because you don’t have to put in extra strength and power. Additionally, you can also convert it into a hand vacuum. 

This convertible option is perfect for cleaning small spaces synch as the car or other tight corners. Therefore, the Dyson v8 is extremely versatile in its shape and cleaning function. Furthermore, it is also pretty easy to use.

Secondly, the Dyson V8 also has many different attachments in addition to the main cleaner head. There is also the soft-roller cleaner which is extremely useful in terms of cleaner. It is made using woven nylon and has rows of antistatic carbon fiber filaments.

These are perfect to use on hardwood floors as they are gentle and will not scratch up the floor. There is a mini motorized tool, which is also included. This attachment allows the V8 to be used on upholstery and other delicate surfaces. These Dyson v8 motorhead extra attachments really allow the Dyson vacuum to feel a cut above the rest of the vacuums on the market.

Thirdly, the Dyson V8 has a large battery which allows you to use all of those accessories for a decent amount of time on a single charge. The average run time for this vacuum was found to be 21 minutes. When this time is compared to competitors, it is the longest. This time is all thanks to the powerful motor that keeps this vacuum going.

Pros and Cons

The Dyson V8 is indeed an incredible vacuum that allows you to maneuver around almost any surface of your home and clean it thoroughly. However, although there are many reasons why you should buy the Dyson V8, there are a few reasons why you should not as well. When comparing the Dyson v7 vs. v8 or the Dyson v10 vs. v8, it is important that you consider all the pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons of the Dyson V8.


The Dyson V8 is a versatile device. It is not just a vacuum. Instead, it is a device that you can use to clean a lot of different places that you normally would not with a vacuum. The Dyson V8 allows you to reach hard to clean places such as; the ceilings and weird nooks and crannies of your home. 

In such places, you can use the V8 and make them spotless. Furthermore, you can use it to get rid of hair and cobwebs from both, the interior and exterior of the house. You can also run it across sofas, cushions, and other delicate surfaces. You can even use it in the car if you wish to.

Another benefit of using a Dyson V8 is that it is a powerful device that is capable of a lot. You can use it to deep clean various different surfaces with ease. It can clean carpets with layers upon layers of pet and human hair as well as hardwood floors and upholstery. 

This vacuum also has a 40-minute battery life which can clean a small apartment in one charge. However, if you intend on using it for larger homes, you will have to charge it in between.


Some cons of the Dyson V8 is that it is expensive. Although this vacuum has many features that are extremely useful and can completely change how you clean your home, the price tag is something that deters people from buying this device. Many handheld and stick vacuums are way cheaper and have somewhat of the same functions.

Additionally, there is no space to store the extra heads that come alongside the Dyson V8. A lack of a carrying bag makes it a huge hassle to carry around the tools with you when you are cleaning. Although the extra heads are useful, there is nowhere that you can place these as you clean.


Is the Dyson V8 worth the extra money?

The Dyson V8 is an incredible device, having many features that make it better than the cheaper model. Additionally, it comes with extra attachments that you may have to buy separately if you buy a cheaper vacuum. Hence, if you have the money to splurge, this vacuum is definitely worth the extra money.

Is the Dyson V8 a strong vacuum cleaner?

Yes, there is no doubt that the Dyson V8 is a strong vacuum cleaner. It is capable ofo deep cleaning various different surfaces. Furthermore, it can remove layers and layers of pet and human hair that may be entangled in fibers.

Can you use the Dyson V8 on hardwood floors?

Yes, you can use the Dyson V8 on virtually any surface. It has many different attachments, that can help with cleaning hardwood floors and also to get into nooks and crannies of your floor. You can also reach under furniture and vacuum narrow stairways with this vacuum.


The Dyson v8 motorhead origin cordless stick vacuum is an incredibly powerful vacuum that you can use to clean almost any surface in your household. It is way more powerful than any other vacuum you may have used but there are also some drawbacks to this device. 

Even though there are multiple attachments that allow you to clean any surface rough or delicate, there is no place for you to store these attachments. Furthermore, the Dyson V8 has a large bin, but it can only hold debris and dust from a small area. 

Therefore, before you make a decision on whether or not a Dyson V8 is the perfect vacuum for you, check out all the Dyson v8 animal reviews and the pros and cons listed above.

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