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The UK Government May Know the Release Date for the Elder Scroll 6

Skyrim has been one of the few game series that has managed to keep its fanbase for years on end. After its release in 2011, people are still waiting for the next RPG’s release and are growing impatient. However, no one knows when the new game will likely launch as the developers have given very little information. It is highly possible that fans may have to wait years for its release.

However, according to some official documents, the release date for the upcoming RPG may be in the hands of the UK government. Elder Scrolls 6 is considered to be still in pre-production mode because Bethesda is reportedly working on putting the finishing touches on Starfield. This game is its first new IP in around 25 years. Therefore, Todd Howards and their team are not in a rush to work on The Elder Scroll 6 just yet. Fans will just have to wait and see. 

With such anticipation for this game, there will likely be numerous leaks in the future about the details of the game and its release, which some government officials may already know. According to a tweet from UESP, a document was uploaded to the UK government website that outlined the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) investigation regarding a merger of Activision Blizzard and Microsoft.

Eagle-eyed PCGamesN noticed that under one section, the document discussed some mid-sized games which were apparently under the Microsoft umbrella. There is also a small mention of The Elder Scroll 6, as the document mentions that Elder Scroll 6 is expected to be released after [REDACTED]. This suggests that the launch date for the game has been revealed to the government but redacted before going live for the public. 

There are many speculations about when the game is to be released. Xbox head Phil Spencer suggested that The Elder Scroll will most likely be released after Fable 4. However, the latter will probably be in development for some time, possibly years. Therefore, it is safe to assume that players will most likely not get their hands on this game for the next few years.

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