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PDFescape is an open-source online PDF reader and editor that is free for you to use. You can perform many tasks on a PDF using this website. Its design enables you to read, edit, fill forms, change the text color, font, and size, as well as bold, italicize, and underline words. That is not all. You can also perform various other tasks. Essentially PDFesacape allows you to manipulate PDFs in a variety of different ways.

PDFesacape exists as both a desktop app and a website. Therefore, no user is left out, and everyone can use this software. However, the desktop version has more features and gives you even more control over PDFs. There are a total of four different varieties of this tool, including the online, free, premium, and ultimate versions. All three of these have various features and capabilities.

The main appeal of this software is that it allows you to manipulate and optimize any PDF to your specific need. PDFescape is highly versatile and offers you all the tools you will need to make the changes you need. Additionally, it offers great flexibility in how you use the app as well. You can use it both online and offline, whatever way you prefer.

To know whether or not this software is perfect for you, you should know what features PDFescape offers. Read ahead to find out all about them, so that you can make an informed choice.

User Experience

User Experience

There are two major versions of this software. One is the desktop version, and the other is the online version. Both versions have a very different user experience due to the overall layout and features. The desktop allows you to create, edit, convert and view files if you are a paid member. However, with the free version, you can view and convert files. PDFescape’s software is inspired by Microsoft Office. Therefore, similarities between the two become quite obvious when you make note of all the features that it has to offer. 

Using the online version, you can easily create and edit PDFs for free. This feature makes the software highly accessible and gives potential paid users a chance to test it out before they commit to paying a subscription. However, for this version, you will need to have an internet connection. Furthermore, the interface will be a bit basic. Therefore, if you want a better experience, then using the desktop software is a much better option. 

The overall interface is quite simple yet intuitive, which makes it incredibly easy to use. You can easily drag and drop objects within the three tabs. These are label, insert, annotate, and page. All three of these are located at the top of the left sidebar. Additionally, the thumbnails of the PDF are on display beneath this. The page selected is opened up in the workspace, so you can easily work on it. 

The design is not something special, but it is easy to use and functional. The complexity increases with the addition of more functions. If you choose to purchase the Premium or Ultimate versions, you will have more options to work with. The increase in features will increase the functionality as well as allow you to work on more complex PDFs and perform more complex tasks. 


After knowing the basics of this program, the next step is to dive into the specific features that make this program what it is. Furthermore, if you are unsure whether or not you should get PDFescape, the best way is to check out all the features it offers and decide based on those. If they match what you intend to do, then it is definitely worth the purchase. 

PDF Editor


Most other PDF editors, websites, and software only allow you to view and convert files to PDF. However, PDFescape enables you to do much more. Sometimes only being able to view and convert files is not enough, and you need to edit PDFs and make certain changes. PDFescape allows you to do that using its powerful PDF editor tool. Using this feature, you can make any changes to your PDF and edit it till you are satisfied. Here is a list of tasks that you can perform using the PDF editor.

  • Change up the text color, font, and size
  • Make changes to the text such as bold, italicize, strikethrough, highlight, and underline.
  • Spell Check
  • Add in text or remove it
  • Crop the PDF, or rotate and split it.
  • Change up the page order of the PDF, extract pages, delete them or replace them.
  • Add or replace the background of the PDF.
  • Adjust the page size of the PDF
  • Add in page numbers
  • Add a watermark or remove one
  • Insert images.
  • Delete and extract images
  • Add headers and footers
  • Add a link to another document, a webpage, or a link to another document.
  • Sign the PDF or encrypt it
  • Define the margin size.

The PDF editor also allows you to annotate a PDF file. This feature is incredibly useful if you are using a PDF file to communicate with other members of your team or with your colleagues. PDFescape sees annotating as a form of editing as well. Thus all the options to annotate are found within the PDF editor. Here are the ways you can annotate your PDF document.

  • Highlight, strikethrough, and underline text
  • Add sticky notes
  • Add in comments
  • Create stamps and add them
  • Add in various arrows and shapes
  • Apply calibration and measure the distance

PDF Form Filler

Often forms are in PDF format, and filling them can be a hassle. If you have PDFescape, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort as it allows you easily fill up a PDF form and save you a lot of time and effort. 

One of the ways that PDFesacpe does this is by allowing you to import data from another PDF and then use it in the current PDF form. If your data is not entered correctly, you can reset the default values with one click of a button. Therefore, even if you make a mistake, there is no need to worry. PDFescape also enables you to add text and select data from different dropdown menus, select buttons, mark checkboxes, and more. All that you could do on a regular form, you can now do on a PDF as well, thanks to PDFescape. 

You can also use the TAB key to move between the various fields, which makes the entire process a lot more efficient. With this feature, you no longer have to print out forms and manually fill them in, which would have been a rather tedious job. 

PDF Form Designer

The PDF form designer by PDFescape allows you to set up your own form that you can design from scratch. To do so, you need a variety of different tools that PDFescape provides you with. It has all the tools you might need to create any kind of form you want. There are options to add or remove text fields, checkboxes, buttons, list boxes, combo boxes, style fields, reset buttons, and even push buttons. 

You can apply your edits simultaneously or search for specific information by highlighting all of the form fields, which is extremely convenient. Furthermore, you can also specify the cycle of the fields in the form. You can do this by pressing the TAB key.

PDF Convertor

The PDF converter by PDFescape is an extremely useful tool that allows you to change your PDF to a variety of different formats. Using this software, your PDF files can become either; Word documents, Powerpoints, Excel sheets, an image, HTML, RTF, TXT, or PDF/A. Thus, it is an extremely powerful and convenient tool. 

PDFescape also ensures that the converted file is of the highest quality by making sure that the original layout and formatting are maintained. The fonts, tables, paragraphs, and more are retained and look pretty much the same in every format without the need to edit.

PDF also does the opposite and transforms documents of different formats into PDFs. You can create a PDF out of HTML, TXT, PNG, JPG, TIFF, CBZ, epub, and GIF. You can also use a blank page to create a PDF as well. Therefore, almost all of your PDF creating needs can be solved using the PDF convertor by PDFescape. The additional batch features make your tasks so much easier as it allows you to do your tasks even faster. There is also an option to merge multiple PDFs into a single document which can be invaluable at times. 

Pros and Cons

With every item that you are looking to purchase, it is good to have a pros and cons list just so you can weigh out your options. Like all other things, PDFescape is by no means perfect. It has some advantages and a few disadvantages that you need to consider before you purchase it and start using it. Here are a few pros and cons of this software.


One of the biggest pros of PDFescape is the number of options and versions available Depending on your needs, you can either use the free version, the premium version, or the ultimate version. Furthermore, it also gives you the option to work on your PDFs either online or offline. For the online version, you can simply visit the website that is free to use. However, if you want to use the offline version, you can download the software and use it on your desktop. The desktop version also has a free version that you can use. Therefore, you don’t have to make a commitment right there and then and can test out the app first.

Another benefit of using PDFescaoe is that it allows you to fill out forms with ease. You no longer need to print out the forms and fill them in manually. Instead, you can simply input the PDF into the PDF form filler and do it right there on the PDF. You also have the option to create your own form if you wish to. PDFescape has all the options necessary for you to create a fully-fledged form that can be sent to other people if need be.

Using PDFescape, you can also edit PDFs and make any change that you could on a normal document. This is incredibly useful in helping tailor a PDF for your personal needs. There is also an option to batch process, which makes the entire PDF making and editing process easier and more efficient.

The user interface of PDFescape is also super easy to use as it mimics Microsoft Office. Therefore, if you are familiar with that software, using PDFesacape will be super easy. 


One of the major cons of PDFescape is that it has subscription-based services. Therefore, if you want all the options, you will have to pay a monthly fee instead of an upfront fee. Thus, it may become too expensive if you do not have extensive use of it. 

Additionally, there are multiple editions of the same software. Thus, it can become a little confusing as to which version will be the most suitable for you.


Is PDFescape trustworthy?

Yes, all the files uploaded onto PDFescape are quite safe as they are saved on PDFescape’s many servers that are located in the United States. Additionally, they are stored in a data center that has strong physical and electronic security. Therefore, ensuring that all your data is safe and secure. PDFescape’s servers are also checked and tested for security by an outside security system. In this way, the standard of security is maintained.

What is PDFescape used for?

You can use PDFescape to do a variety of tasks on PDFs. You can read a PDF, fill out a PDF form, design a form, and more. Furthermore, it has a free and online version as well. 

How to get pdfescape free?

If you want to download PDFescape on your desktop, you can visit the official website. On the website, there will be an option to download the desktop version, which you can do so. Once downloaded, install the software, and you will have PDFescape. 


PDFescape is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to do so much with PDFs. It can perform a variety of tasks that allow you to manipulate a PDF in any way you like. You have the option to edit and convert a PDF. Furthermore, you can also fill out a form or make your own form if need be. Therefore, it is truly an all-in-one for PDFs. 

The software itself is also super easy to use, and depending on your needs, there are three tiers as well. The lowest one is free, while you have to pay for the Premium and Ultimate tiers. 

If you are on the lookout for a PDF tool, then PDFescape is one of the best pdf editing software and is thus a really good option to consider as it has almost every feature you will ever need. 

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