essentialpim review

EssentialPIM Review


  • Easy access
  • Fast maneuvering and setting
  • Over 30 plus handy features
  • Password Protector
  • Cloud Synchronization with multiple platforms
  • Good device compatibility


  • Limited features on Free plan
  • Pricey Pro plan
  • Free plan not sufficient for companies

What if you carry an employee as your Personal Assistant (PA) to manage all your work? Goes to work every day and comes home with you as well, being your eyes and ears for all your tasks.

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? This is where EssentialPIM fills in the gap. It’s a necessary tool for organizing your life and business within a single platform. Store passwords safely, manage your emails and send it for marketing, take notes, connect it through the web and access it from anywhere in the world with instant connectivity and a portable flash drive for mobility.

Let’s unveil EssentialPIM Review and share what it’s good for and what needs improvement.

EssentialPIN Features

  • Maintain Calendars, Tasks, Passwords, and Contacts

EssentialPIM has a streamlined software that allows you to manage multiple work aspects simultaneously with no need for an instructions manual. It will enable you to categorize emails, calendars, contacts, to do tasks and evens store passwords securely.

You can create emails, schedule them, and even send it to multiple recipients in the form of emailers or brochures. Alongside you can store various passwords for different accounts with a master lock.

Main tasks and cross-check its reports and performance with daily reminders.

  • Swift App for iOS, Android and PC

No matter where you are and which device you use, all your data is synchronized into a cloud where you can use set your calenders on your PC when you are home or tweak them while on the go on your iOS or Android device.

The iOS and Android app give you full access and control over your information.

  • Synced with Cloud
Synced with Cloud

With EssentialPIM, your data is in your control no matter what the platform is. It allows you to swiftly synchronize to multiple cloud services to create a copy of your data. All the synchronizations can be scheduled on a cloud platform of your choice.

You don’t have to keep a constant watch as all data syncs seamlessly in the background.

  • Carry your Data on a USB Flash Drive Anywhere

EssentialPIM gives you the luxury to work anywhere with a simple plug and play feature through a USB drive. All your information stored on a small USB, which has the entire built-in software of PIMs.

Also, don’t assume if its a USB, anyone can access it! The USB comes with an industry-standard AES 256-bit key that will keep your data protected at all times under its authentic and secure encryption to prevent any hacks and leaks.

  • 100% Reliable Encryption Protocol and Backup Security

Once you have all your information stored on your PC, you don’t have to stress about data being leaked as EssentialPIM is reinforced with Rijndael 256bit key, the current industry-standard firewall. You can always change the security bit of key settings to the Blowfish 448bit key to enhance protection.

Pricing Plan – Pro and Free

Pricing Plan

Depending on your usage, you can choose from three pricing plans that cost:

  • $39.95 
  • $59.95
  • $79.95 (lifetime)

As an individual user, we wouldn’t recommend getting the lifetime $79.95 plan because of its excessive burden on a single person. As a new user, you can start by their cheapest plan that costs $39.95 in which you get over 30 enticing features available on all your devices.

Payment Methods include Credit card online, PayPal, Bank/Wire transfer, Credit card by phone/fax, Check/money order, which is satisfactory. Since there is a free version, a free trial is not necessary as you can use the free version and later purchase the Pro version if you deem to do so.

We highly recommend the Pro version, yet if your work is being carried out sufficiently with the free version, by all means, continue with it. 

Paid (Pro) vs Free – What do you Get?

Paid (Pro) vs Free

Now, of course, the software comes in packages. There is a free version and a pro version with different pricing plans and a separate business plan for companies with multiple employees using the software. 

With the free version in use, you can easily avail setting and maintaining calendars, store passwords securely, retain contacts and find them, use notes, and even sync your data on your devices. 

However, that is not the full utilization of the software. To avail all the features, you have to purchase the Pro version that gives you access to infinite resources within the tool that includes 100% synchronization, global cross-linking, multi-user access, and much more. 

It is a holistic approach to managing your work tasks and every necessary data. 

Technical Support Available

To go through the know-how of the entire program. EssentialPIM has provided 

These two sources are essential to maneuver through your program easily. They have swift instructions easily understood by the masses. Apart from that, the safest support option is EssentialPim Forums, a constant center for discussion and solutions. They cover all technicalities and is continuously updated with the material.

If nothing pans out, you can email at their mail and provide all the relevant information for your query to be processed. 

Final Call

After carefully analyzing the entire EssentialPIM review, you can now easily make your data work accordingly. Link your emails, schedule emails, link appointments so that you don’t need an extra hand to set up these details for you. 

With PIMs, you can manage work accordingly without breaking a sweat at your home or while driving. Everything that you will be doing will be retained on the web as a soft copy on any of your linked accounts through Cloud. 

Whether you choose the Pro version or the Free version, EssentialPIM is a recommended product that will aid you in multiple aspects of work and personal life without any additional help. Manage everything with a click of a button on your PC, Android, or iOS device. 

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