How TME Started Distributing Electronic Components Globally?

How TME Started Distributing Electronic Components Globally?

Transfer Multisort Electronik, or TME for short, has earned quite a reputation for itself today for being THE go-to supplier for electronic products. However, TME, when it first started, never planned on going global and setting up subsidiaries in 11 different countries and shipping electronic products to at least 150 countries.

Why taking a company globally is so difficult even for a highly desired product?

Well, to put it bluntly, taking a company to a global scale is not exactly child’s play. Even when you have a product that is highly desired in the market, such as a semiconductor chip. With such an advanced scale technology today, meeting semiconductor chip demand is one of the most Herculean of tasks. In a report, the size of the semiconductor market worldwide is worth $613.52 BILLION. And yet, “chip shortage” is still a very popular phrase commonly chattered today.

Although, TME is well up to fulfilling the market gap as it supplies around 400,000 electronic products (and yes that includes semiconductor-related products), but it is not the main reason why TME has such a global reach. 

What makes TME unique?

What makes TME unique?

TME began as a small electronic products and stationery shop in Lodz, Poland and in the year 1989. The internet then was just starting to become popular, and businesses were looking to utilize this technology. And accordingly, they required electronic components. Which, at that time, TME was adding to its versatile portfolio.

TME kept up with the trend.

TME realizing the opportunity offered by the internet on a silver platter, introduced an innovative approach. Just in the span of two years from TME’s advent, they were shipping their products by mail-order system to the local area. Perhaps it’s their product versatility, stock quantity, quality, cut-rate prices, or a combination of these features that, today, TME ships its product to over 150 countries and sends 5,000 shipments each day!

How TME facilitates such a portfolio?

How TME facilitates such a portfolio?

Sending 5,000 shipments each day is quite an impressive feat, and you don’t have to be biased to say that. Especially when you consider that TME maintains a portfolio of over 400,000 products, with warehouse stock reaching as high as 3,587,600 pieces for one of the products – SMD Resistors. (A stock of more than 3.5 million pieces! How can anyone even catalogue that anyways?)

But here’s what we think is even more impressive – TME’s modern website design. And one of the reasons that enable TME to maintain such an extensive portfolio.

The website is intuitive to use and scans approximately half a million different products in, literally, seconds. Not only that but it also returns the results in an organized manner enabling you to view the products arranged by manufacturer name, product price, warehouse quantity, dimensions, voltage/ampere ratings, and much more.

Not just a business…

It is not unheard of when business activities get lost in corporate jargon. But TME aims to ensure everyone gets heard. Be it a request from one of its 1,200 employees, or feedback from its customer anywhere in the world. A lot of this has to do with TME’s strong belief in upholding moralities, perhaps because these get hard-coded in people who grow up in a family system.

TME was built by brothers Zbigniew and Adam Kuczyński, and the company itself was named by their mother. Today, it is still a family-run company that maintains all the ethics of the family system and introduces them into their business. One of such principles is apparent from the exceptional quality retained through all of its products – as is evident from its ISO 9001:2009 and 14001:2005 certifications.

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